New York Comic Con

ByJoCo April 17, 2008

Javits Center, Room 1E16, 5PM this Saturday: I’ll be on the QuickStop Entertainment panel along with Paul and Storm and maybe some other surprising entertainment-type personalities. There will be a preview of the new Kevin Smith joint, “Zack and Miri Make a Porno” and some live performances from me and Paul and Storm. And probably also hijinks. Be there or be square.


Scott says

I'll be there. This will be my first time seeing you live. I'm really looking forward to it. ^_^

Brad O'Farrell says

I will so be there.

john d'arc says

this will be rad.

will the songs be comic-related? mayhaps?

Gina says

Dang, looks like I'm square.

Jack F says

I'll be square. Again.

Jack F says

D'oh! Gina posted while I was typing!

Rob (not the boring manager one) says

JoCo at a Comicon! All of geekdom rejoices.

oh yeah...Wouldn't 'Zack and Miri Make a Porno' make a great title to a new song...wink wink

Annie says

Whoa there. Whoa.

I'm getting the 'Venture Bros.' panel AND JoCo on Saturday? It's like the programmers KNOW it's my birthday.

Eric says

So I'm going down the programming list and I see the names Jonathan Coulton and Paul and Storm... what a surprise. Like Annie above me, I'll be sitting in on Team Venture and than running next door for the Quickstop panel. I'm mainly going to be there for you and P&S.

Eric says

Oh, and thanks Coulton, for making a special weekend even more special!

Lhyzz says

You know what else is going on Saturday? A TMBG show in Albany.
You know what else? PASSOVER.

Curse all you people and your anti-Jewish scheduling! :P

Frederick Heath-Renn says

Hmm. These hijinks sound interesting. Tell us more.

Jacob says

Don't you mean be there AND be square.

A friend of mine will be there actually. She and a friend of hers have made a live action/animated web film called "Drawn by Pain". Very cool stuff. Her name is Erica, if you happen to see her. You can be all like "Hey, some guy who comments in my blog knows you."

Roman V. says

Comic Con is generally cool, from what I hear. I remember watching a video of a Jhonnen Vasquez question-answer type thing, so yeah, they are known for their awesomeness at that convention. Good luck and have fun everyone who is going.

I will have to remain square for the time being.

VexenX says

Sounds like you'll be busy, have a blast! :D

Holy shia! Your even cooler than I realized... Your music section is... only someone with a sense of humor AND common sense would setup something like that... amaaaaazing. You rock on!!

Kroze says

Oh. I'll be there with bells on!
Seeing you perform two times in two months is gonna be win!
Also can't wait to see Paul and Storm again. They were really great at the San Fran show...

And if you still need the footage of that concert for the DVD, I can bring the tapes...

@ Jacob:
You know Erica? Nice... I know Jessie Cowell (Jeskid) who wrote DBP... good to know she will be there...

M_pony says

me = []

eric says


comic con would have been fun tho

MitchO says

Bah, and here I am with contacts to get me into the show and I can't go. The suk. =/

Jason C. Brand says

Just thought you'd like to know... Skullcrusher Mountain is a featured song on Songza right now!

Wish I could go to ComicCon...

Demetrius says

JoCo + ComicCon would be very cool! But, + NYC scares me!

eliannrad says

Wish I could go, but I apparently am square. :(

Hate to be off topic, but JoCo, have you felt Hodgman's hands?
Do they really feel like pillows?
*Daily Show reference*

Demetrius says

I think JoCo would be an excellent guest for the TDS! They could talk about the internets and new paradigms in the Biz, and what-not. Or, he could just sing! Maybe Hodgman could pull some strings with his elite pillow hands?

Mark says

I was there, great presentation by the way. Too bad we got kicked out so early... and the video was late... but still fun.

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, and 10!

john d'arc says

^ here's some random shit we got in the AV room! Enjoy!

Eric Maala says

Hey Coulton!

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your visit to New York Comic-Con and how much I enjoy your music, even when it is live and even when it is being interrupted by an awful scheduling mishap and Kevin Smith's internet crowd.

Maybe it was just the scheduling problems, but the Flickr Song performance felt to me like when you try to show your friend a funny video on the internet and they aren't paying attention. I was disheartened that people weren't getting the funny because of, like, free Harold and Kumar stickers or something.

Honestly, I really felt bad to have to be part of that rowdy bunch and I'm really looking forward to going to your show on the 21st so I can here some more music live and actually be a part of a crowd who came to hear your music and not to see Zack and Miri make a porno.

Zac says

Did anyone get video of this?

john d'arc says

I did. sorta shitty, as I was in the back, and you can hear me singing along. I'll post when I youtube em.

License Farm says

ARGH! Why am I only finding out about this now?? I could have seen JoCo in the fur for the first time, and for free, no less! SMASHY SMASHY!!!