Old Nerdy Bastard

By JoCo May 22, 2008

I am quite pleased that Code Monkey was used as source material for a track on this fantastic free album of geek music remix madness called Old Nerdy Bastard. Mostly because it puts me in the company of MC Frontalot, MC Lars, Brad Sucks, The Grammar Club, and plenty of other folks I generally think of as quite a bit cooler than me. But boy howdy, does the Code Monkey track rule or what? It was done by The Evolution Control Committee, and it’s essentially me mashed up with everything else in the world.

Viva la illegal art!


john d'arc says

wow, the track is just a clusterfuck of songs from the past 30 years.

and it's still really good.

Dean says

That track rocked!

My brain hurts from trying to follow your lyrics and listening to all the splices intertwined. They kept the beat going, so good on them for doing it. I have to admit my attention went to the music when Led Zeppelin played.

It's a good piece of work.

Colleenky says

Still listening, but Code Monkey over Tom Sawyer = teh awesome. :-)

MitchO says

That is 57 flavors of AWESOME right there! It even has Linus and Lucy in it. :D

MitchO says

OMG *and* Rainbow Connection! My not so secret "song I really really want to hear JoCo play live in NYC" (not so subtle hint~)

john d'arc says

*double hint from future NYC show-goer*

Randbot says

Currently downloading the album -- looking forward to hearing it! I've actually heard of ECC - years ago I somehow got a hold of a song of theirs called Rocked by Rape, which is a pretty nice bit of sampling itself. I'm excited for some JoCo samply goodness!

Doug says

Haha. That was ridiculous. And also awesome.

eliannrad says

Yay for illegality!

Will says

Hmm, no offense to the makers of that remix, buth the best word to describe that Code Monkey track is "castrophony".

Will says

Crud, there's no edit option. I just want to say the album is worth a listen if just for the 99 Balloon Flights track.

Chuck R. says

Man i love Code Monkey because of the fact it relates to so many people who just want a break XD

Church says

The STD track is also teh bomb. My God, it's full of win!

Lindsay says

Hah, you weren't lying when you said everything else in the world. I didn't recognize very many of the songs because I am unknowing of music that way, but the ones I did recognize were pretty awesome. Rainbow Connection! And Linus and Lucy! Hee!

habitrailgirl says

Shock the code monkey!! That was fantastic.

Jonathan Chaffer says

Speaking of MC Frontalot, I just got my copy of the PAX DVD from last year's show. The quality on the JoCo concert is excellent. I have to recommend this DVD to everyone looking for JoCo merch (at least as a stopgap until the official concert DVD comes out, whenever that is).

M_pony says

Lemme try some "Name that Tune" goodness here:
Juke Box Hero, Back In Black, Unbelievable, (rrgh i should know that one) Safety Dance, Tom Sawyer (ftw!), Another One Bites The Dust, Whole Lotta Love, Break On Through, Don't Bring Me Down, Rainbow Connection, Block Rockin' Beats, Stairway To Heaven, (rrgh I know that Organ line.. "" it's a 90's dance song, right?), Pachelbel's Canon (this is where they're possibly making fun of JoCo.. please see "Rob Paravonian" about this song's significance), Linus And Lucy, Shock the Monkey.

I'm impressed with these guys for all the great music in the key of E they chose, and for those not in the key of E that they managed to fit in anyway.

Is there an actual list of the songs they used, anywhere? I wanna see the ones I couldn't get!

M_pony says

i just remembered, after clicking "submit" the organ lick is from "Let Your Backbone Slide!" CanadianContent FTW!

Luke M says

It's like hearing a radio station with its arms full fall down a spiral staircase.

Brie says

Wow. That's just...wow.

AC/DC and Zeppelin FTW!

Ann says

Can't forget Bruce Springsteen's "Born to Run" smooshed in there right before Canon in D. That is some fine musical company to be in, my friend.

JT says

Every time I hear or see a reference to Code Monkey, I keep waiting for the follow-up song from the point of view of the front desk receptionist. It'd probably be called Phone Jockey or something like that, and tell the story of a young woman in a dead end job looking for a kind, sensitive guy because all she ever meets are jerks. Oh, and there is this annoying programmer who keeps bugging her. I'd write such a thing, but it appears my lyrical skills are lacking.

Z. says

M_pony: "Is there an actual list of the songs they used, anywhere? I wanna see the ones I couldn’t get!"

TradeMark G (of The Evolution Control Committee) and I were actually playing with the idea of having a contest to see who could name all the samples sources. But alas, he's actually busy getting married right now.

Once he gets back to less important matters, I'll see what I can do about getting the full song list.

Oh, and thanks for listening, everybody!

three08 says

i feel compelled at this juncture to highlight the fact that you are at least 30 times cooler than mc frontalot. apologies to the front, but it's ineluctably true.

three08 says

sorry for the double post but i meant and forgot to add that i am not familiar with the other artists &/or what-have-you named so i cannot compute the factor by which you are cooler than them but i am certain that it is a real number greater than 1.

Colleenky says

@Z: The hive-mind that is the JoCo forums has come up with this list so far.

Jukebox Hero, Back In Black, Unbelievable, Pick up the Pieces, Safety Dance, We Got the Beat, Nobody Loves Me, Tom Sawyer, Another One Bites The Dust, Lay Down Sally?, Whole Lotta Love, Break on Through, Don’t Bring Me Down, Rainbow Connection, Let Me Go?, Block Rockin’ Beats, Stairway to Heaven, Let Your Backbone Slide, Dog Pound Hop, Born in the USA, Pachelbel’s Canon, Linus And Lucy, and Shock the Monkey.

selene says

i love code monkey!!!
viva la illegal art!!!! lol

rozwarren says


Morton says

pst. joco i ahev something for you from spiffworld.com:
(begs hes not looking at this^^)
“Whether or not I attend Blizzcon myself, I sent an email to the Blizzard folks suggesting that Jonathan Coulton would make for fabulous entertainment at the convetion. He’s smart, funny, and geeky, he already has a WoW connection through my videos, and he’s even written a song for a video game (”Still Alive” for Portal). It’s a natural fit! Their response to my suggestion was perky and polite (a lot like the Stepford-like responses you get from GMs in-game), and they promised to pass the idea along to their planning committee. If Coulton were to play at Blizzcon, that would certainly raise the chances of me wanting to attend the con even if I had to pay for the tickets. Coulton concerts kick ass.”

btw. ofc not hes not copyrighted it… its a blogg.. dunno if he told you it..

Chris says

I listened to Pwn Monkey and absolutely loved it.

So I downloaded the rest of the album, and loved that as well. So thanks!

McTool says

99 Balloon Flights and Pwn Monkey are the two I keep coming back to.

Mr Nobody says

JoCo + everything else in the world = awesomeness

Thomas J Weiser says

Speaking of Code Monkey...

My friend and I worked together to make an animation for Asifa-Atlanta's "Roll Yer Own", an independent animation festival for locals using Code Monkey! Jennifer did all of the animation and I had a hand in all of the background work and final editing.

We hope you like it!

... and if that embed doesn't work... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYodWEKCuGg

rozwarren says

Thomas: GREAT Code Monkey Video!

Matt says

They squeezed some "More Bounce to the Ounce" (Zapp and Roger) in around 1:58. Definitely some other stuff I feel like I should recognize in there. Definitely some hip-hop in there I should be recognizing (or original sources for hip-hop samples), but I'm drawing a blank right about now.

Dave Moseley says

Wow, JoCo namedropping MC Lars... impressive.

seti-a-5 says

i can't believe that this is the same crew that made the rocked by rape track. i was putting that on these little mini cd mp3 comps a few years back (yes, with credit in the readme.txt). my pal trier has a track on the onb comp and pwn monkey really stood out as i listened to the comp. go figure it was from a crew that had already made something super dope.

TradeMark G. / The Evolution Control Committee says

Wow, great to see all the words about our Coulton "Pwn Monkey" mashup... yay! Glad it wasn't merely good in my head...

As Z said, there was talk of using the full source sample list as a trivia question or something, but since that isn't happening I can reveal the truth... except... I don't have time! I'm somewhat frantic in preparations for Burning Man, where I'll be managing their radio station, doing a sound installation right under The Man, and otherwise enduring what sounds like miserably harsh weather... hmmm... on second thought, blowing some time making the sample list sounds a whole lot better.

The Quick List (sorry, not enough time for full citations):

Jukebox Hero
AC/DC Back In Black
Venus, resampled
Fifth of Beethoven
DJ Shadow, Organ Donor
AWB Pick Up The Pieces
Safety Dance
Go-go's, We Got The Beat
Rush, Tom Sawyer
Another One Bites The Dust
Shining Star
Whole Lotta Love
ELO, Don't Bring Me Down
Rainbow Connection
Heaven 17
Block Rockin' Beats
Led Zep, Stairway
VU, Venus In Furs
Human League
Groove Me
Ashley's Roachclip
Mowhawks, The Champ
Ray Charles, What'd I Say
Shamen, Move Every Mountain
Zapp & Roger, More Bounce To The Ounce
Funky Worm
Ren & Stimpy Theme
Born in the USA
Pachelbel's Canon
Linus & Lucy
Shock The Monkey

Total: 36 different sources, each tuned to Jonathon's chord progression. Mash THAT, suckaz.

Genesis says

Sick as a Dog remix is a really fakin greatwesome jisus god best ever song of.

july says

I am not really a big fan of those but I like the melody of their music