Toronto – Pontiac

By JoCo July 10, 2008

My thanks to everyone here in Canada, or at least the people who came to the show last night – it was my first time playing in Toronto and it was a really fun show, I’ll definitely be back. It’s really amazing to me that I keep going to new cities only to find a bunch of fans there waiting for me. Seriously, where do you people come from?

Heading out of Toronto in a bit on our way to the show in Pontiac tonight. And in case you were thinking of giving a giant stuffed lobster at the show: I actually got one last night so don’t bother.

Giant stuffed lobster


Steve says

Drink all the water...

Javier says

Come on JoCo!

You know you love the song themed stuffed dolls you get at shows.


Adam says

You will forever question why you drink the water; and when it's silent you will always feel a little bit empty!

Joe Mastroianni says

Great show! I had a blast.

ophelia says

We come from the intertubes, JC.

Motown says

can't wait for tonight- my first JoCo concert!

Shaun Hatton says

That was a great concert!

My face still hurts from smiling and laughing so much. Thanks for coming to Toronto and thanks for signing the Thing A Week box set for me - even though it's already signed on the inside (Duh, I didn't realize that till later).

Shar says

You must do more shows here, so that my friends will forgive me for not notifying them of this one before it sold out.

Dale says

It was great to finally see you in concert! Come back soon!


Bob says

Grand Rapids, Michigan! West side! Pontiac is too far for a weeknight...


Sarah says

Thanks for the killer show last night! I'm looking forward to the photo of the giant furry lobster laptop bag ;)

Laura says

Looking forward to seeing you in Cleveland tomorrow night! :)

Jonathan says

Fantastic show! Please come back soon!

Rich says

"Seriously, where do you people come from?"

When a monkey and a pony love each other very, very much...

Anna says

Wonderful, wonderful Eventful brought you to us, JoCo; hooray for the internets! Thank you for signing my cellphone, and thank you, thank you for covering "Birdhouse in Your Soul"; that was a perfect moment. /blissful sigh/

Roman V. says

It does look furry, though there's nothing to vouch for its age.

Gracita says

Cute furry old lobster! Have you gotten any giant squids to go with it yet? :-p

Tindómiel says

That lobster is frightening.

M_pony says

It was great to have you here, man. You guys all put on a great show, and it was great chatting to you afterwards. Come back anytime!

Jeremy says

Great show, sir! Come back anytime - but wait, didn't you play here in 2007 at the Reverb as part of NXNE?


Justin says

Dude, I was SO gonna give you a huge stuffed lobster when you played your first Maine show.

OK, not really, but as a Mainer I am compelled to write some sort of response whenever lobster is mentioned. It's some sort of citizenship/tourism deal, I guess. I dunno. We don't question these things.

Jacob says

SHOW WAS AMAZING. Had a blast. Paul and Storm were HILARIOUS too.

Only down side was my friend wasn't able to make it, and I had a spare 3rd ticket that went unused.

HOWEVER, we will be back next time, IN A LARGER GROUP.

Okay, I'll stop typing like HODGMAN now.


Ilan says

Birdhouse In Your Soul, gotta agree. You've made my future attempts to sing that song at karaoke completely irrelevant. DAMN YOU, COULTON

Invariel says

Thank you for coming to Toronto; it was quite a blast. Come back again and often, and I will somehow manage to find twenty more dollars for music.

I doubt I'll ever be able to wear my fedora again, for fear of losing the signature.

Finally, please please please put together some sort of official Mr. Fancy Pants remix - absolutely wonderful.

Invariel says

(And, congratulations on beating Paul and Storm in the Song Fu challenge. Big Dick Farts a Polka has much Fu.)

Erica says

I was so stoked when I bought tickets for your show in Pontiac. I love your music — hilarious and occasionally profound. Unfortunately, I got strep throat this week. I planned on going anyway, until at 6 p.m. tonight I got a terrible fever and nearly fainted. I'm so disappointed I couldn't go. But I'm glad I got to support you by buying tickets anyway.... I hope to catch you next time you're in lower Michigan.

I noticed the Crofoot Web site said your show was sold out. Congrats; I hope the show was a blast!

Tamara says

Please come to Victoria BC!! PLEASE!!!

Raethe says

Next time you come to Canada you should come a little bit further west.


Okay, a LOT further west.

Kayla says

I had a blast at the Pontiac show, JoCo! Come back again soon! (Although perhaps some place where there isn't a big pipe dripping water onto me the entire show, haha.) I'll be sure to have World War Z by then so you can sign that too. :P

Michael Ottinger says

I hope the band never breaks up. It would be a totally different sound. And pretty gross.

John says

Thanks for putting on such an awesome show in Pontiac (even if nobody was actually FROM Pontiac!) And thanks for signing mine and my nephews' iPhones!

Erin says

Excellent show last night! I'm glad I FINALLY got to see you perform live. :) I hope you come back to MI again soon.

Julie says

Had a great time in Pontiac last night!! Can't wait til you come back to MI again! Even made some new friends before the show. You and Paul & Storm are a killer combination. My sides have never hurt so much from laughing!

Joan says

Yes PRETTY PLEASE come back soon, can you tell us what that boopy thing was that you were playing? The square hand-held thing with the flashing lights?

And onto another song, I agree with the fedora guy: "please please please put together some sort of official Mr. Fancy Pants remix"

cindy says

Although a WONDERFUL stuffed lobster, it does not look a lot like the picture that I have seen documented in my reference book (see Fig.11 - The Lobster in TEOME) Can you please explain? This must be one of those "New Lobsters" and not the "Furry Old" kind.

Thank you for the clarification.

MitchO says

@Joan: the "hand held flashing lights" thing is a Tenori-On: . Dr. Coulton purchased it on his trip for the (first) London show. It's a pretty interesting little thingamabob.

Bo says

The show was awesome. It was well worth the 2 1/2 hour drive to know you're never gonna give me up. Thanks for signing the shirt and cd. Loved the cover of Birdhouse it was great. Hope to see you back sometime soon.

Kirk MacNeil says

fantastic show loved both bands. If you get a chance go see it. I hope you enjoy the furry lobster.

Keep tyhe songs rolling out.

Bridget says

Fantastic show in Toronto. Come back any time.

No, really. Please. Come back. All of you. I haven't had such a good evening out in forever. Also, I can't believe we forgot to think of bringing Orange Box to be signed! *dejected arrr...*

As we were making our way to the show, my husband and I were counting all the people on the subway who looked like they might be going down to the Rush concert. I was secretly hoping for a Rush cover, but I'll take Birdhouse in Your Soul any day. And to be Rickrolled by you in-person, sir, was a privilege.

Odd little point of fact: The chocolate cake at Lula WAS great, and delicious, and moist. I finished it shortly before "Still Alive" and was giggling like a schoolgirl the whole time (like probably everyone else in the room who had it). So easily amused...

Jono says

Great show! I love the Fancy-pants-fancifying-device, an excellent contraption that.

Any chance the guy who videotaped the entire concert start to finish is gonna share the video with the rest of us?

Gonzotti says

The Toronto show was a blast! Paul and Storm are a good opening act, and the 3 of you have a great dynamic onstage. Next time you folks come to town, I'm bringing as many people as I can pack into my car... including the trunk.

Thanks again for a great show!

Sean Aubin says

You do realize that now you realize the fanbase you have in Toronto, you can probably handle a small arena.

Did anyone have a horrible time getting to the place? I mean I got directions to the voodoo (sounds like lulu) lounge by some random guy in crutches and barely made it on time.

Norm Wilner says

Just chiming in on the marvelousness of the Toronto show -- I had a wonderful, wonderful time, as did my wife, who has a degree in pure mathematics and had never heard "Mandelbrot Set" before. Frankly, the only thing more awesome than your performing that live was your exquisite cover of "Birdhouse in Your Soul".

Rock on, you magnificent bastard. And come back soon.

Jennipoo says

I certainly had a faboo time at the show. I was sitting at the back and probably coulda reached out and pinched you while you were standing at the bar. I would have bought you a drink first though! (But I'm just not the kinds of girl who pinches artists at their shows *sigh*) I was there with "fedora guy" but couldn't stay to chat as i had to get home to my kids. Next time, Gadget! Next time!

My 3 year old son and 10 year old daughter love your stuff...but they are not allowed to listen to First of May...EVER! I also really relate to the sentiment in You Ruined Everything. It's so true!

Thanks for a great night!

midwifemonkey says

That stuffed lobster looks an awful lot like a plush placenta.

Occupational hazard, excuse me.


Jorge says


I waited this long to come up with something witty, and I have nothing. I'll echo Shatton's comments and say that even NOW my face still hurts. You are an excellent showman, and you and the other guys inspired me to practice more guitar, as I have left it sitting in the corner for too long.

I've also been inspired to buy more Fancy Pants.

You have to many cool fuggin' gadgets.

That is all.

Trevyn says

That was a totally awesome show. Please come back to Canada! They have the internets in (for example) Ottawa, Edmonton, and Vancouver too!

Nadine "CupcakeAndTea" O. says

It was great to finally meet you in person

I hope you will come to toronto again in a year or so ^^

Sarene says

That was an absolutely awesome concert! Please come and visit us again soon!

Chris says

Now I have an autographed PH, my geek score must have increased.

Joan says

thanks MitchO! Now, unfortunately I want a Tenori-on. that and the Fancy-pants-fancifying-contraption.

Conor says

How can you do a show in Toronto but not in Montreal? Especially with all the festivals we have here. You should really see if you can make it up for Pop Montreal or something next summer.