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By JoCo April 21, 2008

I like this one very much – layers upon layers of strangeness. As if the original one wasn’t obscure enough, using WoW images adds yet another in-joke. And there’s a nice attention to detail with regards to poses and angles that reflect the original photos. Thanks Spiff!


Kerrin says

If you want obscure, how about someone writes a new song for this video? That that would be obscure!

Great video Spiff.

SevinPackage says

Great video, Spiff! It captures the whimsy of the original, but it's fresh and original in its own way. Congrats!

Adam G. says

That is just too funny. And surreal. And weird.

Okay, it's more surreal than funny - but it's definitely appropriate!

JoAnn in VA says

How about someone writes a new song for this video? Someone like Jonathan maybe? lol I know! He could write one called "Green" and use nothing but references to his other songs in it ( recycling dontchaknow). Let's see, how would it go...
Somewhere in Minnesota, there's a Skipper throwing stones
As a monkey eating fritos looks so sad
The futures coming soon they say,
Your brains are on my plate today
Someone is crazy here, or else they're mad...
Mr. Johnson dances all around
Take care of me or else I'm gonna frown

Maybe I should send this over to forums. :o)

Paul says

Mmmm, soup with "noodles"...

Kevin M. says

See, now THIS is something I can get behind. Parody/homages are so much better when someone actually takes their time to get the details as close to the original as they possibly can.

Oh, and good job with that so far JoAnn, particularly something come up with on the fly. There are a couple meter discrepancies here and there (e.g. too many syllables in the first half of the first line). You could use "Somewhere in the Midwest" or "Up in Minnesota" to cut it down to the necessary six syllables.

heather (errantdreams) says

Yay! More Spiff! He does amazing work in combining Warcraft & your music.

Elizabeth says

I have never played WOW, but I can see the brilliance. Good work, Spiff! Great attention to detail!

Ceridwyn says

Not directly related to this, and I have given Spiff my congratulations elsewhere, be assured, but I wondered if anyone else had brought this to the attentions of this blog or not but Gabe from Penny Arcade has used Baby Got Back as one of the soundtrack tunes to the latest installment of PA TV. Yay! :)

Cecil Vortex says

That was just beautiful. Like going back to your childhood home and finding it's now made entirely out of fiberglass and orc parts.

For some reason it was the Warren Beatty bit that got me to laugh out loud.

Stormy says

That was brilliant. ^_^

Spiff says

I honestly didn't expect people to like it that much. I mean, the song already had a video and didn't need one from me. Thank you all for the kind words.

Laurelli says

That was fan-freaking-tastic!! Thank you Spiff.

Roman V. says

That is very very funny. I'm watching it at school with the sound off, BUT I can hear the music in the head. Terrific work, probably my favorite of all the videos I've seen.