Springtime for JoCo

ByJoCo April 23, 2008

Hey, leaves and stuff! Nice work, nature! Celebrate spring with a
crazy little thing called “seeing JoCo in concert.” West coast,
midwest, and even dear old New York City are on this list. Spread the

Friday April 25 at 8 PM
Mission Theater (Portland, OR) with Paul and Storm
Tickets: http://xrl.us/bjp9g

Saturday April 26 at 8 PM
Triple Door (Seattle, WA) with Paul and Storm

Sunday April 27 at 8 PM
Triple Door (Seattle, WA) with Paul and Storm
If not sold out already, it will be soon!
Tickets: http://xrl.us/bjqah

Thursday May 1 at 7 PM
Varsity Theater (Minneapolis, MN) with Paul and Storm
Tickets: http://xrl.us/bjp9r

Friday May 2 at 7 PM
Majestic Theater (Madison, WI) with Paul and Storm
Tickets: http://xrl.us/bjp9t

Saturday May 3 at 7:30 PM
Lakeshore Theater (Chicago, IL) with Paul and Storm
Tickets: http://xrl.us/bjp9z

Thursday May 15 at 7 PM
Brickhouse Theater (Phoenix, AZ) with Paul and Storm
Tickets: http://xrl.us/bjp93

Saturday May 17 at 9 PM
Lestat’s Coffee House (San Diego, CA) with Paul and Storm
Tickets at the door only: http://www.lestats.com

Sunday May 18 at 9 PM
House of Blues Sunset Strip (Los Angeles, CA) with Paul and Storm
Tickets: http://xrl.us/bjp95 (on sale 4/24)

Saturday June 21 at 7:30 PM
Highline Ballroom (NYC) with Paul and Storm
Tickets: http://xrl.us/bjp97

And that’s the news so far – Lots of other stuff in the works though,
including a return trip to the UK sometime in October, and the release
of the concert DVD sometime in the Fall. More details and updated
information can be found on my shows page
(http://jonathancoulton.com/shows). As always, I have probably made
mistakes, so please check my work before you buy tickets.

And you know what? Take the rest of the day off, it’s really nice


Brian Heason says

Hey still waiting on though`s October U.K shows, I`ve yet to hear about a show in Nottingham, come on get your finger out.hehe!! Look forward to the DVD sometime soon, I`m sure you`ll let us know when we can send you the cash and get our sweaty mitts on it!!
Cheers Brian @Happy Being Miserable Promotions

Katie 80 says

I know returning to Burlington, VT is doubtful, but what about Montreal? Even Amherst, MA isn't too far a drive...

Roman V. says

Needs moar 'o hai oh". It's warm here this time, I promise.....

AJS says

Look for a possible Columbus at some venue we really don't want to play on June 6th....Cinci at 20th Century possible for 5.....

Darias says

...I'd kill for a Columbus date!

In other news, it's pretty much a requirement for a First of May playdate isn't it? You need to plan it somewhere with an outdoor venue. LOL

The Waldo says

I was actually asked to leave a coffee shop for being disruptively loud and boisterous when I read in the Phoenix New Times that you're playing a show in Phoenix. It was worth it.

I hope you enjoy the weather while you're here. I'm from the Northeast myself, and before I moved out here, I used to think the "But it's a DRY heat!" line was going to be a load of puckey. As it turns out, it's actually surprisingly pleasant... y'know, for a desert.

Sean L. says

Here's hoping for another Massachusetts area show. (NYC isn't unbearably far...but Boston would be nice.) :-D

MoJo says

I can't believe you are going to be in Los Angeles, when I'm in CT again... Un-freaking believable!!! Seems I will never see JOCO live... Damn damn damn

Tindomiel says

LOL, I actually did take the day off and it is nice outside.

Rioexxo says

Phoenix is anxiously counting the days!
I second, that which was typed so well by THE WALDO.
You will 'trip out' on the weather. Bring your swimsuit!
till then............

Kayla says

The Detroit area has over 100 requests on Eventful... Any chance you might decide to pop around up here in Michigan sometime? We promise we'll be nice. :P

Zapatos says

sigh...this always happens. I don't return home to L.A. until the 20th, and then the day after I leave, you're in NYC, the place I will have just left! Is this karma? Did I kick some puppies and then forget about it?

T.J. says

NOOOOOOOOOO!!! I'm from Phoenix and I am out of town on vacation from May 14 - May 24...Dang you JoCo!!!! You gotta come two days earlier.

Colleenky says

No cameras allowed at the House of Blues show?! That can't be right...

Evdor says

Already got my tickets for Portland.

Can't wait to take my fiance to your show.

Lexa says

Add my voice to the group of L.A. residents who will be elsewhere when you're here.

It's only made worse by the fact that I was in Portland last week ... and now I'm not.


MickB says

Great to hear you are returning to the UK - maybe this time you'll play to a non-cardboard audience in Scotland?

Kevin says

I feel fantastic that I'm going to hear JoCo sing "First of May" on the first of May in Minneapolis. You're all jealous.

Ben says


The main page says 7 for the phoenix show, but your "Shows" page says 8:15. Any hope for clarification?

Paul and Storm says

A quick glance at the contract we have:

doors 7pm, show starts 8-8:15pm.

Hopefully helpful,


habitrailgirl says

Jonathan Coulton has just a simply gorgeous voice. I don't think it gets said enough. That is all.

Tristan says

Will there ever be a trip to Australia in the works for JoCo? That'd be nice.

rozwarren says

simply gorgeous voice. agreed.

The Ploogle says

Darn! I wanted to see you here in Seattle...and Saturday was the only day that worked. I'll have to settle for PAX...hopefully. :D

...You ARE coming to PAX, right?

Jason C. Brand says

Awww... no S.F. concert? This saddens me. Well, at least we have the concert DVD to look forward to in the fall!

Also, in the JoCoWiki... no Andy Bates article?! What the frak?!

Leo says

I'm pumped for the Minneapolis concert. I'm sorry to all you who can't hear JoCo live. But hey, we Minnesotans kinda deserve it, having to keep the Canadians down and all :D

Jess Roqs says

I have tickets for the 9:30 show on Sunday. Hopefully that's what you meant above, otherwise I got screwed.

Lex says

Jason, if you'd like to set up an Andy Bates article on the wiki, go ahead! This link will send you to the page where you can create it.

- Lex

LSK says

This'll be the third time I miss a Chicago show of yours... I'm playing a concert the very same day.

Kilted Dad says


The Sunday tickets for The Triple Door show are sold out, but they had someone cancel on Saturday AND we found a babysitter short notice. Oh, yeah, we're soft rockin! Saturday Night.

Jason C. Brand says

Lex, I don't know enough about Andy to write the article myself. Besides, I was half-joking... although he certainly deserves an article.

Chris says

Paul & Storm's showlist has an appearance at 20th Century Theater in Cincinnati on June 5th. Are you tagging along for that one as well?

Derek says

4.5 hours until the doors open for my first JoCo show! Can't wait!

Brandon says

Your continued avoidance of Houston is most disconcerting. I've seen the numbers buddy, there's plenty of us clamoring for you. Don't think I haven't noticed. :)

Jmonkee9 says

C'mon, he played Austin! How far is that from Houston?

Demetrius says

The National Day of Prayer this year is on the First of May. Hmm... If only I could think of a *special* way to join in the celebration. :D

Brandon says

"C’mon, he played Austin! How far is that from Houston?"

2 and a half hours.

But no one...NO ONE, wants to drive IN Austin. :)

Orf says

Great show at the Mission on friday! Paul and Storm kicked ass, and Johnny C soft rocked us up real good!

Stuart Tait says

Looking forward to the u.k shows. Fingers crossed you can do Edinburgh or Glasgow. Although October is a tricky time of year for me. My best friend is getting married. Keep that in mind, thanks. Don't suppose you do weddings?

SevinPackage says

My wife and I had a great time at the Triple Door on Saturday. The show was exiting and funny, as always (this was our third time). The surprise appearance of Molly was wonderful, as well. We can't wait to see you guys again!

Dannalope says

Molly was amazing with you guys in Seattle. PLEASE get her to tour with you, she is insanely good.

Silver says

Aw, needs more Baltimore, or at least DC!

MarkRoberts says

I don't believe it. Home of the national robotics museum (opening next spring) *and* site of the filming of zombie flick "Dawn of the Dead" and we still can't get a JoCo gig in Pittsburgh???
AND... I just bought a motorcycle (you'll have to view the photo to get the JoCo-only joke):

AJS says

"....and we still can’t get a JoCo gig in Pittsburgh???"

Oh, yes you can. JC has yet to post details, but:

5 20th Century Theater (Cinci)
6 CBR (Columbus)
7 Club Cafe (Pitts)

Paul says

*Sigh* our culture drought continues here in the Tampa Bay area. Oh well. At least the weather IS nice here. Almost like the first of May, every day of the week!

Pez says

Just got the message for the Pittsburgh show, awesome to hear!

Edward S. Marshall says

Poo. Chicago is sold out. :-(

Peter says

Cincinnati -- HAPPY DANCE!!

After driving to Dayton for two years for shows, JC is playing two blocks from my house!!

You should stop by before the show of a BBQ. Better yet, I'll treat so to some Cincinnati specialties, like Skyline Chili and a little cornhole (not what you think it is ;) )

Clucky says

A Pittsburgh show after the college ends. Somehow I had a feeling this is how it would play out... but I didn't want to be a pessimist. =(

Oh well. You are still awesome, even if it might be another year before I finally make a show.

Clucky says

Looking further it appears the Pittsburgh show is 21+. So maybe it isn't so bad after all...

Bry says

Hm, can I close this tag?

J.D. says

Denver neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeds Jonathan Coulton.