Let the Wiki Win

By JoCo April 22, 2008

If you’ve been paying attention in the forums this will not be news to you, but the rest of you might like to know: there is now a wiki – A VERY SPECIAL WIKI ALL ABOUT ME. Right now it’s just a tiny baby taking its first tentative steps into the world, so be gentle. The hope is that eventually this will become a home for all these bits of information that currently live all over the place – lyrics, tabs, and other information about songs, plus gigs, set lists, user content, and stuff I haven’t even thought of, such as the hilariously optimistic “This Day in JoCo.”

Thanks to Agent Lex, Bry, and MitchO (plus all the other contributors who also rock) for all their hard work getting this thing up and running. More hard work remains, for there are plenty of informations to be wikified.

Why not take a look?


Lex says

Woop woop woop!

My hard work finally pays off :D

Bry says


For anyone who'd like to help but doesn't know where to start: Hop to the JoCopedia thread in the forums! http://www.jonathancoulton.com/forums/comments.php?DiscussionID=540

MitchO says

It's an honor just to be mentioned.

Gee, I sound like a nominee for Best Supporting Actor. But then again, I'm no Brad Garrett.

The Wiki's already paid off for +1 fan, Jon ... a friend of mine who had only seen Spiff's Code Monkey was interested in the rest of them, so I mailed her the link to Spiff's page. :)

Emanuele Ciriachi says

It has nothing to do with the post, but I just wanted to say that you are AWESOME!! Your songs are so uniques and entertaining, and you are a great singer/player, other than a crazy song writer! I will never download for free a song of yours, you deserve recognition (and dough) for your limitless talent.

Jonathan Coulton ---> Redefining nerd awesomeness, since 2005.

TheRed says

Also nothing to do with the post, but Happy Earthday... which also happens to be my birthday and I'm glad to spend a little of both supportin' your "nerd awesomeness". (while I'm not blowin out candles or recycling)

Grats on the wiki

rozwarren says

I just want to thank you from the bottom of my Star Wars obsessed heart for "Let The Wiki Win."

Although my favorite SW reference was the time you dropped a reference to making the kessel run in 12 parsecs into one of your PopSi Podcasts.

That was cool.

Rioexxo says

You have made it to the bigtime.. your own Wiki entry!
Your a part of MY family and it's 'good times'
3 decades! YOU ROCK JoCo!

Bry says

Hey, don't get us wrong -- JoCo's had a Wikipedia entry for a while now!


No, this is more than that. This is a comprehensive encyclopedia of all things JoCo -- an entire Wikipedia (like a delicate bud or a tiny fractal nestled within a large fractal) dedicated to JoCo -- a (if you will) JoCopedia, which is conveniently enough what it's actually called.

Thanks to everyone who's already signed on in the last few hours. We really appreciate it! And if anyone has experience with wiki maintenance, particularly with automation / bot-writing, we'd love to hear from you.

Kerrin says

AgentLex, Bry and MitchO have done a great job setting this up and getting things organised for the masses to start adding, by preparing the ground work (deciding how the pages should be laid out for example).

A huge thanks to them and everyone else that helpped.

« Michael » says

Eee! Just added the release dates for Portal. I feel useful!

Martyn says

Theres a forum?

Grats on the wiki-i'll attempt to post on my limited knowledge

Roman V. says

I like how you are using the MediaWiki software, but keep in mind it can be like uber-customized, as per http://tmbw.net/wiki/Main_Page which is They Might Be Giants' "There Might be a Wiki."

Perhaps we can borrow some ideas from them?

Roman V. says

I stand corrected, TMBG's wiki is in fact called "This Might Be a Wiki" now "There Might be a Wiki."

Roman V. says


AverageJon says

must fight overwhelming urge to add my birthday party to Shows calendar

Lex says

Roman: we have taken our cue from TMBW on a few things, but of course we want JoCopedia to be its own thing. As far as I'm concerned, getting a wiki with proper layouts and enough information comes before a pretty skin and mods galore.

That said, there are a few mods in place. The shows calendar uses a (very slightly) customised version of a calendar extension, plus we've got a couple of others running in the background.

If you have any other extensions to suggest, come and join us in the forum thread Bry linked earlier!

Marcy says

I added 2 things to today's "day in history" but I couldn't figure out how to do this:

Bry says

Hey, Marcy! Yeah, the "This Day in JoCo" isn't working quite as smoothly as we want it yet, unfortunately. We'll keep working on it. (By the way, what are the Shakespeare / Wordsworth connections to JoCo? I love all three, but I hadn't even thought of connecting them.)

Roman V.: Head to the JoCopedia thread in the forums and count the time TMBW is mentioned. You may need to borrow other people's fingers... ;)

Martyn, and everyone else who didn't know about the forums: Water's not warm, baby.

Bry says

cold. Water's not cold.

(Reason #1 to go to the forums: In the forums, you can edit your posts.)

Sujin says

I was wondering when the wiki showed up. Looks like not paying attention to the forums does mean something.

Alas, I have a lot of busy time in the next week or two, meaning a lot of time to devote to the wiki. *registers* Mmm, captchas. 'Favorably canonized' is apt for you, I think.

Roman V. says

@Lex: Yeah, I think it's just a mods/skins thing, looking back, because the current layout just looks like Wikipedia.... not that there's anything wrong with that...

@Bry: Ah yes, apparently many of us JoCoholics (I've just made that word up, but it sounded good.... use it!) think alike... and like They Might Be Giants.....

MitchO says

Just wanted to post here what I said already in the forum thread: In just 24 hours of JoCo mentioning the Wiki, we've already gotten several great new editors with good info and knowledge. Keep it coming people! Thanks!

Bry says

@Roman: Reason #2 to frequent the forums: You get to be around when all the cool slang is coined
or at least when I get chastised for using it to mean something other than "Jocohol addict"


Seriously -- join the forums. You might not regret it.

Mitch: Absolutely! I'm so glad to see so many people eager to help -- whether or not they have wiki experience, there's always something they can help out with.

Len says

Nice work! I have to say it was kind of cool to see my name listed under fans and an entry written about me. I was all blushy and everything when I saw that. :)

James says

Who wrote the login page?