An Easy Choice

By JoCo April 16, 2008

An Easy Choice, originally uploaded by jcoulton.

What, no “Lotsa-Poo?”


MattyD says

Lol This is a very weird post But y'know i gotta ask what is it?

DonB says


The choice is between no-poo or low-poo which makes it a pretty easy decision.

o yeah Jonathan come to or close to Kansas City

JoD says

No extra poo this time huh? Did they say when they'd get another shitment of extra-poo bottles?

Brie says

No-poo works for me.

Rebecca says

I actually use the No-Poo!! It, accordingly, smells delicious.

appelpi says

I second the "come to Kansas City Comment. Add a request to for JoCo. we are getting close 80 requests for KC.

mucklet says

Hey... Some people might like a little poo in their 'poo. Not me, but other people... maybe.

johnhmaloney says

I'll take the No-Poo, thanks.

Mark Gordon says

Urea is actually a fairly common ingredient in shampoo. So it's sham-poo, real-pee.

Jen says

Ah, the infamous Poo-Poo platter...

Jack says

Then there's the sports version, Who-Flung-Poo?

MatildaZQ says

Ah, this reminds me of a conversation way too early in the morning at Peruvian street stall. I was buying a roll of toilet paper (one always carries one's own) , and the stall owner said (or at least my pre-coffee being heard), "Suave o sucio (soft or dirty)?" My pre-coffee being is very suspicious and believed this must be a trick question. Nonetheless, we weren't taking a chance on the "dirty" and went with the "soft." Many hours later when I was knee-deep in skulls, I realized that I was being offered two different brand names, "Suave" and "Sussy."

Matt Harpold says

Not related to poo, but I just heard on the Rick Emerson show (AM970 Portland 11-3pm!) that you'll be on the show next Friday! It's the coolest radio show ever, I can't wait to hear the two of you in the same room. :D

Chris says

Hmmm, I would be skeptical of both since they make no mention of the urine content.

MatildaZQ says

Hmmm, I would be skeptical of both since they make no mention of the urine content.

I say this as someone well-versed in the the tragic smells of the human body: Olfactorily speaking, urine is the least of your worries. I want some labelling on bile and lymphatic fluid.

jmonkee9 says

JoCo on the Rick Emerson show?? Wow, the king of geek-music meets the king of geek-radio! I've always thought those two would get along. Hopefully Rick will be playing JoCo music during the week leading up to it.... for those who have no idea who he is (probably most of you), you can listen to him live or get podcasts from his website.

He also had a song/video which was a bit of hit on the internets (sound familiar?)...

Not quite Coulton quality, but not bad for a talk-show host....

Bill Igerent says

Gee, your hair smells...poo-rific!?!

JP says poo doesn't stink.. :)

Roman V. says

Needs moar poo.

Never thought I'd say that.

VexenX says

Deva Care No Poo; When you feel like pampering your hair, but are tired of using your own excrement to do so, and Deva Care Low Poo, When you still feel like mud-hutting, but without all the hassle. No one has to to know with Deva Poo products, it's the poo for you foo!

mucklet says

There are also shampoos that include horse semen. Which is worse, I ask?

heather (errantdreams) says


Paul says

Which one do I use on my cockapoo?