Thing a Week Word Cloud

By JoCo June 15, 2008

In my continuing quest to do everything that Brad Sucks does, I’ve used all the lyrics from Thing a Week to create this most excellent word cloud at the even more most excellent site Wordle.

In the Wordle gallery I’ve also saved the clouds for the individual Thing a Week albums One, Two, Three, and Four.

And I fixed the apostrophe problem. Stupid smart quotes.


Christian Davis says

Monkey is the biggest (most often used) word.

This isn't a surprise.

Marcy says

Who are Don and Jane? ;)

Jeff says

I don't get it. Why is this cool?

Mark Gordon says

It's cool because it demonstrates monkey supremacy!

Ann says

This has warmed my little typography-lovin' heart. :-)

Kerrin says

Someone could write the uber JoCo song from this, it would go something like:
Time Monkey gonna don Jane town
Time Monkey gonna make good time
Time Monkey gonna love long day
Time Monkey gonna don big thing

Ok, maybe not.

Roman V. says

So I take it you put in the lyrics and it will make the sizes based on how often the lyrics appear? If so, then "monkey" being gigantic makes a lot of sense.

Darth Paradox says

"Don" is likely "Don't", cut off at the apostrophe. I notice other fine words such as "ve" and "ll" and "doesn". Wordle ought to fix that; it seems to be a flaw in their algorithm. (Likely a problem in distinguishing apostrophes from single quotes; a more refined regex in their tokenizer could probably fix it.)

Kerrin says

Don't blame wordle...I think it is my fault.

Rob (not the boring manager one) says

These word clouds look alot like my thought bubbles with the JoCo songs running around in them all day

JoCo says

Yep, smart quotes. Fixed em.

Martin Gordon says

This needs to be put on a shirt ASAP.

barefootorbust says

I second that. If only to wear a shirt that makes people think WTF?

Bill says

I think it would make a good poster too!

Rich says

>>This needs to be put on a shirt ASAP.


ShadeJinx says

I agree, a poster of this would ROCK... gimmie...

Stephen Cosgrove says

Desktop wallpapered.

Erik says

I just tried it with my own archive of lyrics. Turns out I don't use as many interesting words...

Ah well, I guess I just have to write a song about bananas or something, to add some variety to my word cloud.

And I also agree that this would be a sweet poster/T-shirt

Mark says

Sexual. Anyone got it as a wallpaper though? Can't seem to yoink the file...

Lasse Havelund says

I demand t-shirts.

Bob says

I think it's hilarious that "monkey" is the biggest word. I guess it makes sense, what with it being practically every other word in 'My Monkey' and 'Code Monkey'.

And yes, this absolutely needs to be emblazoned on every piece of merch imaginable. You probably could make cafepress' servers actually explode.