Mr. Fancy Spiff

By JoCo March 24, 2008

Spiff just sent me his latest WoW video for Mr. Fancy Pants. Check it!


Luke M says

Clever as usual, nice one Spiff. "Please wear pants" foreshadowing the final gag ... I like how you always add stuff like that so that the video expands on the song.

Roma V. says

Uh oh, full polygonal nudity....

Roma V. says

On 2nd thought, after going back and watching his "First of May" this one isn' that bad.

Also, the Pantsatorium is great.

awryone says

Dare I say, "Best, yet?"
I do.

JoAnn in VA says

I was literally laughing out loud here, and wiping tears from my eyes. Magnificant! I especially loved the part where he sees the price of the pants...and clicks buyout anyway.

Spiff says

The majority of responses I'm getting on YouTube are "great, but too short". The shortness of it isn't my fault. Blame JoCo. ;)

Tindómiel says

We need an mp3 of the extra-fancy ZenDrum solo version, is what.

Marcy says

I have never played WoW but I'm setting up an account tonight--seriously! These videos are what have sparked my interest, even though they have nothing to do with the game other than the use of the characters! "Betty and Me" is probably my favorite, but I really like this one too!!

Tindómiel says

BWAHAHAHA. Totally worth the risk of watching it at work with my boss a few feet away. :)

Luke M says


That's pretty good, responses on YouTube tend to be more like "u suck and I hate you I hope u die." So "too short" is like a standing ovation.

Joel says

Another great one Spiff!

Jesss says

It's wonderful! You really portrayed Mr. Fancy Pants in a way that we could loathe him from the start. I will want a zendrum extended version if that ever becomes available.

Thanks, another fine Spiff production!

rozwarren says


Bob says

> The majority of responses I’m getting on
> YouTube are “great, but too short”.

Well, you know what the response is to that, don't you?

"Oh yeah? Where's *your* WoW JoCo video then, you chicken-shit cockhole!"


Bob says

+1 on needing a zen-drum remix version.

Gina says

AWESOME! Loved it.
+27 on needing zendrum version of MFP.

Mr.Nobody says

Freakin' sweet! I just gotta watch it again. Though the end sort of bothered me. Still, great job.

canlı tv says

Another great one Spiff!

heather (errantdreams) says

Most excellent! (Spiff's videos are of course how I first discovered your music.)

Anne H. says

Love it, like all ur anothers vids. ! ^^
Just give a shit about what others says- u rule!

Clarke says

I love the circle-wipe at the end that almost focuses right in on his stink-tube.

selene says

that was awesome!!!!! i love that song!!!!!

tmod says

what realm do you play on spiff?
and i love all ur suff

Dobblesworth says

I think it looked like one of the reskinned versions of the Hunter Tier 2 Dragonstalker Legguards in the video. Blood Elf for Mr. Fancy Pants suits perfectly to capture the arrogance of the character. Loved the Murloc "Hey Mr. Fancy Pants", then My Beige Bear playing over the credits topped it off! Great video filled with detail, great job for a fairly shot song.

habitralgirl says

I agree: best yet. In the immortal words of someone or other, "Yeah, it's sexy when somebody's pants fall down."