Charity Auction Shirt

By JoCo March 24, 2008

A fan who came to my show in Atlanta asked me to sign a Portal shirt, which he was planning to auction off on Ebay, all proceeds destined for Child’s Play. It’s a very good cause, and you can now find that auction here if you’d like to bid.


NickH says

You were awesome in Atlanta! Thanks for using your guitar as a weapon to reflect light into my face the whole show! Watch out for those zombie pirates, they will get you everytime!

Susie the Southern Geek says

We thought you were fantastic in ATL! The audio sounded great, and even if you were jetlagged, it just added to the fun. Please come back again soon - but watch for the Zombie Pirates - they get you coming and going - RRRAAA!

Shopmonkey Chris says

Unless Ebay has loosened up, this auction is probably gonna get pulled before too long - after Hurricane Katrina, lots of artists put up auctions for relief efforts, but most got pulled cause they didn't go though Ebay's charity partner (called "MissionFish" or somesuch), who gets a cut of the final sale price to pay for "vetting" the acceptable charities you can have auctions for.

Brandon says

Jeez, I hope that's not the case. Hopefully I'll fly under their radar. I'd hate to have the thing yanked.