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By JoCo May 17, 2008

Holy cow Phoenix, but did you get a doozy or what? Two broken strings. I haven’t broken a string on stage in I don’t know how long, and then for a short time I broke about one string per song. Very exciting. Thank you for hanging on tightly.

A word or two about the Sunday show at the House of Blues. First, there are only 300 seats available, and last I checked we were on target to sell at least that many. The rest will be standing room, so if you want to be sure to have a seat, please plan accordingly (i.e., get there before 300 other people do).

Also, it doesn’t look like they’re going to allow audio or video recording. It’s OK with me and Paul and Storm, but House of Blues says no. If you bring a video camera, they may make you check it or something.

Also, gentlemen must wear ties. Oh, and no clapping.


Rob (not the boring manager one) says

totally unrelated to the show...but

It's the June 2008 issue, the 'Blender's Heat-Seeking, Sweat-Dripping, Pool-Hopping Summer Music Blowout section.

They list 3 songs that should have been Beach Boys Recordings and 'Stroller Town' made #2


Jen Z says

Last time I was at House of Blues, not only did I have to check my camera, I had to pay $3 for the privilege of checking my camera. Not to mention the hassle of checking it before the show and then getting it back at the end of the show. Should've just left it in the car, of course -- but by the time I found out about the policy, it was too late to do that. I didn't even want to photo/video the performer that night anyway. Just happened to have the thing in my purse, as always. So watch out, y'all!

Break a leg at the show, JoCo / Paul and Storm! Looking forward to your next trip to the Bay Area (and the much-anticipated concert DVD!).

elle says

It's all in how the staff working that night interprets "NO CAMERAS ALLOWED." It could be camera checks, it could be turning people with cameras away, it could be "just don't take it out during the show."

Do they still do that thing where you get into the show first if you buy dinner at the HoB?

Gina says

You broke a string on the last song (Sweet Caroline, I believe) in Sellersville, PA, (10/19/07, I think). It was a chaotic and funny moment - you were also playing the harmonica and looked quite earnest.

Bry says

SD and LA folks, we at JoCopedia (the official JoCo wiki!) hope you'll tell us what happened at the shows! We want setlists, we want videos (we promise not to report them to HOB), we want pictures, we want, I dunno, press clippings?

If you have any of this stuff, help us and help posterity by adding it to the show pages, findable from .

Kevin says

Bummer about the recording... I was able to record part of your show in Phoenix. I recorded less than I wanted to because I only had .5 an hour of tape... You can find it here if you want to see it:

Colleenky says

@elle: Yes, dinner guests get preferential seating. Which is why I'll be paying through the nose for dinner at HOB. :-p

Ryon says

AWESOME show. Thanks for braving the heat (which might have had something to do with your strings...?)

Funny thing you might have missed. There was a kid there with his mom and dad right in front of my friend and I. I watched the palpable embarrassment grow by shades of red as you went into the chorus of "First of May".

Shame about the venue being a little... shabby. Us Phoenicians pretty much treat the whole valley as one big city; for instance Tempe has a bunch of small to mid-sized venues that are a little nicer, so when you come back you might want to check some of those out.

jmonkee9 says

Hey Kevin, thanks a lot for posting those videos.... they're excellent!

campbelltron says

the house of blues is a jerk about taping. afaik they have some kind of exorbitantly expensive waiver/rider/contract/clause/thing for open taping, but i think that mostly exists for hippie jam bands with hardcore taper followings.

yowz says

Hey Ryon: I was the Mom with the kid (14) and my husband. Actually, we were not embarassed. Just laughing our heads off. We all loved the whole concert.

Zach says

The Phoenix show was amazing, I have not laughed so much or had such a good time in WAY too long. And thanks JoCo and also to Paul and Storm for signing stuff and letting us get photos with y'all after the show. I've rarely met such nice and genuinely approachable "internet-famous" folks (well, maybe Wil Wheaton...but such coolness is still rare.) You rock!

Charlie says

Allow me to pile on the love for the Phoenix show. The "technical difficulties," and how you handled them with such comic aplomb, helped elivate the whole experience to greatness IMHO. I hope to see you back in the desert soon, and this time stay a while longer [here's a thought: two shows, an afternoon matinee whose set excludes "First of May" etc. for the youg 'uns, and an evening show for the F-bomb lovers. I'd be at both, and drag along everyone I possibly could.]

swtkaroline says

So I bought tickets (ordered online since we're about 40 minutes from the venue) for the Phoenix show and was SO excited about it. I had my calendar marked, and my boyfriend and I were all set to sing and dance our little hearts out.

Funny thing tho, the first time I checked the Brickhouse calendar, it said the show was on Tuesday the 20th. I'm sure it did. I *know* it did. That's my story and I'm stickin to it. My etix confirmation didn't show a date and I didn't check back with JC's site or The Brickhouse until today.

Imagine my horror when I found that we'd missed it! I felt physically ill. I still do. At least we'll get to see you at PAX in August. It just seems too long to wait. :(

Ceridwyn/Percephene says

Speaking of PAX, did everyone see the PAX 2007 DVD is now available over at the Penny Arcade store?

I tried linking this twice already, for some reason the blog is eating my comments =S

Bry says

Maybe this'll work?

Ceridwyn/Percephene says

Thanks Bry ;) I think the blog doesn't trust me!