By JoCo June 25, 2008 UK are holding a machinima contest – submit a video for “Bacteria” or “Todd the T1000” and possibly you will win a laptop, some type of Sony camera thing (I’m too lazy to look it up), or a Thing a Week Box. How can you not enter?

Rules and prizes and such can be found here.


Colleenky says

How can I not enter? By not having any skill in this area whatsoever. Just give the booty to Spiff. ;-)

Mark Gordon says

"Eligibility: Contest is offered to individuals who are at least eighteen (18) years old at the time of entry, are residents of the U.K. and have Internet access." Looks like Spiff isn't going to win this one.

Spiff says

That's good, because Spiff has lost every machinima contest he's ever entered, and having an excuse to not lose this one too doesn't sound like a bad thing. ;)

Demetrius says

So... If someone were to generate their *own* 3D data and animation it wouldn't *technically* be machinima. But, would it qualify for the contest?

Jacob says

Sweet! If I have time to bust out the Sims2 I'm gonna try and enter something.

rozwarren says

I don't even know what machinima is. But since I already own a Thing A Week Box, which is the most valuable of the prizes offered, that's okay.

Jonny says

Hey, even if you don't enter, at least you get to download a couple of Coulton MP3 tracks for free! :)

JvM says

Nooo, only for UK residents :S
I'm a dutchman so can't join :'(

Colleenky says

@JvM: It has been determined that the person who enters the contest does *not* have to be the same person who made the video. So you could make a video and submit it through a UK resident.

MattyD says

Anyone who is thinking of doing there machinima with sims 2 DON'T every sims machinima i have ever watched was total RUBBISH Try something like world of warcraft ((Like spiff)) or something with loads of emotes that you can controle

Michael Ottinger says

Are you rich yet? Seriously! Hurry up!

Aygtets says

Damn, UK residence only. I've felt like doing Todd the T1000 in Flash for a while now, this was just the motivation i needed. Well, I'll do it anyway, but I'll just have more time and less prizes.

Colleenky says

@Aygtets: See my comment above. Make your video!

Zach says

bah, UK ONLY!
I swear next JoCo creativity contest that I miss cause I'm in Canada I'm gonna turn emo or something, are all of them over 18?