San Diego was Hot

By JoCo May 29, 2008

Did I mention how hot it was at Lestat’s in San Diego? I think I may have. Here is evidence:

JoCo Sweater Front, originally uploaded by jcoulton.


Spiff says

Add a heat shimmering effect like in the desert and I think that pic captures it perfectly. :)

Jon Who says

Poor JC...

(also loving the Song Fu!)

Nils says

Yeah, give it to us. That's the stuff we need: JoCo and the Wet-T-Shirt-Contest. ;-)

frank says

LOL @ Nils. :)

Rob Blatt says

Let's play "what do you see on JoCo's sweat stain".

Personally, I see a hog with horns armed with front wheels for ramming purposes (traveling right to left)

eliannrad says

@Rob Blatt:
I'm seeing that... but I prefer to say that I see a fluffy pink cloud in a sea of red.

Gettin' hotter with every show, eh, JoCo?

AJS says

I see a cat, or possibly a minotaur, humping a small T-rex.

Mike626 says

I am fairly certain you could auction that shirt off and fund several months of touring.

Rob (not the boring manager one) says

I see an upside-down 'big warm fuzzy secret heart'

Schnauzer Radio Orchestra says

I always said making music is like sports.
Imagine how much weight you could lose performing night after night after night...

habitrailgirl says

I bid $200. Rock 'n sweaty roll, baby.

selene says

call me crazy but, u look sexy all sweaty,,

selene says

u look sexy all sweaty.

Demetrius says

This picture shows why the PulseMaster 4000 cybernetic blood pump is so much more popular than the PulseMaster 3000. ...It runs *so* much cooler!

Brie says

Like I said on Flickr, you iz bringing sweaty back, JoCo.

Elizabeth says

The dry center part somewhat resembles a Mandelbrot Set...

Chris Hartzog says

But still, you were in San Diego....

wet one says

You all wet makes me all wet.

Tach says

As hot as it was in that small venue, we wouldn't have missed a second. Thanks for a great show!

James Curry says

Aw damn, I wish I could've been there. Do you think you could ever make it south of the border, in Tijuana? I'll be sure to be there whenever you come near again!

Ricardo says

Jonathan Coulton, I enjoy your music very much and if you come to Portugal I'll be willing to go to you show/concert. Id like you to come to Lisbon in Portugal :) . Good luck on your career and take care! :)