A Talk with JoCo

By JoCo July 16, 2008

Bry and Jinx from the forums (and also from the real world) did a little interview with me a while back, and have posted the audio and transcripts in the forums. This is more than you ever wanted to know about me, so feel free to stop reading when you’re satisfied.

Part 1 (Early Years)
Part 2 (Undocumented Songs)
Part 3 (Thing a Week)
Part 4 (The Present)
Part 5 (The Future)


MitchO says

It's not many fans who can say they were told to "Shut Up" by one of the nicest guys in Music 2.0 business. And I wasn't even there at the time. :)

I feel oddly proud~

Encubed says

This was an incredibly interesting and engaging interview, I loved reading it day by day as Bry posted the updates. Big kudos to Bry and Jinx!

But you didn't post part 6, which includes some video footage, so I'll do it for you:


Bry says

Thanks for the blog post, JC, and thanks again for caring enough to give a couple random fans three hours of your time!

[To everyone else, let me reiterate: Three hours. This is a three-hour (well, 2:50) interview. No, I don't know how it happened. Also, if you'd been in the forums, you'd have seen this a week ago.]

Bob says

More than I'd ever want to know about you? There's no such thing!


Bob says

Damn you, Encumbed...

Kerrin says

The interview is great. It assumes you have read the usual interviews, and know a fair bit about Jonathan, and askes the questions all us real fans really want to know. Great job Bry and Jinx.
I got mentioned a few times, I still find that weird in a cool way.

Andrea says

First of all, hang out a lot with Paul and Storm.
Spend some time writing SQL code...

MitchO says

BTW, I wasn't aware that Bry and Jinx were on Real World. Which one was that, Real World: Skullcrusher Mountain?

"Find out what happens when people stop being polite, and start kidnapping pretty young things."

Angelastic says

But they stay patient and gracious.

Also, thanks again (if I didn't say it on the forums, I should have) to Jinx, JC, and Bry (reverse chronological order of forum nicknames, to eliminate controversy and because everyone else puts Bry first) for this interview.

Encubed says

Angelastic, did you mean reverse alphabetical?

Brie says

Great interview. And yes, I actually read the whole thing.

Molly says

How does it feel to have fans that actually will absorb this much information about you?

Angelastic says

Um... yeah, reverse alphabetical. Oops.