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ByJoCo May 14, 2008

I’ve had a lovely bit of psuedo time-off (i.e., time at home trying not to stress out about things) and I am ready to “bring it” to the west coast. I have packed both the noise and the funk, even though it puts my bag over the weight limit.

Tomorrow night Phoenix. Saturday San Diego. Sunday Los Angeles.

I could use some help with selling CDs and shirts in both Phoenix and LA. You will receive a free ticket and a bear hug from either Paul or Storm (in addition, I or one of my assistants will wave at you from my private zeppelin as I float high above you and sip champagne through a caviar straw). If you’re interested, email me through that Contact link up there.

See you soon…


Lex says

Can I apply to be a caviar-straw-sippin' assistant? I could do with a change of pace.

Luke M says

This is all going to end in an especially monkey- and robot-intensive episode of "Behind the Music," you mark my words...

dubbfoolio says

dude I'll be there tomorrow night. hope you rock the house.

dubbfoolio says

dude I'll be there tomorrow night. hope you rock the house. I'd help sell stuff but I already bought a ticket and I'm scared of bears.

Phillip Duggan says

I think you need a subject line on this post. It looks rather strange in my feed without it. ^_^

Shelby says

I will be there in Phoenix - already have a ticket but if you need help selling things AND I get to meet a real life Jonathan Coulton, Paul, and Storm...I'm in!

Randy says

What's up? What has you stressed out?

Your music means a great deal to me. "I crush everything" captures the isolation I feel by being different and withdrawn (I work as a software engineer). Your music makes my current software project a heck of a lot easier to endure.

You are a truly talented and well educated musician! I just know that you will get that record deal someday soon. Hopefully, we (your fans) can keep you and your family relatively financially secure until then.

Come back to Washington DC soon; I have more money to spend. : )

Stormy says

A private zeppelin? You truly are a god. :D

LoonieBin says

Caviar straws?

HellZiggy says

'Tis true. The job of Merch Minion does come with hugs.
I have hugged the Coulton, the Paul, and the Storm... and lived to tell about it. :)
I did not, however, see the private zeppelin, so I can neither confirm or deny the promised wave from the champagne sipping Coulton.


Chris Radcliff says

Looking forward to the San Diego show. Thanks for giving us a second chance! Can I replenish your supply of Eventful shirts, hats, or commemorative tote bags while you're here?

Cambiata says

Gaaaa! My workplace has banned MP3 players. :( No longer will I get to listen to the sorrowful serenade of a lonely squid, or the praise of cut rate Norwegian furniture! Now I just have to sit and do my work with no glorious singing in the background. SUPERVISORS, YOU ARE THE SPAWN OF EVIL AND I HATE YOU.

As for your concert, JoCo, I would love to sell CDs and Tshirts for you, except that I don't live in California. :(

Adam says

It's killing me that the San Diego show falls exactly on the one day that I can't make it (I have to go to a wedding...sigh). Hopefully it's a great show and you'll be forced to come back again soon.

Braden says

There was no Vancouver show. What gives? Huh? Any chance of that happening anytime soon?

Susie the Southern Geek says

I have hugged The Coulton as well, and found him to be warm and very fuzzy. I thoroughly encourage anyone to take the opportunity to do it!

Jurn van Mieghem says

Volunteering for assistent :D
Although i need a ticket to the States :P

Paul says

Sorry I can't be there to experience the noise and the funk... but, you didn't pack them both TOGETHER, did you? They might reach critical mass...

Tankilo says

Just reminding everyone that Jonathan Coulton is here tonight in Phoenix! Whoo! and that he's on:

Michelle says

My hubby and I would LOVE to come sell t-shirts on sunday night in LA! We so wanted to be there, but just couldn't affor it at the moment.

HOW do we sign up???

-Matt and Michelle

Jason says

The show last night was AWESOME! I'd never heard Paul and Storm before, they were great! And I have to say, you broke a whole lot of guitar strings last night. I was laughing crying when your second string broke during Re: Your Brains. Thanks so much! I'm going right back to Eventful to request you coming here again.

AverageJon says

In case haven't heard, Phoenix is not on the west coast (so you won't be able to have your golden submarine close by).

Cesar says

Great show last night in PHX man. It was great to finally see you perform live. I really enjoyed Paul and Storm too. I don't think I've ever enjoyed an opening band that much in my life. I really hoped you liked PHX and will come back again soon.

Don says

That was a great show last night! I was way too giddy being able to take pictures with you along with Paul and Storm. I hope you guys will come back soon because I know you think the show went haggard, but that's what makes your shows so great! It's never boring and it's great that you hang out for a bit after the show to talk to everyone! Next time I need to bring something for you guys to autograph!

Ivy says

Just wanted to add my voice to the clamor - we LOVED the show last night in Phoenix! It was so much fun, and it was great to see you in person. I'm so glad I just happened to drop by the site and see that you were coming to town. It was the first time I'd heard Paul and Storm, so THANK YOU for bringing them to town. Next time, come back when the ASU students are still here, and we'll promise you a bigger crowd! And maybe one that's willing to sing along. :)

Waldo says

Thanks for the amazing show in sunny Phoenix, Mister Coulton! I'd like to extend a general apology for the tragic loss of your strings. I blame the weather here. It plays hell on my guitar and saxophones too. In my opinion, those 'Technical Difficulties' are what makes a great show an awesome, memorable show. "Hey, you remeber hearing about that show where Joco broke two strings in a row?? I WAS THERE!" Good times. Come back soon!

dubbfoolio says

awesome show last night! hope you come back to phoenix. I second an ASU show.

Bry says

As always, JoCopedia's looking for info on all these shows -- link takes you to the Phoenix page.