House of Blues

By JoCo May 20, 2008

Who would have guessed that all that goodness could fit inside an unassuming little 5-story tin shack on Sunset Boulevard? Not me. Though I must apologize to everyone who was waiting for me to come out and say hello – you know that I always do, but this time we had a lot of friends come to visit us in the green room right after we got off stage. And by the time we got done saying hello to them, the HOB folks had mostly cleared everyone out of the building. (It’s a very nice green room, and there were beers. I’m just saying.)

But it was a great show, thanks to everyone who came out. Coming up next are Cincinnati, Columbus, Pittsburgh and dear old NYC.


donaithnen says

Awesome show! Thank you! Though i'm a little sad they provided chairs for us to sit in =/ I was looking forward to the "standing room only" they promised on their website =P

I'm glad i stuck around long enough to get to see you outside! Thank the gods for the blessing of slow valet service! :)

Colleenky says

Another great show, Dr. Coulton. Thank you! And thanks for taking a moment to come out and say hi. My review and a link to my illicit pics are on my blog. The getting naked part - bold, sir. Very bold.

Colleenky says
Colleenky says

One more time. Sorry about that.

Matt says

The sound quality in the HOB was near-flawless. You guys sounded amazing. I was impressed you actually had the pull to get Tom Cruise to come out for his song... naked! He really is crazy.

DJ Octoon says

Great show. Freestyling on Mr. Fancypants was definitely a highlight. And the way you handled a raucous fan. Good work.

Thanks again for the interview. Will post in the forums before we air it.

-DJ Octoon

Maria says

This show managed to successfully convert my East Coast brother to JoCo fandom. Also, mad props for the rickroll.

chickevil666 says

I have to say, the fact that we all got rick rolled was hilarious.

Theron says

I would have come anyway, but I was thrilled to find the seating. Depending on the crowd, The House Of Blues can be a soul-sucking place to see a show. It can also be a great place to see a show, as it was on Sunday night. It's all about the crowd.

I'll buy tickets for a "limited seating" House Of Blues show again in a heartbeat. Come back soon!

John Mc says

Awesome show JoCo! It was great seeing you in action for the first time. P&S were hilarious as well.

I've been listening to your music non-stop since the performance, and I was wondering: the way you played some of your song live was really cool, and differs substantially from the original recording. Have you considered recording updated or alternate versions? I found some audience recordings on You-Tube, but I'd buy live versions of "My Monkey" and "Mr. Fancy Pants". Your electronic toys certainly added to the experience. Oh, and you guys rocked "Creepy Doll", I loved that.

Hope to see you perform again soon!

CarrieL says

I want to publicly thank Qin, Jessica, and Hilde who helped us work the merch table--we couldn't have done it without you guys!

Go fan power!!

vagabondmonk says

Great show! My Monkey with the device was one of the best things ever. My friends and I actually wandered in during the sound check (HOB, while a great venue, is a bit lacking in folks-telling-you-where-you-ought-to-be...), and heard the tail end of it there, as well. The harmonies were pretty fantastic.

Also, I would like to note that I believe I was the only true gentleman I saw there, as I wore my favorite pink paisley tie. :)

MarkHB says

It is a top venue - I have fond memories from SIGGRAPH '06, or '07. Well, they're nearly memories. Hey, it was fun.

KDM says

It was a positively awesome show, JoCo; come back to our neck of the woods soon!

rozwarren says

A "JoCo Live" CD is a terrific idea!!

Colleenky says

Aha. Now I know who you were hanging with in the green room.

DarthOccam says

Incredible show. Thanks for coming all the way to LA. We're a convert. Next time you or Paul and Storm are in this time zone, we're there.

How's the DVD project coming?

Rob O'Keefe says

Great Show Jonathan ... My wife and I were happy to have finally seen you in concert. You are a very talented performer, singer and songwriter. Paul and Storm are an excellent compliment to your act.

You should write a song about Bacon Academy ... no? Or have you already done that.

I'll try to catch your show again in a friendlier venue. The HOB did nothing special for me other than charge too much for drinks, parking and prevent me from taking my camera.


Hey Jonathan! That was a fantastic show! Please come again soon! Maybe to Santa Monica again eh? Hint hint.

Julius Marx says

GREAT, Great show! My girlfriend and I came back early from a weekend camping trip to see it. We knew we'd be exhausted, but the chance to see JoCo and the HoB was just too good an opportunity to pass up.

I think I've seen your last 4 LA appearances, and you continue to rotate your song list (or "set" as we learned from the crazy drunk guy that wanted to have your babies) so we get to hear new stuff live. I really appreciate that you played "A Talk with George"... that song means a lot to me. And your intro to "You Ruined Everything" at this show was the most resonating one I've seen so far.

I keep trying to get the "Fritos, fritos" audience participation echo to catch on during "Code Monkey"... it hasn't happened yet. :)

Thanks again for a great show!

Morton says

pst. joco i ahev something for you from
(begs hes not looking at this^^)
"Whether or not I attend Blizzcon myself, I sent an email to the Blizzard folks suggesting that Jonathan Coulton would make for fabulous entertainment at the convetion. He’s smart, funny, and geeky, he already has a WoW connection through my videos, and he’s even written a song for a video game (”Still Alive” for Portal). It’s a natural fit! Their response to my suggestion was perky and polite (a lot like the Stepford-like responses you get from GMs in-game), and they promised to pass the idea along to their planning committee. If Coulton were to play at Blizzcon, that would certainly raise the chances of me wanting to attend the con even if I had to pay for the tickets. Coulton concerts kick ass."

btw. ofc not hes not copyrighted it... its a blogg.. dunno if he told you it..

Roman V, says

Those Ohio shows sound good, but needs moar Cleveland. Act now and I can promise that it won't be cold, which if you live here, you'd know that's a hard thing to promise...

Tallgrrl says

Please tell me you'll be playing at the HOB here in Las Vegas....please? I know that this is a little burg on steroids, but there are geeks here, too.
: )

Colleenky says

Dr. Coulton will be performing at Coverville 500 in Las Vegas, Aug 15, 2008, 7:00pm.

What's Coverville?

Colleenky says

Dr. Coulton will be performing at Coverville 500 in Las Vegas, Aug 15, 2008, 7:00pm.

What’s Coverville?

Gary Fixler says

I feel a right twit for missing it, and my excuse is sooo lame: I had to be up 4 hours earlier than usual the following morning for jury duty, and I was paranoid about being tasered if I missed it, or showed up late :(

I hope you'll consider coming out again immediately, for the 150 of us who were penned up in the Santa Monica County Municipal Building the following morning at freaking 8AM, as if such a time actually existed.

Marcy says

I think you forgot to mention that you're playing at the HOB in Dallas or Billy Bob's in Fort Worth soon??? I'm sure you meant to, right? RIGHT??????


adelheid says

Do you need any help in Pittsburgh?