View from Behind a Beard

By JoCo April 30, 2008

I spent all my time in Seattle and Portland walking around with a Flip Video in my pocket annoying all the very nice people who were just trying to check me into my hotel or sell me a donut. Below are the results (in a fancy playlist – thanks for the suggestion Javier). Part 1 is my trip to Seattle, Part 2 is our drive to Portland and the show there. I hope there will be more parts, but I haven’t edited them together yet.

Also, a longer version of the Giant Donut Incident exists, but I will leave that for Paul and Storm to post and discuss.


Jeremy Friesner says

I wonder what the legal status is of filming the airport security checkpoint?

Jason C. Brand says

It's like Cloverfield but without all the destruction... and more interesting.

Cody Carel says

Seattle really gets on my nerves. PAX is the best part of it.. but sadly its only once a year

Lex says

Video 1: I have a copy of that very book (the first one you bought) in this room. Actually, I have 2 copies, the Brit and US versions. Good choice!

Video 2: That's the only time I've ever seen anyone running towards a Wal-Mart :P
Also, Haplo got mentioned again? Seems she really does have worldwide fame.

Tune in for more "Jonathan Coulton: Behind the Beard"

Gina says

Nice pheasant! Or, wood duck!

MitchO says

I've done that JFK to Seattle trip once. It's almost depressing how much nicer other cities' airports are, isn't it.

Brie says

I only watched Part 1 thus far, but my favorite part was the book-shopping. This confirms that I am a big geek.

Roman V. says

I echo what most of these people say, that it was very interesting.

But I will add that there is very little "director commentary" going on, and that having some might be awesome. Like take the time to say something while you are walking, or have random people say "Hi YouTube!"

Brie says

I iz in the Portland video!!!111 :)

Jen says

W00t -- there's Piggy! Such a cutie.

I love how the Golden Duffel says "JOCO" on it.

Demetrius says

"Jeremy Friesner Says:

I wonder what the legal status is of filming the airport security checkpoint?"

If a man with a beard, a duffel bag, and what *appears* to be a guitar case can't videotape our airport security and post it on the internet haven't the terrorists really won? ;)

XenoPhage says

What? You used an electronic device while the plane was taking off? It's a wonder the plane didn't crash.. *phew* We might have lost JoCo! Never do that again....

Jeff says

I noticed that you use Martin strings for your guitar. Have you ever tried elixirs? I find them to be superior strings. Unless you have a deal with Martin, i would suggest you try them at least once if you haven't. Now that I've been playing them for years, i don't think i could ever go back to "regular" strings again.

P.S. Those donuts looked fantastic.

Jeff says

I also wanted to add that i don't endorse Elixirs, i just really like them and think everyone who plays guitar should at least try them.

Colleenky says

Wow. That looks a lot like my life, except with more music and less paperwork.

P.S. Hope no one saw P & S get freaky with their bubble wrap. ;-)

Terisa says

Your hips are very narrow. I'm concerned about your ability to bear children.

John D'arc says

Was that the zen drum on your bed when you arrived?

thomast says

Umm, Scarface? Haven't you ever seen Notting Hill? JoCo is an INTERNET SUPERSTAR. He should NOT check into hotels with his REAL name, for crying out loud. His opus provides a plethora of options: Marc Manelli, Kenesaw Mountain Landis, Millard Fillmore, to name a few.

JoAnn in VA says

Why do I feel like a total voyeur now? And though interesting it seems kind of lonely too. Loved the Skymall shot!

Mark Gordon says

It's like reality television, but without the television!

barefootorbust says trip to Portland is complete without a visit to VooDoo Doughnut. I go into a sugar coma just from the fumes. I am bummed i had to miss the show. Hope you come back soon!

Molly says

It's like Cloverfield meets Cocksucker Blues - without the monster chaos or the hedonism.

Molly says

unless scarfing that donut counts as hedonistic, that is.

bub says

wow this was sooooooooo boring can i have that wasted time of my life back?

Aliza says

Totally awesome Portland show! Please come back soon. And bring back those nutty musical buddies of yours Paul and Storm. My new favorite song is "That's why I like robots." It was a huge hit! I can't wait to listen to it on your site.

Gary Fixler says

Happy May 1st, everybody! Please be safe out there.

snabby says

Happy ___ of ____. ________ ______ starts today.

Ferenc says

I really like the second one.

Happy first of may Mr. Coulton!

M_pony says

I kept waiting for the twist ending.. like P&S were already in the hotel room, out on the balcony.. or something. Hey you never know.

Demetrius says

I'd wish everyone a happy First of May. But, I'm sure everyone is away from their computers... busy... outside...

Roman V. says

@Demetrius, I'm celebrating First of May like it was intended apparently - by writing English papers :(

Rachel says

Happy May Day!

I am amused and delighted by how many friends have already forwarded me links to YouTube videos of you singing "First of May" this morning. :-)

TheKeck says

It's the first of May, first of May,
We woke up to snowfall here today. :(

Mario Panighetti says

Happy First of May! Celebrate Spring with... well, you know.

WiredMonkey says

@Roman V. - I don't know if you heard or not, but no mention of english papers was mentioned in the song. Hmm...maybe you misheard. ;) (my condolences, btw).

It's been a wonderful First of May so far and I'm going to be singing that all day I'm sure. Now...if only I can get some alone time w/ the wife tonight in the backyard...

Roy says

Happy 1st of May! Haven't seen anyone selling ice cream yet, though...

Robert says

first time I've seen inside a plane. It was cool, but I got a little nervous when you were taking-off. :)

Demetrius says

"Roman V. Says:"

You *go*, Roman! Write those English papers 'til they can't walk straight! :D

Roman V. says

@ WiredMonkey You just have to play it backwards.....

@Demetrius - I know shoes have hands, but I wasn't aware that paper had feet.

Molly says

I've tried to post this comment onto YouTube proper, but it wouldn't let me.

Anyway. I feel like I was there, in a riding-on-your-back sort of way.

So now I'm going to bother you about editing and posting the one with me in it. Ready?, go:

! This is me pestering you. !


Sean says

I too am sorry for the drunks trying to do your show for you here in Portland.

This was the first concert I had been able to get to, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was an outstanding birthday present from my friends, and I will be standing in line for the next time you come to Portland.

Gina says

So, anyone have the rest of the lyrics to "...and that's why I like robots"?