What TShirt Contest?

By JoCo May 3, 2008

I know, it’s been a REALLY long time since winners were announced, and where the hell are the shirts? Here is your answer. And they are only there because Scarface set them up for me – did I mention how awesome it is to have an assistant?

I’m going to start by selling them on CafePress and see how things go, I may eventually end up finding a place to print them so I can sell them at shows. I’ve just ordered one of each for myself so I can see how they look, but at this point you should know the final product is unseen. I can vouch for the excellence of the artwork, but not the ultimate overall shirt quality, you see what I’m saying.

Thanks again to all the entrants and winners: this was big fun.


Lex says

If I wasn't in the middle of planning my big vacation, and spending lots of money on that, I'd sure get one.

Hooray for Scarface/assistants in general indeed!

Tindomiel says

I finally had a chance to check my mail drop yesterday, and I had like fifty bazillion packages from eBay vendors, so when I got to the last box I had already torn off the side before I realized the return address said "Coulton" and saw the cherry red Apple-y goodness peeking out at me from under the packaging. *squees like a little girl* Thank you so much, Jonathan! The contest was a crazy blast, and winning it has meant more to me than you can imagine.

Mark Gordon says

I guess I'll find out about the shirt quality soon enough. :-)

Hepcat says

The Madison show was big fun, Jonathan. I just wanted to drop by here and say you're already featured in Dork Tower -- that was posted before the show, and I'm kind of suspecting there might be more, because I talked to John Kovalic after the show, and you definitely have a new fan.

The comic in question is here: http://archive.gamespy.com/comics/dorktower/archive.asp?nextform=viewcomic&id=1374

JoAnn in VA says

*quickly orders a shirt or two*

Any decision on the monkey idea yet?

Demetrius says

The contest WAS fun. We just got a TAW box in the mail. My kid was thrilled to open a package from *Coulton*. She's a huge fan!

Are the designs going to be offered on items other than just shirts?

HellZiggy says

Nice! As soon as you verify the quality I'll be getting the Really Quite Good one! :)

~Sharon the Mpls Merch Minion

Katie FL says

Those shirts look awesome! Is there a chance that the JoCo one might become available in ladies sizes? And in a color that's not white?

If you're concerned about quality, I'd try using Spread Shirt (I've had better luck with them than I have with Cafe Press, personally).

Stormy says

*tries not to squee like a fangirl* *fails*

LoonieBin says

So who is this Scarface, other than just your assistant?

Demetrius says

Scarface was rescued by JoCo after being mauled by wolves on Skullcrusher Mountain. JoCo reconstructed the poor boy's mangled body as best he could and raised him as his own son. Now, Scarface assists him by procuring animal subjects and body parts... and answering e-mails.

LoonieBin says

As awesome as that sounds, I doubt it.

Mark says

I plan on getting one of them fancy shirts to show off to my local JoCo fans.

he's not serious...

Dave "Dragon" says

I've ordered bulk from CafePress.com before, for a Dragon Boat team here in Colorado. I picked the cheapest shirt they had, 'cause I was given very little to work with. The shirts were okay. They have better shirts, but I haven't sampled them yet.

They can't be beat for simplicity, though -- setting up the image wasn't too hard, and adding more products to the store for a given image is a piece of cake. You can sell coffee mugs, mousepads, the whole 9 yards. They're also pretty good about providing bulk discounts, especially if you buy out of your own store, so if you wanted to get a big box of 'em for one of your shows, you should be able to get 'em fairly cheap.

Roman V. says

@Demetrius but Coulton himself, was rescued. From the mountains of southern Connecticut - feral mountain man who did not speak English when he was rescued, but rather a click language of his own devising.... or so I hear.......

MattyD says

I love the T-shirts I mite order one and the fact is half price for me in £ is awosme but it takes 3weeks to get there lol But i hav eto say I dont know how much $20 is in dolalrs if you get what i mean i doubt you do lol but $23.00 For A SINGLE T-shirt is a rip off man its £11.50 in england witch is OK but there normally like .... auoh £7?

Steve C says

I am ready to buy the SF video site unseen ...where do I send my money for that?

Faye Tyson says

I would defenately recomend zazzle over cafepress, I have recently tried them both out, you basically get for free a better service than you pay for at cafepress. Awesome shirts!

Mark Gordon says

w00t! My shirts arrived!

Luke M says

Looking forward to these -- no experience with cafepress, seems a bit more expensive than Zazzle, hope you get to keep (almost) all the money! Great designs, my wife Kate and I will have a-DOR-able matching shirts for Bay Area shows now ;)