UK Plans

By JoCo June 10, 2008

(UPDATE: someone pointed out to me that Dublin is not actually in the UK, and that really I should be talking about my trip to the UK and Ireland. I assure you this is geographical stupidity and not a political statement, proof of which is my recent email blast saying that Pittsburgh was in NY. I don’t like to make political statements, as you know.)

I’ve mentioned before the possibility of me returning to the UK for another London show, this time with a longer stay that lets me hit a couple other cities. Well, it’s becoming official. The London show is booked and tickets are now on sale – October 30 at Shepherd’s Bush Empire. Yes, I know it’s very big. And I think I’m bringing Paul and Storm with me.

The rest of the trip is less certain right now, but it may look something like this (I don’t know which dates, if any, will also include Paul and Storm):

Oct 24: Dublin
Oct 25: Glasgow
Oct 29: Manchester
Oct 30: London – Shepherd’s Bush Empire
Oct 31: Nottingham – Game City
Nov 1: Oxford

That list is all very tentative, so don’t go making travel plans quite yet. I’ll give you more details when I know them…


Luke M says


Playing Dublin on me birthday -- why can't I win the damn lottery?

Anyway, congratulations, the world-conquering seems to be coming along nicely.

Neil says

You beautiful, beautiful person. I'll see you in Glasgow!

Sam Winston says

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! You're coming back!

This makes me happy.

Matthew says

Thank you so much!

Paul Cosgrove says

Will Paul and Storm be with you for the whole thing?

Kerrin says

I got front row seats. And the Shepard's Bush Empire is an amazing venue. I saw Richie Sambora there and until very recently that was the best gig ever! (Now the JoCo gigs are better, so this one looks to rock BIG time!)

Ben Walker says

2 seats, front row, Shepherds Bush Empire booked. Now I just need to think of something to do until then...

And Oxford! Bargain. Be sure to let the geeks know:

I was in Australia last time you came over. Bad times. Now you're coming back. Good times. ;o)

Ben Walker says

@Kerrin I guess I'll see you there when we both sit in the best seats in the house, eh? ;o)

Kerrin says

@Ben Yeah, will probably be sat next to you by the sounds of it

Shame there is no Cambridge on the list, I think he's missed a trick there, but I guess he knew I would go miles to see him, so no need to come to me :)

Jon Taylor says

Aww... Newcastle always gets left out of these things! Might be worth the journey to Manchester though... :D

Brie says

Wow. Congrats on Shepherd's Bush! Wish I could go....

StephenG says

Excellent. I only really started hearing your stuff (bar 'Still Alive') just after your last London gig so I missed that one. Can't wait till October 30th - ticket has been booked.

AJS says


We'll get to Newcastle eventually, but eventful-ly told us these we the markets for the first time.

AJS says

we=were. damn that no edit feature!

Art says

Oh, come on! Sign on with the USO and come to Iraq! Pleeeeeeeeeease!

Dreary old England can be such a bore....

Jemimus says

Reserved seats (2):
- section: STALLS row: A seat: 18
- section: STALLS row: A seat: 19


Thomas Askew says

front row, seat 11, dead center, not bad, (tho i doubt ill be able to rest me leg on stage like last time)

Louise says

Just finished exams today, got shitfaced punting, and just saw you're coming to OXFORD.
My life is now complete.
Now off to get even more shitfaced :D

Robert says

Woohooo - Oxford! I'll be there, I can almost promise it.

Alan says

Gutted! JoCo chooses the week I am out of the country to come back :-(
All I have are my memories of Dingwalls......

shine says


JoAnn in VA says

Going to bring the wife and baby with you?

Alex Holden says

Yay for the Manchester gig!

Vonturbo says


Shepherds Bush Empire is round the corner from my house- and in the same street as my office! But i'm too broke to by tickets!! NOOOOO!!!

If they sell out before I get one I shall not be a happy little geek.

So, everyone stop buying them til the end of the month. Please!?

MakTheYak says

Oh yes! I work just down the road from Shepherd's Bush! I have my tickets - dead center row B, really pleased - and the Mrs is coming along again. She got totally hooked at Dingwalls and has been singing Skullcrusher Mountain all evening :)

Will be great to see you again JoCo, I can't wait!

Wim says

I thought about traveling from Belgium to London for this, but I don't really have the money (after looking at hotel prices). PAX will do just fine.

berty says

great. see you in manchester !

Jon Who says

Reserved A15, 16 & 17. See you guys there!

Gareth says

i must admit i am looking forward to the Dublin Show, more so if it is that weekend.

I bubble with excitement

Dave Moseley says

And of course, I'm in Orlando that week... hey JoCo, think you could extend this tour through to around the 7th November? And end in the South? 'Cause that'd just be awesome.

Dobblesworth says

Hey JoCo! Why just Oxford and not Cambridge as well? Don't tell me you have a designated allegiance for the Boat Race?
But on the other hand, it's good to see you're giving European fans a great opportunity. Jumping from 1 initial gig, to a 6-gig tour of the British Isles, is a great show of appreciation for your British fanbase. Respect :)

Rory Parle says

When I flew from Dublin to London for your last show you gave me a signed picture with the note, ”Rory: Dublin! WTF?”

If you come to Dublin I'll have to get my own glossies and make one out with, “JoCo: Dublin! FTW!”

MaW says

Need confirmation of Nottingham! Quickly! Before my itchy finger buys London tickets instead!

Kerrin says

Cambridge let me down by not requesting him enough

Leesy says

NO!!!! I'm in Peru during the date of the London gig and the rest are too far away :( Any chance of adding Cambridge to that list at the end? Me and the other Cambridge geeks will take you punting and fill your belly with plenty of fine British ale if you do!

Racheth says

Awesome I tried convincing my friends to demand you in oxford and it looks like it worked! You can expect a bunch of us younger folk there with you, so please don't make it 18+! Hope to be able to get tickets asap. Oh and do you know what venue it is in oxford yet?

Kaso says

Oh awesome, coming to manchester on my birthday!? its like a perfect birthday present from america, Thanks!

Angelastic says

See you from seat B6 in London!

MaW, buy tickets for both. You know you want to. Wim, try to come, it looks like you won't be the only one coming from Belgium. Vonturbo, there are people looking for places to stay, you could probably trade some floor space for a ticket.

Stephen says

Ooh, Glasgow.

I'm kinda sad that that's the only concert my poor student buget could stretch to allow me to travel near but hey.

Yay Glasgow!

hi says

was he just on the daily show?

Roman V says

I just came to asy that, yes, he was. Hodgman warned us on his Twitter, but yes, he was. And it was funny. If anyone missed it, it'll be replayed every so often, and in about a week or so it'll probably be put up on

That was very funny, by the way.

Annie says

Actually, usually has the clips available before 8:00 the next morning.

Well done, JoCo! It was a fantastic surprise.

Hepcat says

Excellent surprise appearance!

Hepcat says

And it just occurred to me, October 30 seems like it would be a great time to perform a cover of Tracey Ullman's "You Broke My Heart in 17 Places (Shepherd's Bush Was Only One)".

(Which is now going to be stuck in my head, which is unfortunate since it's been so long since I've heard it I can't remember much more than the hook.)

Abby says

Jonathan Coulton on the Daily Show may be the coolest cameo since Viggo Mortensen on the Colbert Report. It's a dead heat between the two.

Frederick Heath-Renn says

The Daily Show is shown a day late here. So now I shall have to wait until 8.30, savouring the anticipation of Jonathan Coulton's appearance...

...and then it will be cut by Channel 4.


AbeLincoln says

Sweet, that was an awesome surprise. How many Johns can be on The Daily Show at one time is there a cap?

Kazzi says

Quick JC related Public Service Announcement for UKians who have given up in despair at the Daily Show's website: They appear to have fixed the worst of the bugs - currently you can watch whole episodes with the c-breaks where they should be and not every 23.8s. Hope it stays that way! should be the direct link, but no promises.

Patrick says

While you're in Ireland you should visit Cork! It's like a nice version of Dublin :P...I can't wait till October!!

Martyn says

At last!
See you there this time!

Ben Walker says

@Kazzi thanks for the Daily Show link. I've been waiting for that all day. Quality cameo by JoCo. And I'm loving the Holistay idea.

Roman V says

Thanks for the link, you all will recall the other reference to Coulton on the Daily Show -

Robert says

At last!
I've been waiting for a Dublin show for ages!
See ye there!

Martin K says

If Cork is like a nice version of Dublin, Australia is like a nice version of the UK. Over heeeeeeeere.

Beth says

Yay! I'm *so* at the Glasgow gig.

Hakan says

Yay! Will be at Oxford or London one. Or shall I do both of them, I bet they'll be much fun and you can't get enough of JoCo :)

Kerrin says

As wikipedia says: 'The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland', soyou were right originally Jonathan

Hakan says

Dublin is in the south, Belfast is in the North. South bit of the Ireland left UK long ago.

Kerrin says

Yeah, I realized my stupidity after posting, and went to delete my post before realizing my log on for wordpress doesn't work anymore. Either I have annoyed Jonathan and he has revoked my user account, or he has upgraded wordpress again.

Frederick Heath-Renn says

Tip for getting on with the Irish: Call them all British. They like it really.

Also, . Ha ha ha!

Reki says

w00t, just ordered tickets for myself and 5 friends, were in row F, seats 19 - 24. Should be a good night.

Paul says

Yeah -welcome back JC!
Seats C20 and C21 - I'll be bringing my daughter - hopefully in the skull crusher mountain T-shirt that JC threw at me at Dingwalls :-)

Also looking forward to Paul and Storm.

Bob says

Squee! Glasgow Gig!! Any thoughts on where yet?

Chris N says

May see you in Glasgow, may see you in London - who knows!? Last London gig was awesome though, so am really looking forward to this one.

Iain says

The day before my birthday in Glasgow, what could be better. Ya dancer!!!
See you all there.

Uchronic says

Good news, unfortunately, I can't come from Paris in the middle of a week. :(

Alex says

I can't get to London, so I'll be going to the Oxford one as it's on the weekend. Any idea when it'll all be confirmed?

JRO says

Excellent - ordered two - last London one was great!

Surferbill says

Reserved seats (2):
- section: STALLS row: H seat: 17
- section: STALLS row: H seat: 18


Alex Munro says

I'll be at Glasgow, can't wait :D

another Jonathan says

Dublin! That is so very awesome indeed! I am now, officially, a happy bunny on a monday morning!!!

Doug says

Dublin is most excellent! I will have to convert some of my friends to JCism and we'll have a blast.

Aaron Abernethy says

Oh dear. My initial excitement has just dissipated when I realised that the Dublin show is the day after my Wedding! I just can't see me convincing my new bride that we really need to postpone our honeymoon a day...

Brick says

Don't know if I'll still be working in Manchester in Oct, but I'm sure I'll find somewhere to crash. London's booked, though way to late to get decent seats... :(

sam says

But not coming to Wales or very far South? The North seems rather over-represented here...

~G~ says

Oh yes!

Oh you have to try and get back on The Geoff Show - on Virgin Radio.
That was a great show you played last time, when you went on there!

That would be great to hear you on the show again, the banter was fantastic - and it would be good to hear you play some more songs :o)

Anyway - hope the rest of the tour goes well. Hoping to get tickets to one of the shows (London hopefully).

Oh yeah... WooHoo!

doubleshiny says

Manchester, rah rah rah!

Pyromanic says

Where the hell is edinburgh? screw glasgow and come and visit us obviously superior people here in edinburgh :P ;) i kid, i kid...

All the same i think perhapes next time you should come to edinburgh and perhapes alternate each trip. PLEASE!!!!!

Tim French says

Just got London tickets for me and my Fiancee (or wife as she will be by then). Level 1: B20 & B21

I found out about the last UK gig the day after it happened. So obviously hugely happy that he's coming back. Can't wait.

Alex Munro says

An Edinburgh trip WOULD be obviously superior. I wouldn't have to leave town or get stabbed to see Mr. Coulton in action :P

Chris Woods says

please, please, please confirm Dublin... failing that, I'm off to book some cheap flights to London...

Alex Rea says

A shame about Cambridge. Not sure I'll be able to go elsewhere given that it's during term - I'll catch you yet!

JC says


LSTAR says

See you in Glasgow!

Or else...

...I may have to travel further.