Tracking the Coulton

By JoCo May 8, 2008

Not content to let my poorly edited and rather dull videos stand alone in the spotlight for EVEN AN INSTANT, Paul and Storm have decided to create a video that “has a plot” and “is good.” I give you “Wild Adventure – Tracking the Coulton.”

“Last week I left a note on Laura’s desk…I love her…”


Chris Haslage says

I have to say that you guys have a lot of fun on camera. Love the music, love the camera... Though I still don't get the meaning behind Shop Vac... Is he using the shop vac as something sexual or just an obsessive compulsive who always cleans?

Roman V. says

Between this history of Coultons, and this history of one particular one I learned quite a lot.

Paul and Storm are funny business. That scene with Storm eating a cookie - good stuff, good stuff.

"Storm, my Sherpa guide......."

Roman V. says

By the way, I'd like to point out, that plenty of their videos aren't plot-filled, like their "let's go to a restaurant and eat" or "let's go pick up somoene at an airport", but what makes them funny is that they are constantly adding their witty commentary to the situations. Which is what I noted before.

MattyD says

I would love to give coulton a hug .... if I lived in America ... stupid pengea splitting into 6 continents .... Jonathan did you have any like .... choice in this?
"Did you say poo" made me think that it was entirely scripted i thought it mite have been just some scripted and allot just improvised

P.S Did you know poo isn't in the dictionary?

Paul and Storm says


It's "Wild Adventure!" (Not limited to America; also, the exclamation point is key).

And don't sell yourself short; you did yeoman's work editing your videos.


Motown says

"...ask him if he's polyamourous.." genius.

CarrieP says

Who edited this thing...Sam Raimi? ;)

Loved it.

Melanie says

"Ask him if he's polyamorous" got a BIG belly laugh over here. Too damn funny.

Well done, gents!

Katie FL says

That was amazing :D

john d'arc says

i'm totally playing the Coulton mating song from now on.

Dlaw says

EUR/USD taps intraday low of $1.5280 as Financial Times reports European and US policymakers united on stronger dollar.

What I'm trying to say, in my own awkward way, is that I thought the video was really good.

SevinPackage says

Hilarious stuff, guys. well done!

Brie says

Coultons' tailbones cure syphillis? WTF did that come from? Heh. :)

Len says

Raises the bar on every Discover channel type Coulton tracking video in the future. Awesome!

Susan says

Well done, sirs! I too had a hearty guffaw at "ask him if he's polyamorous".

And, it was educational - never thought about putting the socks in the microwave, must give that a try.

Fayel says

lol..... just funny...... and the coulton tailbone cure more than that...... i have seen it cure aids and hangovers in some monkeys....... other than that it was very accurate........ nice work guys....

manstraw says

every time a coulton dies, an angel gets his syphilis cured.

that was a hoot. except at the end there, when coulton was singing future soon under the voice over. I kept trying to hear him instead instead of listen to Paul! :)

Jack F says

That was fantastic.

The one thing I learned is that the Coulton loves to be asked "where do you get your ideas". I will make a point of emailing him several times a week to ask. I encourage anyone who runs into him to ask as well.

(I can't be sure, but I think Stephen King once shot someone for asking that question one time too many.)

Tindomiel says

I think I've scared the neighbors with my laughter. Ken Burns Effect and "ask him if he's polyamorous" FTW.

Jim Offerman says

Awesome! :)

eliannrad says

Microwaving socks! That rox mine! *isn't wearing any socks*

arix says

that was fantastic, all three of you are great!

john d'arc says

apparently we need to hug him at concerts now.

ugh, that oughta be good for JoCo....

Dean says

It's obvious that JoCo wasn't aware of your plans for this video, but played along after the fact. What a good sport he is.

Excellent job guys! Will you be changing the lyrics of "Opening Band" to "We are the Coulton documentarists"?

Hepcat says

Not content to let my poorly edited and rather dull videos stand alone in the spotlight for EVEN AN INSTANT..."

Focus-stealing bastidges.

Very funny, allayouse!

Anon says

Off topic but, Thanks for the FLAC! I would buy a lot more music from artists on-line if they offered lossless DRM free tunes for download & purchase. I won't touch the other stuff.

manstraw says

*cough* Bison *cough*

Cambiata says

If I ever actually get to see JoCo anywhere in person, I will be sure to hug him and ask him if he's polyamorous. (would that seem too much like a come on coming from a girl?)

andrine says

Ok, just because I'm polyamorous and hug Jonathan when I see him, and went to Gorilla Coffee when I was in NY this weekend ("Today's Special: Conditional Love") there's no need to mock me. I'm very respectful, keep an appropriate distance and know how to take 'no' for an answer. I get it. Conditional Love. Very subtle. But it's going to be the future soon...

jeff says

Speaking of tracking Coulton. Jonathan, were you at an eatery on Driggs Sunday afternoon. (i won't use the name in case it's a regular place you eat). I was so excited to talk with you but didn't want to be one of those people that interrupts celebrities' meals. Ah'well. see you in concert at the Hi-Line in June. maybe it'll be at a bar next time.

HL says

So, uh....ARE you polyamorous?

(hopeful ARRRRR!)

mailtojds says

Funny video, guys! Well done. J.

Steve says