Behind a Beard – Part 3

By JoCo May 6, 2008

The next installment of this exciting series has been posted, in which we drive from Portland to Seattle, rehearse with Molly, and play the Triple Door. What will happen next? How will it end? Will we see more shots of elevator doors closing? Probably.

Of course I don’t have any shots of Molly performing with us, because we were all too busy singing our hearts out to work the camera. Certainly better footage of that already exists anyway, just ask the YouTubes.


AverageJon says

It's only a matter of time before JC and the Creepy Dolls are openning for Molly.

MitchO says

I'm pretty sure I was more uncomfortable with the Arby's chewing scene than I was with the urinal scene. At least you slathered that puppy up with Mayo. That *was* Mayo Jon, right?~

Andrea says

Here is Molly's playlist of everyone else's footage of her.

Molly is so awesome!

Colleenky says

@MitchO: I think it was Arby's "horsey sauce," which would make sense with the "bland" comment.

Brad O'Farrell says

That's pretty much the best thumbnail ever.

john d'arc says

arrgh, why do I find these so fascinating?!

john d'arc says

also, @andrea, I find this to be true as well. How she isn't squeeing like a fangirl everytime she's with the guys (maybe she secretly is on the inside) I wonder.

Also, the whole "being a HSer and getting to rock out with a comedy duo and a folk singer in front of a bunch of people". My parents never woulda let me do that, I don't think. Can't say I've had the opportunity.

Nikchick says

Was that all filmed with a Flip? I've been eyeing the Flip for about a year.

SevinPackage says

Nice video....And all this time I thought MY camerawork was shaky.

If you don't mind, I may steal a couple bits to put in a concert video, but it'll be a while before anyone sees it.

Oh, and I'm still editing the footage from that day, but it'll be on the 'tubes this week, i think.

Betsy says

I think these videos are so entertaining because it satisfies the stalker urge in all of us. o___o

Roman V. says

1:40 to 1:45 add the words "The whole world knows, it's only clothes,"


soapturtle says

I really feel that Paul and Storm should have to grow beards for this exciting Behind A Beard Docu-series.

john d'arc says

@roman v.

"the whole world knows, it's only clothes" YOU SEXY LADAY!

JoAnn in VA says

After P&S say that only their fans would give them unopened panties, they say something else that I can't quite make out but which Jon is laughing at- anyone know what it was?

Roman V. says

@JoAnn I think they are asking if they should open then now or later, then I think Storm suggests to enjoy some now, and save some for later. I think.

Was that what you were asking about?

JoAnn in VA says

Yes, that sounds like it could have been what they were talking about. Cameraman had the giggles and I couldn't hear is all :o)

Kerrin says

I am so jealous of Molly, she got to spend the whole day with JoCo and P&S.

Ken Kopin says

Ok, it's quite possible I'm just nuts, but was that JoCo whistling a snippit from "Road Trip" around 7:25?

Colton David says

You four seem so quiet =S not much to talk about?

Andrea says

@john d'arc, I think Molly is in college, isn't she?

Since Molly was contributing to the music, she probably focused on that and that probably helped her not squee on stage. She held her squees for the video she posted on YouTube later! (See her YouTube channel.)

john d'arc says

as far as I know, @andrea, she's still in HS until at least May/June.

Dlaw says

This video was informative, poignant and tinged with a debut du siecle ennui.

Zac says

Did you fake the opening or did you leave the camera running all night?