Cleveland – Home

By JoCo July 12, 2008

I am out of interesting ways to thank an audience for being great, so I will just say “Hello Cleveland!” and leave it at that. Oh also, Scrat says hi.

It’s the end of this three-day, three-city, two-country odyssey and I’m packing up and heading for the airport shuttle. I’ll be taking a little break from shows over the next month or so, but I will return rested and ready.

Thanks for another great trip everyone…


MidlifeMomma says

Great show! Please hurry back to Cleveland. You and P&S were fantastic! Next time: Chiron Beta Prime and Todd the T1000, please!

Laura says

The concert was fantastic! I hope you guys can make it back here soon!

Len says

I was relieved to see people showed up after the poor showing last time you guys were here. Cleveland definitely represented last night. Thanks for a wonderful show! Come back soon!

Kari says

You guys were great! I'm so glad I caught that you were coming to Cleveland...thanks for a great show!

Austin says

Robert C. Baker the Scrat. Last night was so awesome! You are all amazing together.

Len says

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, Scrat.

Sam says

Man, I really wanted to catch the show, we were gonna drive 6 hours there to see it! But I just got a new just and I had the dumb orientation.

But I'll catch you eventually I swear!

Rock on dude! \m/

Austin says

Getting Rick Roll'd by Jonathan was the best part

Big Josh says

so... i have to say i never heard anything until i heard skull crusher mountain and my roommate said you did 'still alive'. i thought it was funny but was to involved to actually care at that time. then last night happened and well i feel dumb. so mucho praise-o to you sir and to the P&S team. new fan for life.

plus i also took mucho pics last night, where do i send them???

Roman V. says

@BigJosh: Most people upload them to a photo-sharing website. A favorite around these parts is Flickr.

That was an AWESOME show. And I'm glad Cleveland ended up representing, perhaps that will entice the three of you to come back.

Oh yeah, a quick search on YouTube for "Coulton Cleveland" revealed quite a few videos, so thank you all for that.

Bry says

Josh, if you do put your photos on Flickr or Picasa or something, we'd love to see them in the forums or on the wiki!

Roman V. says

Also, to whoever yelled "This is why we can't have nice things!" at Paul when something broke, I have to say that that comment was win. Just win. Of the epic nature.

Doctorsoul says

Am I the only one who thinks 'Hello Cleveland' is the best Spinal Tap quote ever?

AxsDeny says

It's official. Scrat has found a new home.

For those that are unaware of why that was thrown, my wife and I read Paul & Storm's Twitter message earlier in the day before the Cleveland show. It stated that they (they claim JoCo was to blame) had lost a friend's cat. It seemed natural to throw a replacement cat, rather than panties during P&S's"Opening Band." Not to be presumptuous, but I think it resulted in some amusing banter.

For further info, Scrat is actually a TY Beanie Baby named "Scat" released in May of 1998. Also, we gave P&S two more of the cat series after the show. At best, perhaps the kids will get some use out of them.

Thanks for an awesome show in Cleveland! Driving 2.5 hours after work on Friday was a little nerve rattling. I hope you can come back to Pittsburgh as well. CMU alone will pack any venue.

Roman V. says

Ah, and here I thought it was merchandise related to the movie "Ice Age."

Rob says

Thanks for signing my Zune (too bad it already rubbed off :(:(:(:( )! The show was terrific and you guys really rocked the joint!

Johnathan says

My fiancee and I really enjoyed the show Friday night. We can't wait to see you in Cleveland again.

LilMarauder says

I'm putting the videos up on youtube as quick as I can!

Awesome concert! Come back to Cleveland soon! I'll bring a second tape so I can get Paul & Storm too! You really got the best day (weather-wise) all week!

My drawing of your incomparable music-ness has been framed and hung on my wall.

blue_yeti says

Loved the show, will definitely go again whenever you pass through - and thanks to those who have put up the videos.

Aaron says

the show was awesome thanks to Jonathan Coulton and Paul & Storm for collectively throwing an amaing concert, eating my deep fried pp&j and scribbling on my directions home.

Austin says

Damn hyperlinks, just take this and run

Len says

That is a great shirt Tom has on. ;)

Laura says

"It's true - Zombies do clap on the one."

jjacquemain says

Thanks so much for signing my monkey/pony and the Sky Mall.........I knew I was the exception! :)
Come back soon! We love you man.....

Kato says

The show in Cleveland was really great. You, Paul, and Storm, we're all fantastic. Thanks for showing the Midwest some JoCo love.

As a sidenote, the live "Mr. Fancy Pants" on the Zendrum was awesome. Any chance you'd do a studio remake of the track and add in Zendrum accompaniment?

Kato says

Correction: "You, Paul, and Storm were all fantastic." Forgive me inappropriate use of contraction. Although I suppose we are all fantastic.

Johnathan says

I already commented to say how fantastic the Cleveland show was, but I wanted to comment again.

The Cleveland show was fantastic. Please come back.

Dr. Perry Cox says

Come back soon! You'll get cake! I promise! It's not a lie

Jim says

Adding my muuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnhhhhhhh to the hordes above: Lovely show, brilliant time had by all, so sorry you had to keep the set short. It was plenty of awesome, but too much of a good thing is an even better thing. And thanks to Len for taking this pic of me and the wife with Jon, although apparently there was a schmear on the lens I was unaware of. I'm going to assume that Jon sprayed venom like a dilophosaur when I wasn't looking.

ShadowMarth says

You're in the wrong Cleveland. You were looking for the one in Tennessee.

Scratch that, college in a few weeks, you were looking for Cookville.