Philly Merch Help

By JoCo April 1, 2008

Yes! I forgot to set this up until just this instant! If there’s anybody (hopefully a pair of people) who would like to help me and Paul and Storm sell merchandise tomorrow night at the Philadelphia show, please email me. Comps will be yours for the taking…


rozwarren says

I'd be happy to help you sell stuff but I don't know how to email you.

greg says

sorry i cant help but DONT quit music just do it as a pastime! please...:(

Geoff says

Please come to Denver, I will help sell stuff when you do.

Colleenky says

@rozwarren: Click the "contact" link above.

dougbaker says

you should come to any where in Colorado, although Fort Collins would be sweet. you will find a very big welcome.

habitrailgirl says

Yes, please do come to Denver. With the snowfall. We'll move up into the mountains so far that we can't be found.

rozwarren says

Collenkey: Thanks. I eventually figured it out, but I never heard back so I'm assuming that somebody else gets to sell stuff for JoCo. But I'll get to buy stuff from JoCo, so that's cool.

Brie says

@JoCo: I sent you an e-mail about merch help in Portland. I didn't hear back from you (yet), but I'm still available to help if you need some assistance. :)

shaggyJD says

Sold for him in Atlanta. I highly recommend this gig. You won't be sorry. Speak up, peeps.

hellziggy says

Yup, I agree with shaggyJD. It is great fun! I'll be making a return appearance as his Minneapolis Merchandise Minion on May 1st. :)

amakusa says

I saw JoCo in Philly last night and it was awesome. Had i known i would have gladly sold merch because for some odd reason there was such a massive push out of the cafe i completely missed the table :( Great show!

rozwarren says

Agreed. Great & totally awesome show. I managed not to miss the merch table and even got to talk to JoCo as he signed my boxed set. LIFE JUST DOESN'T GET BETTER.