I Am On Vacation

By JoCo August 2, 2008

Which seems odd, considering I don’t have an actual job. But that hasn’t stopped me from going to the beach and eating about 100 lobster rolls as if I am actually vacationing. I will be back on the clock 8/11ish. In the meantime, please don’t do anything fun without me.

Speaking of which, I see that in my choice to disconnect a bit, I have missed two important things: NetShare tethering app for iPhone was removed from the app store before I got it, and I won Song Fu. The Internet giveth and the Internet taketh away.


Jack F says

I hereby confer upon you the privilege, nay, duty to ignore us, your faithful fans, for the next 9 days.

Teppesh says

Regarding difficulty with the NetShare, there is a workaround (there's always a workaround) available with a direct link:
Enjoy thy vacation, Master of Song Fu.

Rob (not the boring manager one) says

I will soon be on vacation in your fine city as well. Maybe I'll stalk...er...um see you at your favorite coffee shop. ;)

Susie the Southern Geek says

Honestly, was there any question you would win the Song Fu Challenge? Your Song Fu is much stronger than any lowly Subway franchise owner wannabe!
Let the bragging rights and lobster rolls begin! You have earned it, Mighty Song Fu Master!

(Oh, and many apologies for what I did to your song "CreepyDoll" on the Slice of SciFi podcast this week. The gnomes made me do it.)

Marc says

Looks like the NetShare tethering app is back.

JoCo says

@Marc: Nope, that article's already outdated - it was taken down a second time...

Cindy says

With all due respect, what part of "disconnect" and "on vacation" do you not understand, Mr. Coulton? Now, put down that laptop, and don't dare write one beautifully-crafted, funny, heart-wrenching ballad (yes, even something like "the town crotch") for the next...8 days. Now go eat lobster. Furry or otherwise.

Nadine "CupcakeAndTea" O. says

If you put the laptop away maybe you will tan and none of your fans will recognize you or you could bake, turn red, and make a furry lobster music video ^^ you being the lobster

Austin says

You said not to have fun. I went to America's greatest amusement park this weekend (Cedar Point.) Does that count as fun?

Percephene says

Susie, not to detract at all from JoCo's undeniable fu, but Jeff definately brought his A game to the final round and I think you can tell this judging by how close the vote was in the end.

Enjoy the vacation O Songful One :) We enjoy your rickrolling tweets in the meantime!

Angelastic says

Yesterday I was seriously considering posting 'If you are reading this, you're not on vacation' right after Marc's post. Then I come back, and what do I see in its place? Geez, JoCo, take the iPhone out of your pocket (it's not waterproof) and go swimming or something. :D

Angelastic says

Actually... who am I kidding? If I were on vacation, I'd probably be coding or browsing the web. But I would go swimming too.

Dru says

Dude, I just heard from you. I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina and I've fallen in love with your songs - I've spent an entire afternoon singing "You ruined everything" to my daughter. You just made a new fan on the other end of the globe. The internet rocks.

Roman V. says

I second what Angelastic said, the second time - work is one thing, but programming? Now THAT's relaxingly stressful.

I also second what Dru said - The Internet does in fact rock. :D

Marcy says

You can't really take a vacation, your brain is always "on" but I bet your little one will reap the benefits of that! lol

Like the Fu song....Congrats on the bragging rights! hope you'll post a photo of the trophy and prizes.

SoreThumb says

I must admit, Jon-- I didn't think I'd become a fan of your music. I heard "Still Alive" and thought it was OK-- a bit catchy, and I'd hear it a few times.

My dad told me that if you like one song from an artist, you should listen to the rest of the CD a few times before deciding.

I got to your site from another youtube vid with your song, and found here-- your mentioning of Song Fu.
Wow-- awesome, to say the least.

I'm addicted to Monkey Shines and Space Doggity-- To be honest, I hope I can compose music with melodies as beautiful as what you've done, with touching lyrics to accompany 8)

I must admit, Space Doggity is such a sad song. The lyrics are so near-bipolar (dog happy, life signs failing) that I feel like it's a TMBG song 8).. I hope that's not an insult to you.

I hope to see you when you get back. I'm kinda wondering what steps I should take.. I have a piano, coding talent, and some DDR history... 8)

Hepcat says

I've been lobster rolled!

Damn funny Twitter there. But now I have lobster stuck in my head and it won't go away.

Paul R. Potts says

The only thing that could top that tweet would be if we could somehow get Rick Astley to dress up in a furry lobster suit and perform Rock Lobster on the beach where Mr. Coulton is getting sunburned. Wait, that gives me an idea for a mash-up...

Squonk says

Hey, you're an inspiration!!

"The Things that Make Me Weak and Strange Get Engineered Away", a short story (Cc licensed!) by cory doctorow


THere's even an mp3 CC licensed that you can play with!!

Gleetch says

Wish you could have come to WorldCon in Denver as part of your vacation.... In your absence, I took the liberty of covering two of your songs, but I think you would probably have enjoyed playing with us. Come to a filk convention one of these days!

Ruaidri says

Still no sign of the elusive JoCo?
That is a good thing, the more time off he has I am hoping the more he will feel guilted into making more awesome songs.

Jorge says

Congrats on the victory. Well deserved.

In other news, "First of May" was generally liked around the campfire last weekend, albeit with a few puzzled stares and one moment of pure horror.