Over There Again

By JoCo April 2, 2008

The London show was such a success that I would very much like to make a return trip to the UK, possibly even other parts of Europe if it works out that way. I’m thinking this will be later this year, something like October/November. But I need your help planning this thing. I know how London is going to go, because I saw how it went, but where else shall I play? Where are you, audience? And don’t just leave a comment saying “Briglytonne!” or whatever crazy town you live in, we actually have a system for this:

This really works, it’s the only reason I had any confidence that London would be a well-attended show. So if you haven’t already, add your name to a demand in the place you’d like to see me play, and that will help me plan the trip.

Fly monkeys, fly!


paladino says

Stockholm, Sweden i hope
but guess not if i am only swe on forum :P

Luke M says

Specifically, fly to Eventful.
Make your demands known there.

Roman V. says

What if you go to France and sing "Re: Vos Cervaux"? That might turn out hilariously.

Edd with some random numbers says

Come to Finland, the land of homicidal polar bears!


owen says


Ben Turner says

Apparently you can't re-request people to Eventful to play where you live :)

Allow me to push my hand straight up again for London (again). I also volunteer again for getting confused about ticket numbers again and trying to create panic buying by claiming it sold out within 48 hours. Again.

To everyone else - get onto Eventful and pop in your local town*. It really works !

* it may help if your local town is the capital of a country with a large population and diverse cultural scene, however.

Paul Cosgrove says

Glasgow! Big student town, easily accessible through public transport for those out of town, and a damn nice place to boot.

(I'd suggest Dundee, where I actually live, but that would be really wishful thinking...)

James says

Plymouth, closest place to where I live where a decent crowd might show.

Leesy says

Cambridge! (http://eventful.com/demand/D0-001-000085006-0)

We'll take you punting if the weather's good. Loved the London show but I had to leave just after Code Monkey so I could get the last train back. This way, I'd be able to stay till the end.

Tom says

Leeds is pretty much the accepted hub for gigs in the North East of England - excellent road and rail connections, decent venues, good crowds.

owl_waxer says

I would like to suggest somewhere in Bristol. It's a pretty good place to play in the UK, especially if you can get into somewhere like Colston Hall, where loads of people play/do stuff (seriously, look into that). Bristol is definitely a good place for people like me in the South West of the UK, and should be quite easy for other people to get to, but anywhere is fine by me :)

*crosses fingers that I might actually be able to make this one*

Martyn says

Nice to know you're coming back-I might be able to get there this time.
The moment tickets come out i'm there.

Note- Somewhere in the South-East near or around London would be eccelent like last time, just make it a Friday or Saturday

AverageJon says


I hear it's a lovely place. Just watch out for the sheep.

Kerrin says

I created the Cambridge one, so obviously there, we have a reasonable demand, and I have people to drag along, and we are a geeky city.
You can add 1 to anywhere in the UK, I'm going to go to them all, I'm obsessive like that! ;)

hodgman says

The South Slope!

hodgman says


The Three Stags' Head Pub in Wardlow Mires!


Seriously. I will go if you will.

Uchronic says

I'd love to listen to see you in France too.

And not only for "Re: Vos Cerveaux".

Considering the few people we have here requesting for you, I guess you won't come, but you're always be welcome.

If it wasn't during the week, I would have probably try to make it to London.

Alan says

OK so you can't "demand" again for London, so I also vote for another show (or two) in London next time your over.

Gingerlink says

Another +1 for Cambridge here, although it's not like I'll mind travelling a bit further :)

Great to see we had such a good impact on you!

Bob says



Bob says

Is it possible in Eventful for a performer to "reset" a city?

For instance, you've played London, so you tell Eventful that you've played London and the demand counter for London drops back to 0 (and I suppose notices should go out to the people who made those London demands) and then people can re-demand for that city if they either missed that show or just want to see you again.

I'd think that would be a good way to know when it's time to make a return trip to a given city, otherwise you have no idea how long to let a certain city lie fallow.

p.s.: play New York again dammit! :-)

Tart says

Somewhere in the Midlands would be good - Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Coventry - nice and central. But to be honest we'd probably travel again from here to wherever you were playing (though I don't much fancy getting back home at 3:20am again!)

I certainly pinged Birmingham on Eventful a whle back so hopefully more people around these parts could do the same :)

Mike says

No!!! I missed it! Never mind, I'm sure someone made a recording and posted it on YouTube.

Martha says

Done and done. :) Please do come back to London, we love you here.

JvM says

The netherlands are small but demands are placed all over Holland, so come visit Holland most of us are able to travel (if it's in Amsterdam or Utrecht ;) )

art says

One word: Octoberfest.

Brian Heason says

Hey JC,
Nottingham of course, could book it tomorrow if you give me a date.hehe!!
I keep trying to get you to play the heart of the midlands and the home of Robin Hood.BIG BIG Student and the venue I would hold this marvelous night is in the hub of the student land!!
You did promise me in london remember!!

Brian Heason says

Sorry thats BIG BIG student campus, not just BIG BIG students.hehe!!

Syphro says

We've got over 200 people demanding a show for Toronto.
Ever since I saw you at last year's PAX I've been waiting for you to head up to the Great White North.

We're nice people, honest!

Dave says

Anyplace named "Wolverhampton" is all right by me. I'll stick to Chicago shows, though. I just need to find more opportunities to work Wolverhampton into my daily conversation. Wolverhampton. "The April climate in Wolverhampton is less than agreeable, don't you think?" And such.

Susie the Southern Geek says

Eventful is allowing me to re-request JoCo for Atlanta, so maybe check and see if you can re-request for London, or anywhere else he has performed recently. Or maybe it works differently for non-U.S. sites?

Jesss says

I requested for Portland, OR the day after his show here with no trouble at all. And he is coming back just 7 months later!

Paul says

I have re-demanded (on your demand you can select the tick to 'un-tick', and then select the tick again), since I (and my daughter this time) would both like to see JoCo again, Dingwalls would be good since I know where it is now.
You could try:
the Carling Academy Brixton ( 2300 people - http://www.brixton-academy.co.uk/venue.php)
Astoria (hmm 'Standing no formal seating. Capacity 1600 approx' - http://www.festivalrepublic.com/venues/#Astoria)
Astoria2 (1000 peope - http://www.festivalrepublic.com/venues/#Astoria)
or Camden underworld (500 people - http://www.theunderworldcamden.co.uk/production.asp)


Colleenky says

Ah. Would that I were in the UK, I would happily join Mr. Hodgman at the Three Stag's Heads. :-)

Joseph Devon says

I'm glad this didn't get confusing.

Colleenky says

Argh. I thought I had typed Three Stags' Heads correctly. My fingers are at fault, not my grammar. :-)

Simon Stirrat says

I loved your gig in Camden, I really did.
If your looking for a slightly larger venue then have a look at Indigo2 @ The o2. Its like dingwalls but larger and newer.

Kelly says

i am so bummed your portland show is 21+

heather (errantdreams) says

It's fantastic that there's a system like the demand system to help folks like you plan gigs and know where it's worth going.

M_pony says

I'm with Syphro, even though we've never met. We'll meet at your show! I am totally willing to play guitar, or sing, or learn a new goddamn instrument for you if it will help convince you to come to Toronto to play a show. I will sing "When You Go" to people on the street if I have to. :)

Ruaidri says

How about somewhere really far south, like Sydney? if not, melbourne, or even Brisbane (note: note said Bris-bane)
I would happily travel Australia to see the wonderful JoCo

Kerrin says

I posted this 16 hours ago on the forums (come join the fun):

I had a quick look at the eventful demands and currently the top UK venues are (I probably missed some):
London 198
The UK as a whole: 107
Dublin (Ireland): 36
Manchester: 28
Oxford: 25
Glasgow: 24
Leeds: 21
Edinburgh: 20
Cambridge (whoo!): 17
Birmingham (twice?): 17 (24 - Maybe the USA city though)
Sheffield: 15
Nottingham: 13
Bristol: 13
And lots below 10

Christophano says

It's actually gone up since then Kerrin. London is was on about 202 when I checked a couple of hours back and a few more cities are over 10 now.

Kerrin says

That is why I said 16 hours ago. :) I couldn't face doing it again. Most towns seem to have increased by 10%

Dale says

I'll join the Toronto bandwagon, no pun intended!

It'd be great to get you up here in the great white north. I was at Ad-Astra last weekend and during one of the filk singalongs, Skullcrusher was played and I think out of the whole night it was the most sung-along song in the circle!

I'm sure you'd get a great attendance here!

Giggleloop says

They should be able to reset the city somehow - he played in St. Louis in December thanks to Eventful, and it's been reset and I was able to re-demand him. Not sure how that works, but it should be possible for London too. :)

Frederick Heath-Renn says

It's a shame to see that the Eventful website stops robots from the future making demands. I'm sure you'd be very popular.

Stephen says

Dundee! It makes perfect logical sense. Seriously!

That or I'm bored of having to go to Glasgow every time I want to see a concert...

JG says

So does Los Angeles count as "Over there" to you?

Well, we're waiting for an announcement of a show "over here"! In your Mar 14 mailing list update, you announced shows up to the Phoenix date; then said:

"After here it gets a little hazy, but most likely I'll be somewhere
in LA on May 16, and somewhere in San Diego on May 17. All times and
details subject to change, or me screwing up."

That was way back on *Mar 14*! Since then, nothing! Come on, Mr Coulton! Do you enjoy torturing us with your petty little mind games??? Does it please you to see us suffer!?! I know you hate California, but we are people too, you know (well, some of us!)! And I live in OC so I can go to *both* the San Diego *and* the LA shows! Show some humanity, and either confirm or deny the rumours, so we can all just get on with our lives!


Matt says

Come and visit sunny (well...) Wales sometime. I'm getting fed up with listening to people with names like "Duffy", we could use you over here :P

As for where, Cardiff is probably the only landmark of this country (with the possible exeption of Aberystwyth), everything else is either sheep or mountains.

Chris Radcliff says


Oh, sorry. I mean, "Thank you for using Eventful!" I'm glad it passed the test.

Now post that San Diego show already.

Liz Upton says

Cambridge! (Again.) You definitely have a constituency here - I saw four people I recognised from Cambridge in the queue at Camden, and ended up sitting at a table with two strangers who also happened to be from Cambridge. Houpla.

MarkHB says

We'll wash. As it's you.

What the hell am I talking about? I'm a frickin' Yank ex-pat!

Secundus says

It's not exactly Europe, but I demanded a show in Vancouver. And I was also shocked to see that only 140 people have done the same.

instantiator says

Yup. Cambridge, London, UK. Just come again.

zym says

Come to Northern England.

The largest cities are Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield & Newcastle. All of these places have lots of venues of various sizes

Jake says

Just stay in south england! (London and Brighton and such)

I could never make it anywhere up north without a plane ticket lol

Encubed says

I e-mailed JoCo following his last newsletter about playing in Toronto and was pleasantly surprised that he responded to me. Even more pleasant was the fact he said he will be coming to Toronto sometime this year. As the overall fifth-most demanded city, he had better!

Roman V. says

Well the good news is the demand number from Cleveland has been steadily growing. We're almost on the top of the 2nd page, when they are ranked by number of demands.

Joshua G. says

Seems that the only way I can request is by giving a Zip code in the US, which sucks because I have no idea what the zip codes of the major cities around me are (as I live in South Dakota). I don't know if you can do anything about it, just thought I'd ask.

Demetrius says

"Medical high jinks leave Tom Cruise camp fuming

Updated Friday, April 4th 2008, 12:49 PM
Tom Cruise Corkery/News

Tom Cruise isn't getting any giggles from a new strain of medical marijuana being marketed as "Tom Cruise Purple."

Word is that the actor's lawyers are taking a serious look at the strong brand of bud after we brought it to their attention.

One of Cruise's friends found it "outrageous" that licensed cannabis clubs in Northern California are selling vials of pot featuring a picture of Cruise laughing hysterically. "


It used to be Reefer Madness. Now, It's Tom Cruise Crazy!

Colleenky says

Doesn't "Brigglytonne" have two g's? ;-)

@Demetrius: Why are you not on the JoCo forums?!

Theis Thomsen says

Any european capital could probably garner enough audience members.
My personal suggestion?
Copenhagen, capital of Denmark. It's like the Canada of Europe, according to South Park.
Student town, as well as have one million inhabitants. An audience of 100+ would probably not be a huge challenge.
Regardless. I'd be perfectly happy if you came to Scandinavia.

Frederick Heath-Renn says

I would have thought the Netherlands would have taken the title of the Canada of Europe, personally...but maybe that's just me.

Demetrius says

"Doesn’t “Brigglytonne” have two g’s? ;-)"

Doesn't “Brigglytonne” sound like it would have an enchanted railroad station with a tiny conductor where trains with faces would stop and share their wisdom and humor with children of all ages.

FlameMasterAxel says

Oi, only 70 people in Edmonton.

There are times I hate this city.

LoCo says

Red Bank, NJ, for my own convenience, or NYC, if you insist. Philly also works. ( I missed Live Cafe Show ). Drat!

Lex says

"Doesn’t “Brigglytonne” sound like it would have an enchanted railroad station with a tiny conductor where trains with faces would stop and share their wisdom and humor with children of all ages."

You're getting Brigglytonne mixed up with the Island of Sodom- I mean, Sodor (no, really). Its capital is Suddery, and it has a place called Ffarquhar, too.

Why on Earth are there Wikipedia articles about this!?

Adam says

Do Brighton! Other than Camden, we have the most nutters per square inch of anywhere in the UK! Plenty of venues, beautiful seafront... selling it to yer?

Ron says

I miss the UK, hopefully I'll be back soon

Demetrius says

"# Lex Says:
April 6th, 2008 at 6:41 am
Why on Earth are there Wikipedia articles about this!?"

To allow parents to wallow in Cuter Times once their kids become teens and such. Man... Sometimes I miss Raffi and Blues Clues and Thomas The Tank Engine!

Steven says

My house.

It's only 20 minutes from the centre of London.

Jon - I'll level with you, man. I've got a wife, daughter
and 2 cats (both female)

I need some male company. If it helps, I play the guitar
a little.

C'mon, dude. I might be the new Merlin Mann for all
you know!



Frederick Heath-Renn says

OK, now I want to know which of JoCo's shows he burnt down a chandelier onto a massive killing thing in. More importantly, will he be doing it again?

Phyz says

Heh, I think she means the ending song.

Although I would pay good money to see him do that.

selene says

come to houston!!!!!!!
more than 200 people want to see u here, i know the wheather sucks here but we love u!!!!
i promise i will buy a bunch of your stuff after the show!!

CommutrX says


Been on eventful since February putting up my hand for a Newcastle (Upon Tyne) J0C0 gig, back then there were but 8 of us but checking back today we've grown in number to 12! W00t!

So how do the metrics work for this kind of thing? Cos I'm pretty sure with two big ass Universities in the City Centre there is the probability for more than fracking 12 of us showing up... What number does any one town have to hit before it shows up on J0C0's radar and what final audience number does the base ‘Eventful’ rating eventually translate to?

Failing a visit to NUT anywhere vaguely 'north'/Scotland based would be jolly, as much as I love London it's just too much of a ballache to get to on my pittance of a wage and ridiculous schedule...



TheSeal says

My cunning plan to beg borrow and steal my way to london in time for the JoCo show was a major fail. So now I can only hope more join us here in the group demanding a visit to Glasgow.

Lex says

The weird thing about Eventful is that I really don't think it works that well for the UK, because of the age-old adage: the Americans think 100 years is a long time, the Brits think 100 miles is a long way.

Take, for example, the top 4 demands. They're all "X City metro area" (then you get 2 international ones, and another 8 metro areas), so people from a radius of about 100-200 miles from each city would probably be demanding there, at a rough estimate. Over here, our cities are about that far apart anyway, so you get everyone voting for the city 25-50 miles away, and a lower concentration of people on each demand. In general, Americans seem to be willing to go further (and stay overnight) to see a gig, I think.

Matt Badham says

Manchester - and if you do, I'll take you out for food and drinks, on me!

Phil says

Ohmigod. Please be not kidding about coming back to London! I missed you last time around, having even bought the ticket - best laid plans, eh?

Matt Newkirk says

I just saw that you're coming to NY at the Highline! My first thought: YAY!!!!! I like the Highline and I was so excited to be able to see you live....my second thought: I'm moving to michigan the weekend before. NOOOO :( So, please. Come to Detroit. Or Chicago. Or some other city inbetween. I see that there are 3 people asking you to come to 48603. 3 is enough for a show, right? :)

Demetrius says

"Hey... You got NOTCOT on my JOCO! "
"No... *You* got JOCO on my NOTCOT!"

Two of my favorite things together at last!


Kathy C says

Hi Jonathan, Loving the music, thanks to that crazy Geoff from Virgin... I live in Dublin and they are going to be launching a new Ikea here (the first in ROI) that has been eagerly awaited for a good many years now. I really think you should come and sing for their launch, and they should pay you a lot. Possible a lifetime supply of meatballs.
Dublin is a really great place for music and gigs large and small, and you already have quite a few people who have requested you via that nifty little system you use. I have personally "Coultonized" my whole team at work, and more shall follow, one day, Coultonites will rule the world I tells ya!

Matthew says

I'm excited for your European fans, but I find myself disappointed in the "demand" application to which you link. Why can't I pick more than one nearby city that might come close to having critical mass, if I'm willing (nay, energized at the possibility) to see you twice?

Matt says

Hey man, a few of us here in Australia love your cover, although I've heard you sing it a few different ways. I like the ultra slow version. Can I ask, did you need to get the approval from the label to cover it?

Joppe says

Oh paladino, you're not alone!

Go Sweden, or rather, come here to Sweden! We want you!

Kaz says

Manchester - and we'll pitch in with Mr Badham up there with the food and drinks.

Go on, do it - you know you REALLY WANT TO. (yes you do)

Serenissima says

Have you no confidence in Britain before that show, then? :(

Sure you'd be well-attended! Especially in London.

Marie says

More Swedes!!! Come to Sweden! PLEASE!!!!!!

Steve Dix says

Oh come ON... ONLY two requests for Cologne / Köln and one of them's mine...sigh.

Eric says

I think Oxford in the UK should count towards Oxford, MS, USA. Yes?

We're having one of the 2008 Pres. Debates here so this place should be more interesting soon.

Dave Moseley says

Christ, please don't come over here between Oct 23rd and Nov 6th. If I miss this gig again I'm pretty sure my heart will just give up.

Alternatively, how about Orlando in late October! *raises hand*

Hamish says

I demand you come to Stoke-on-Trent (England, DUH). We're a nice city, Quite known, But we have thousands of people here who like you! (We be a large community)

Claire says

Liverpool please! Home of the Beatles, you know you want to!!

Jack says

Anywhere in Australia would be great. (Brisbane in Queensland would be appreciated xD)

Well if you ever decide to come to Australia, I know I'll be there and I know of a lot of other people that would be.

Simon says

Anywhere in the south of England. Basingstoke, Southampton etc. If all else fails i'll go for London. (Ive done the Eventful thingy)

doubleshiny says

Manchester would be great, it's a university city and it was actually the first place I ever heard your songs, in a Maths lecture at Man Met.

There are already 55 people asking for Manchester on eventful, I think it would be huge!