Where Am I?

ByJoCo March 31, 2008

It’s a good question actually. March has been a pretty intense month of travel by my standards, and I can tell it’s getting to me because I’ve been hiding out – very sparse blogging, twittering, and emailing activity (sorry, internet). Sort of a secret protest I think. But it’s been a great deal of fun, and my sincere thanks to everyone who’s been coming out to shows and offsetting all the travel crap with so much awesomeness.

Next week I will rest, but this week I continue to bring the noise and funk. To wit:

Wednesday April 2 at 7:30 PM
World Cafe Live (Philadelphia, PA) with Paul and Storm
Tickets here: http://tinyurl.com/2tgqrb

Thursday April 3 at 7 PM
Iron Horse Music Hall (Northampton, MA) with Paul and Storm
Tickets here: http://www.iheg.com/iron_horse_main.asp

And then something at Northeastern on Saturday, but that’s not open to the public. Tough luck, public!


eliannrad says

I am the first commenter!
And I might be able to go! Youngest JoCo fan ever might be coming!!! YAY!

That would be a miracle.

Jason says

World Cafe Live? Isn't that yet another Public Radio Appearance?
Is it in fact aired live? (cause sometimes Public Radio lies, I haven't gotten my tote bag yet!)

Will the JoCo public who live in "fargoneaway" and haven't been able to attend a real live show at least get to hear one!?

Do tell!

Mark Gordon says

Hmm... I wonder whether my old Husky Card is still any good.

three08 says

i'm sure the internet didn't notice, it's too busy getting upset about ron paul and blogging about britney spears' latest foible.

see you in philly!

Jeff says

JoCo needs to come to Virginia Tech man... i need some live monkeys, robots, zombies, and crazy computer ladies.

Brad O'Farrell says

Man. I'm not gonna say I moved to New York City JUST for the JoCo shows but it was a pretty big plus! And you don't even DO shows here anymore. Sadface. When's your next local show?

Lex says

Not open to the public? But I'm a member of the public! :(

Zergler says

I shall be there in Philly for some madness and rock >:-D

Christopher Giroir says

Where's a good old open to the public Boston show!

Bob says

No love for hometown NYC? :-(

habitrailgirl says

I relate. They need to invent an Internet Deprivation Flotation Tank. Such would be good for the biorhythms.

In unrelated news, I was BLOWN AWAY by the new electronic-enhanced version of Code Monkey that you did in London. I saw it only through a YouTube veil darkly, but I love it love it love it:


Nate B. says

Really wish I could go and see your show in North Hampton since I'm in MA at the moment on spring break, but alas I can't.
On a side note it's my 21st birthday today and I got the boxset of Thing A Week. So happy!

Stacey Leggieri says

I'd like to see JoCo in NYC again soon myself. Bonus points for Paul and Storm coming as well. But... I feel kinda guilty asking for more shows when the poor guy sounds kinda burned out. As a bit of an introvert myself, I can sympathize with wanting a little time off.

rozwarren says

I believe that while the venue is called World Cafe Live, the shows are not actually broadcast live. To add to the confusion, there is a radio show called "Live at The World Cafe" which is broadcast from a recording studio in the same building, but I don't know if JoCo is booked to appear on it. If he isn't, he should be.

This will be my first JoCo show and I can't wait.

Will THIS CAR CLIMBED SKULLCRUSHER MOUNTAIN bumper stickers be on sale afterwards?

Ninja says

You are on Xbox Live Marketplace!!!!!! YAY

Gina says

I heard Still Alive came out for Rock Band yesterday for FREE!

Todd says

Had to add to the Rock Band love. Been eagerly awaiting the song since its announcement and it is *so much fun* to play. SO much thanks to you, Valve and Harmoniz for this gift to the fans!

Paul Cosgrove says

Also for anyone outside the UK (and possible Scotland), Jonathan's appearance on the videoGaiden awards show is now online - he starts just before the halfway mark, but it's really worth watching the whole thing.

Sean L. says

Played 'Still Alive' on Rock Band last night. It was a....triumph. :-)

*Cannot Wait* for the show in Northhampton on Thursday!

Rich A. says

Hey Jon!

See you in Northampton Thursday...


Mark Gordon says

Iron Horse posts a "No Recording Devices" policy on their web site. Is that going to be enforced, or might we be able to bring video cameras?

JoCo says

Mark: you should call them to find out for sure - it's fine with me, but some places don't allow it even if the artist says it's OK.

Mark Gordon says

Boston-area fans without transportation to Northampton: I have three empty car seats and a spare ticket. See the forums for details.

HMXJohnD says


Come to Harmonix Friday if you're bored and in Boston. We can get foods and discuss the bizarre reception of Still Alive (ie everyone universally loves it for Rock Band EVERYWHERE, except on our forums, where people have lost their minds).

Anyway: Foods!

Mark Gordon says

I've uploaded video from both Northampton and Northeastern to YouTube.