My Vacation is Over

By JoCo August 11, 2008

It was like a death march to the coffee shop this morning – there’s not even any beach here! Or lobster rolls! I guess technically I can still have a rum drink at noon, but it won’t be the same. They were playing the Traveling Wilbury’s album when I walked in though, and now we’re in the middle of “The Bends” so that helps a little.

I’ve got a few days at home and then this weekend I’ll be playing the Coverville500 show at Bally’s Casino in Vegas along with a bunch of other folks (hint: not Cher). Till then, email catch-up and pushing this concert DVD a couple inches closer to completion. Wish me luck…


Gingerlink says

It always seems a shame when you come back from a holiday, noone will ever let you be on vacation for ever will they?

ummm...good luck on the dvd :D

Demetrius says

Welcome back, Mr. Coulton!

No Cher? Nnghh... Mmph! Must... Resist... Zombie.... Joke!

Jessica says

New to your blog. :) Love your music...I was introduced in March, and haven't stopped listening!

It always tough coming back to "the real world" after a nice vacation. :(

But coffee is a good start!

Kirby says

Personally, I prefer furry old lobster rolls to the modern stuff.

Justin says

You don't know how happy this post makes me. I can now tell my fiancée that ordering rum (and other miscellaneous alcoholic beverages) at noon does not make me an alcoholic while at the beach. It felt so odd to start drinking that early -- on the first day.

But you're right, ordering a noon rum-runner back home just isn't the same.

SevinPackage says

Welcome back!

Good luck on that concert DVD. I know it takes a loooong time to put together footage for just one song, let alone dozens, so I definitely feel your pain. I'm still working on the compilation of footage I shot for You Ruined Everything (I took a pretty long vacation from it), but I assure you that it shall be finished! ....Someday. After that, it's You Oughta Know and then Mandelbrot Set.

Len says

See ya at the Coverville Bash, Mr. Coulton. :)

Colleenky says

Good luck! (As requested.)

Morris Jones says

Sweet! Just got my tickets for Coverville 500. Jane and I will be there.

Dinah says

Just heading into working late preparing Powerpoint slides for a trip with my boss' boss when Re:Your Brains came on like a gift from the angels.

Except that I'm a zombie now, I'm doing fine.

We love you (and won't eat your eyes) but it's good to hear you're pushing forward on the DVD.

Here's a promise of an excellent rum drink next time you're in SF from the one by the pillar stage right on crutches. I'm all bipedal again and thank you for the magical healing powers I surely absorbed that fine San Francisco evening.

Roman V. says

@Kirby: You are are aware that furry old lobster roll is essentially sea-otter burgers? Ewwww.

Can I take this opportunity to ask you a question about the DVD? I recently watched Revolution OS about free software, GNU, Linux, all that fun geeky stuff and I noticed the DVD case said it was "Region Free (Region 0)" and "CSS-Encryption Free", both of which make sense, considering it's a movie about free (libre) software and such.

My question is that with your background and advocacy for similar things - namely Creative Commons - will your upcoming DVD have those same freedoms?

Kristen says

Death March to the Coffee Shop is the name of my emo band.

HellZiggy says

Welcome back! I'm looking forward to seeing you in Vegas. Since what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, you can stick to your noon rum drink habit while there!

~Sharon, Mpls. merch minion

JoCo says

@Roman: yep.

Roman V. says

@JoCo - w00t. Thanks for confirming your awesomeness. Not that it needed it.

rozwarren says

Welcome back. Can we pre-order the DVD?

Gabbe says

Good luck:D Are you coming to sweden any time soon? I would like to see u live :D:D

Athanatic says

No Paul and Storm or the Dan Band at Coverville500? For shame!

Hawke says

Which Traveling Wilburys album?

Kat says

Well, on the bright side, at least you got to go on your vacation! My plans for the beach died spectacularly when my friend's relatives, whose beach house we were supposed to stay at, got embroiled in marital issues the day before the trip. Apparently the wife discovered her husband had put spyware on her computer, was reading all her email and tracking her via a hidden GPS device in her car. Figures.

Daniel K says

Coulton was the highlight of an evening of all excellent acts at Coverville 500. Since they all were great, don't tell them I said this.

Russ Rogers says

Good Luck. I googled "It's gonna be the future soon." And I ended up at Jyte. I don't know what the site does. But I agreed with the claim. Because it's true. We all know it, even if we're not ready to admit it. But then I added the claim, "It's going to take some time this time." Because it's equally true and maybe even a bit less ironic and funny and a titch sadder.

What does that have to do with Traveling Wilburys, vacations end or concert DVDs? I'm not sure. Let me take some time to think about that. I'll get back to you in the future.