UK/Ireland Update

By JoCo July 25, 2008

I’ve recently posted a couple of links as tickets have begun to go on sale for these late October shows – it’s coming together nicely I think. Dublin, Glasgow, London and Manchester are all on sale, Oxford should be soon, and then there will be something (?) in Nottingham. Check the shows page for details.

And in an example of blind luck/awesome planning, the London Games Festival is going on the same week I’ll be there, as is Game City in Nottingham. I am a genius.

Plus, it looks like Paul and Storm will definitely be joining me for the post Glasgow portion of the tour, so I will not have to eat fish and chips alone in my hotel room after all. Hurrah!


Bloody P says

I believe the correct term is actually "Huzzah!".

Nothing to see here, move along...

shine says


See you in Manchester!

MattyD says

Ill see you in manchester JC hopefully Ill get a mate to come with me otherwise Ill be with my Mum ¬_¬ Or Ill just sit on my own lol ^^ Hopefully ill catch you so you can sign my sling shot monkey ^^ when you smack it it screams.

Dan says

I'll be at the Manchester gig. Can't Wait!

PonderousMan says

I'm thrilled that our friends Over There will get to see more of JoCo, as they so richly deserve. Hopefully this will sustain - or even increase - JoCo's enthusiasm for touring, and bring him back to the Midwest (especially Madison, WI) sometime in the near future.

(I'm just saying... *grin*)

Oh, and it seriously rocks that PnS can go too - think of how Nun Fight will go over...!

Gareth says

I must actually pick up a ticket.

Also for blind luck planning, there is also . Certain of us will be using the gig as a nice little warm up.

Tad says

When you're in Nottingham, there is a Robin Hood "ride" just down the hill from the Castle; I suspect the experience would inspire a song.

Also, the pub built into the side of the hill that the Castle sits on is extremely cool.

Have fun!

Kenny Park says

Just got my ticket to the Glasgow show. Nice one!

Marlon says

I am coming to the second London gig evar. Awesome. I was at the first one but we had to leave early because of the trains back to where we live stopping to early. ¬¬

WSwan says

Holy crap! I just saw JoCo on VH1! WTF?

Stuart Storey says

Would love to see you in Nottingham JoCo!

Percephene says

On topic: You lucky blighters Over There!

Off topic: Are the forums down for anyone else?

weemanjoe says

i think im the only one going to glasgow... someone hug me.

Ben Turner says

Looking forward to the second London concert !

Was quite excited to hear about the London Games Festival, then realised it was only for video games. Had a vague hope of some boardgame / video game / RPG mega festival - a utopia of gaming that I could abandon my home and live within.

Dragging along some new blood to enjoy the tunes too, just to water down the "nerdcore" rating of the crowd a little.

Kzap says

If JoCo hasn't got a venue for Oxford yet. What about the Kings Center (
It can hold a few hundred people, lots of space, I have heard some good sound in their before (different bands etc).
It's a good location.
If he's already got a venue then cool.
I don't know about what prices you are used to paying (it look expensive but I don't know what you are used to paying).
Anyway love to see JoCo in Oxford.

Bob says

Oran Mor!! SWEET.

Frederick Heath-Renn says

@Ben Turner: you could try the MCM Expo at ExCeL. I think it's around October. There's usually board/video games there, don't know so much about RPGs. Most of the rest of it's manga and other comics, though.

Back on topic: I shall be in London, and it will be awesome, doubtless.

phyphor says

So is the London gig (Shepherds Bush Empire) Level 1 only or did I miss out on the stalls already (which would be an annoyance)?

phyphor says

(Well, an annoyance for me, but huzzah for JoCo for selling out those tickets so fast.)

Matt says

I am really looking forward to the manchester gig!

My cup seems to have runnethed over recently with good gigs. It has been a dream of mine to see JoCo and freak him out with the fact my female hamster was named after him!

Lex says

phyphor: I think you might be able to get back-row of the stalls if you try hard, but otherwise the stalls are sold out. Sorry!

Lex says

Just found out that Ticketmaster are selling tickets by level, and they seem to believe that there are stalls seats remaining, far as I can tell.

Alex Munro says

Glasgow ticket purchased - score!

rickflick says

Your posts are sooo....amusing.
I appreciate your humor. Keep up the good work.

-- rick (fan)

PJ says

Fantastic! I will be at the Oxford date.

But you might want to change the lyrics of Re: Your Brains, since to 'table' something has the exact opposite meaning in UK English. It means to bring something to people's attention. :)

Tristan says

Yes, please come to Oxford! Made it to the gig in London but circumstances will make it very difficult to make it to the next London show!

Robert says

Y'know, I was pretty darn excited when I found out you were coming to Dublin.
Been a fan for a long time, and I couldn't believe I was actually gunna see you play live. I felt fantastic!

But, then I found out I gotta be over 18?
Well, that sure was a downer.

Awh well.. >.<

shoegazer says

The London shows still have stalls (G/F) seats; if you ring Ticketmaster up directly they can sort you out. SO glad I didn't miss the boat this time!

KB says

With regards to the over-18ness of the Irish venue... What the hell? I've heard people of fifteen swearing the air blue (or whatever the phrase is...). I think Ticketmaster is trying to maintain an aspect of civility. Or something.

I don't have proof I'm 20, unfortunately (21 by the time the gig rolls round), but I can hope.

With regards Gaelcon, it should be a blast. @Ben Turner Gaelcon is what you were expecting the London Games Festival to be, sans PC/console games. And with 40k.

I've got my ticket, I've got my music. Now I just need to have patience...

Contra says

oh sweet cake you're coming to Glasgow.

I need to get paid so I can get my ticket

Jay C says

I'll be coming to the Manchester gig man, no way I could pass up the oppurtunity. Can't see you coming over here very often ^^;

'MattyD Says:
July 26th, 2008 at 3:41 am

Ill see you in manchester JC hopefully Ill get a mate to come with me otherwise Ill be with my Mum ¬_¬ ' sucks not having many friends who listen to JoCo, it's time to educate some people...