Happy First of May Suckers

By JoCo May 1, 2008

I actually did start the day with a scone, but only a medium house blend. And I was in an airport, so no squirrels. But still. Tonight is Varsity Theater in Minneapolis – and yes, I too am excited about being able to sing First of May on the first of May, but please do not show up naked.


Michelle says

We've been waiting months for this day... the hubby and I will definitely be celebrating today OUTSIDE! Let's just hope we don't get arrested. (It's all Jonathan Coulton's fault!)

Thanks for all the great music, by the way! :)

-Matt and Michelle-

Michael L says

We're all looking forward to tonight's show (and have been for months!)

Jes says

awe, you should be home with The Mrs. Get a babysitter and drive to Eagle Rock Reservation in West Orange NJ...out in the open, or park in the private spots snaking down Crest Dr. nice view of nyc & GWB at night. safe travels home.

Holly says

Happy Beltane darlin'! Have a good one. . .outside.

Brie says

Happy First, JoCo!

Jason says

I missed the last time you were in town (dec i think). I've since signed up for the mailing list and am so happy you're back so soon.


Daphne Abernathy says

I purposely started my new podcast last night so most people would download it today (if iTunes ever cooperated) so I could play First of May. I'm a sad sad geek.

Marc Chapman says

As a transplant from Minneapolis, I am kind of sad that I'm no longer there to enjoy the First of May on the 1st of May.

Oh well. I've been humming the song all day, that will have to do.


Nate says

It's my wife's birthday and she'll be recieving a very special 1st of May present.

Getting to see JoCo live!

..what did you think I meant?

Eric says

I love this song... but its SNOWING here. The water is very cold....

Rob (not the boring manager one) says

but...Mr. Coulton...uh...everyone is naked under their clothes.

Sean Knight says

I've been singing this since midnight

Catrena says

I'm very bitter that you aren't in Madison until the second of May!

Ke Ruthe says

I'm sad I won't be able to see your gig tonight here in Mpls. Please come to visit us again so hopefully I will be able to catch it!

Happy May Day to you!

Leigh says

I wore a scandalous dress today, just for you, sir. Too bad it's so cold. :-\

Andy says

No Promises! See you tonight! Can't wait! ^_^

Paul says

Just waitin' for that ice cream lady to come around...

Kaethe says

It should be warm enough this evening, and there are pleanty of bushes in the back yard to hide behind ; )

Mike says

This didn't make it to the front page, but if anyone is interested, I have a free card/board game based on the First of May.

You can get it at: http://www.interactivitiesink.com/cardgames/index.html and clicking "The First of May."

Erika says

We're excited you're in Minnie tonight. It's been too cold here to truly celebrate the first of May. Maybe if I lived in Cali....

Nate B. says

One of the first things I did this morning was play First of May on my laptop to start the day off right.

M_pony says

Hey.. I was just outside... and I forgot to fornicate. Frig!

Roman V. says

Just remember: when Coulton starts to give his "I'm going to need a little audience participation" shpiel for Re Your Brains no one get the wrong idea. You could get arrested......

Heath says

The First of May has certainly made folks in the JoCo forums randy... http://tinyurl.com/554xv3

Secundus says

Pfft, well, fine. I just won't show up at all, then.

Jen says

It may be the MiniApple, but it's a city of maximum springtime jubilation.

At the Walker, in the garden, under the king-size cherry. Go, monkeys, go!

AJ_BaldGuyShow says

Not sure if I am going yet, I hope to make it JoCo!

HellZiggy says

But Jonathan, if they show up naked I'll *have* to sell them a t-shirt!

I'm getting excited for tonight's show!

~one of the Sharons

betty says

well, (possibly after the london show?!) i have had some very very special 1st may news

ahhhhhhhhhhh! :D

Mike says

Hey Jon!

Happy 1st of May!

I had to say something 'cuz i've been anticipating this day for months on end now.

"It's first of May, first of may! Outdoor fu**ing starts today!"

Great show at the Triple Door. Maybe next year, you can do a 1st of May show there or something?

Hung says

I wanted to start off with a scone, but I settled for a hot pocket this morning.

Kevin says

Complete letdown! I made a point of eating lunch outside today expecting to see some flagrante delicto and witnessed nothing more exciting than some tuna salad being slowly masticated by some creepy accountant types (yeah, not that exciting).

Maybe May 2nd?

Happy first of May friends. =)

Joel says

Haha, this song came up quite a bit today. But unfortunately after being up all night and then going to the hospital with what turned out to be a false alarm thinking our son was making his debut, we spent the day resting.

Happy First of May all!!

Jena says

It's been running through my head all day... unfortunately, I'm a middle school chorus teacher, so I ran a serious risk of accidentally singing it out loud... thank God it was only a half day today so I had the afternoon alone in my classroom to sing and whistle it while getting paperwork done.
Sadly, my husband and I haven't seen each other all day.

Demetrius says

Heh... heh... He said "masticated" ... Heh, heh!

Chris says

Wow. I can't believe it's been two years! The second time I've celebrated this joyous day!

Trampas says

In lieu of being at the Minneapolis concert tonight, I sang First of May at karaoke.

Would rather have been at the concert... but at least I made some people laugh!

Sean Murphy says

Well... JoCo did his best at the show tonight. I suppose that's all we can ask.

Great show, JoCo. Enjoy the Monkey!

Kriss Lehmann says

Awesome show tonight, and a distinct honor to hear 1st of May live ON the first of May. This was the last opportunity to see JoCo before I leave the States for who knows how long, so I can't think of a better way to wrap everything up.

And yes, Jonathan DID do his best, and it was most definitely enough!

gex says

Now is it just me, but was the Mpls show a bit crazed? (In a good way of course.)

I, for one, am impressed that Jonathan was able to complete a song he developed the giggles during. He did his best and he succeeded.

Sorry gang, the "Mayor of Dinkytown" was in my party... It really was a good scream, though.

gex says

Also, why does no one actually attempt a robot voice for the Chiron bit though? Do they go up there intending to try one, but stagefright gets the better of them? Or does no one care to try it? It's fascinating.

Stephan says

Hey guys, I just wanted to give everyone a fair warning, you really should wait for the first. I was having a good time a couple nights ago (April 30th) with a lady friend of mine, we stopped at a park, but found it was still far too cold. The night turned into something of a letdown for both of us.

So to everyone I say, please fuck outside responsibly, wait for the first of may.

instantiator says

Fancypants mention on penny arcade!

JoAnn in VA says

Jonathan developed the giggles? From what? More info please!

Midwifemonkey says

Such a great show, loved it. The crowd was infinitely more into things this time than at the first show. Plus my midwife ass got me the first Moon Pie of the evening, I feel so honored.

Christopher W says

Fantastic show, I had a great time as usual, though this was the first time I haven't been near the front of the stage for a JoCo show. So many people, and everyone was so in to it.

I got videos of a couple songs. When You Go is still uploading, but First of May (plus the intro) is up now.

Dave says


I forget when, exactly, but in at least 2 songs he started giggling at our audience-ial antics.

And he got all wide-eyed when about 1/4 of us shouted "I WILL!" after he sane "No one's gonna eat your eyes". I grinned at that.

The crowd was *awesome*, Paul & Storm rocked ("We're gonna play with THIS toy until we break it!"), Joco came over and signed my ticket afterwards (insert fanboy squeal here)...

best. concert. evah.

Kevin says

Paul and Storm were on it last night. Kudos to Mr. Coulton for busting out the Journey and bringing out flowe and butterfly props for "First of May." I also thought it was great that he actually got some folks to slow dance. The crowd was ridiculous, in a good way.

Dr. Ann de Gret, American Mathematical Society says

Mr. Coulton,

We regret to inform you that your description of the fractal characterized by the sequence of points on the complex plane a sub n = (a sub n-1)^2 + c where the series of points do not diverge is not in fact the Mandelbrot set. This is the Julia set, of which we know you are aware, but your mistake in naming it has not gone unnoticed. Now, if you want to sing about Gaston Julia, for whom the Julia set is named, you will retain your so-called 'geek cred' and all that goes along with it, and if you tweak your lyrics slightly and say 'take a point called z in the complex plane for which the orbit of 0 under iteration of the following polynomial is bounded', you will retain your 'geek cred' and all that goes along with it, but since you have so ostentatiously profaned the good name of Benoit Mandelbrot, the father of fractal geometry, by attributing to him a completely different fractal, we are forced to not recognize you as a geek in the field of mathematics.

We do, however, wish you well in your endeavors in developmental genetics, computer science, villainy, and oceanography.

Best wishes,

Dr. Ann de Gret

Christopher W says

When You Go video is now online as well.

Demetrius says

‘take a point called z in the complex plane for which the orbit of 0 under iteration of the following polynomial is bounded’

Now... THAT'S catchy! Great. Now I'm going to have that in my head all day!

HellZiggy says

I've got my First of May video up on YouTube. It's not the same as everyone elses though... There's an extra clip of JoCo filmed after the show.

First of May w/bonus JoCo

~Sharon the merch minion.

HellZiggy says

Whoops. Just realized my previous comment was poorly worded. There's an extra clip of JoCo that I filmed after the show, but in the video it was inserted in at about 2:50

~Sharon the merch minion.


manstraw says

holy crap! JoCo rick rolled a whole audience! Wish I could have been there.

selene says

happy late fist of may!!!
yes i did celebreted it, not the way i want it to, cuz i dont want to get arrested,
but anyway i LOVE that song.