Masters of Song Fu

By JoCo May 8, 2008

The shadowy and powerful Ken Plume over at Quick Stop Entertainment continues his mysterious machinations: Masters of Song Fu is a song writing contest. They’re accepting 20 contestants, who will all compete against each other and a panel of “celebrity” song writers, which are Me, Paul and Storm, and Doc Hammer. It’s kind of an Iron Chef but with song writing.

I am, of course, Morimoto.

Sign up if you would like to match wits…


Jeff says

Good man. Everyone knows Morimoto is the superior Iron Chef.

SevinPackage says

I imagine Paul would be Batali, and Storm would be Flay.
Doc Hammer would be Michael Symon, with Cat Cora's hair.

Good luck, all! I'm looking forward to hearing what comes out of this competition!

Tindómiel says

No way, JoCo--you're Hiroyuki friggin' Sakai. Morimoto in the original series didn't fare much better than Kobe. Everyone wanted to beat Sakai.

Widgett Walls says

If the opening sequence has Ken taking a bite out of a tambourine and grinning at the camera, I will give him a dollar.

Ken Plume says

Will the tambourine be seasoned?

SevinPackage says

Yes, the tambourine will taste like hands. Unwashed hands.

manstraw says

And the secret ingredient (subject) is?

Ken Plume says


filkertom says

This should be fun.

Joseph Devon says

Allez cuisine!
Or...wait...allez tamborine?
Allez music!
Whatever, this sounds awesome.

Luke M says

Venture Brothers rules so hard. I was just watching "Victor. Echo. November." and hurt myself laughing. "Dab! Dab!!!"

Have fun!

Shruti says

Aw, it has to become an actual song. And not just, y'know, lyrics/music. This is a problem. ):

Raethe says

It is indeed a problem. :/ I -want- that recording studio in my basement, but it doesn't mean I have it yet!

Chris says

This sounds like an awesome idea. Besides one brief song about the burrito lady, I don't think my chops are righteous enough to tackle this challenge.

Raethe says

Burrito lady, eh? Sweet, now I don't have to feel... AS weird... about writing a song about dust-collecting ornaments.


Ben & Pete says

Does anyone know anything about Song Fu? I am supposedly one of the contestants, but have heard nothing since sending in my bio and photo...


This competition sounds familiar. ;)

If you don't get in (I didn't, I just saw this today on Coulton's RSS feed), feel free to come over and play on the venerable Internet songwriting competition we call Song Fight, where musicians have been beating each other's songs to a pulp since Y2K.