This Evening

By JoCo June 23, 2008

Big old Darin Strauss book party happening tonight (Monday) – Darin will read from his new book More than it Hurts You, Hodgman will read from his new book More Information than You Require, and I will trot out a few of the same old songs because I have no new book or anything. But there will be free wine.

Monday, June 23
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

58 W. 10th St.
Lillian Vernon Writers House
58 W 10th St, New York, NY, 10011
(Between 5th and 6th Avenues)


MitchO says

Any chance for Rainbow Connection?


randal says

Isn't Lillian Vernon the pre-SkyMall SkyMall catalog? Or is this another Lillian Vernon?

Brie says

Damn, too bad I'm not in New York tonight!

rozwarren says

Why don't I live in New York??

MitchO says

It was both wonderful and a disaster. Hodgman killed, Darin's excerpt sounded great, JoCo entertained unsuspecting listeners with Code Monkey and The Future Soon. OTOH, the amp didn't work and the one tiny mic on the podium kept sliding down. I'm loading a video of Jonathan and Darin performing Paul Simon's Slip Slidin' Away right now.

Lindsay says

hai JoCo,

Boston misses you. we're sorry for whatever we did to keep you away, plz come back?

CoderBlues says

Free wine and JoCo playing music? Sounds like a great time.

Ryan says

It was great indeed. But during "Sweet Caroline" I think I was the only one singing the Oh, oh, oh's and "So good! So good! So good!" from the audience. Not a lot of Fenway faithful there I guess. Or even club goers from the early '90's.

Roman V. says

I think I read Hodge-dude Twittering about people recording videos on their cell phones of the event ("Really? BOOTLEG LIT READINGS?") so I am wondering then if anyone has uploaded videos of the event?

MitchO says

Uh Roman ..4 posts above you? There was someone else who got all four songs on the YouTubes as well.

Jmonkee says

Videos here:

Roman V. says

Ah, if only I knew how to read. Thanks Mitch, and also Jmonkee.

Andrea says

Was everything at the Lillian Vernon writer's house monogrammed?

Shael Riley says

I always seem to miss out on the free wine.