A Great Book

By JoCo June 19, 2008

I don’t often pimp things here on this blog, but I will make an exception this time – mark it well. I do it not only because Darin Strauss is a good friend and a former member of the fantastic (not really) proto-JoCo band Supergroup, but because he is an exceptionally talented writer of fiction that you should read. Perhaps you have already enjoyed his previous novels: Chang and Eng which was about the original Siamese Twins, or The Real McCoy which was about con men. His new book, More Than it Hurts You, is 1) out today, 2) about Munchausen syndrome by proxy and a family in Long Island, and 3) awesome. I am not so eloquent when it comes to “describing books with words,” so I will not bother to string together a series of alliterative and superlative adjectives – other people smarter than me have already done that. So you know it’s good. Buy it today, won’t you?


LoonieBin says

You currently have 2008 demands. That's unbelievably cool.

Colleenky says

Hodgman has strung together many describey words about the book on his blog.

Luke M says

Ripping soloist on "De-Evolving" as well.

rozwarren says

If I buy one and bring it to the show on Saturday, will you sign it?

Shopmonkey Chris says

JoCo just read a book he really likes
"More Than it Hurts You" by his friend Darin Strauss.
JoCo hopes we're smarter than he thinks we is
So we'll all read it and Darin can make some dough, too
But we're kinda tapped out from pricey gas
That effects everyone, not just people with cars.
But if that book is so good, like JoCo thinks it is,
It'll get made into a movie and we'll see it on Lifetime!

Cause it'll be on cable soon, I can see it when it's there
Books always take so long to read and makes it hard to care
Cause it'll be on cable soon, I will see it when it's there
Although his stomach's aching, if we bide our time
it will soon be there.


Coder Blues says

Sounds like a good book. I'll check it out.

Leanne Heller says

Thanks for the author recommendation - I'm always looking for interesting new things to read. Might start w/ Chang & Eng, though, the amazon description piqued my interest.

selene says

i new about him cuz he wrote that article, in you were in it.
plus like i said before he is gorgeous!!

Brie says

I saw an uncorrected proof of the book at Powell's a few weeks, but wanted to buy the REAL book, if you know what I mean. Thanks for the reminder! :)

Carol says

Read Chang & Eng when it came out. It was a great book and I'm excited to see that he has others out. Thanks for the tip!

Tim Patterson says

Well, Coulton you managed to sell a copy for him. I am reading it now and really enjoying it. Thanks for the recommendation.