ByJoCo March 24, 2008

I forgot to say, thank you Atlanta for being a wonderful audience at the end of a long journey. The energy in there was a little off-kilter, in case you didn’t notice, but I hope you found that as enjoyable as I did. And Blue Bayou is still running through my head, for which I suppose I have to thank Paul and Storm. It was a pleasure rocking with you: I can’t think of a better way to have spent my Easter Eve.


Tom Weiser says

I'm glad I came to see you play this past weekend, I missed the shows you played while I was staying in California, and with the move in mind I thought I missed my chance.

You put on an amazing show, thanks so much!

Jim says

That show was amazingly fun. Though I'll admit, I was hoping to hear Mr. Fancy Pants. Next time!

Eric Asberry says

My wife and I enjoyed the show immensely. We've been to both of your Atlanta shows, and look forward to going to the next one. Pirate zombies rule!

Tim says

JC, if you deliver that good a show when your energy is off-kilter, then I've got to see again the next time you journey down south to "Pantlanta" once again. The show was great fun, and I was impressed with the quality of the sound. You did seem a *bit* tired -- understandable after your long trek back from London -- but only enough to make the show just a tad goofier than normal, which I think was a good thing indeed. Come back soon!

Joel says

That show was amazing, thank you so much! One of the best "date nights" my wife and I have had in a long time. It was especially funny because she's 34 weeks pregnant and was laughing so hard at times it was giving her contractions. But yeah great show!! Too bad we couldn't get you to allow the pirate zombies though...dejected pirate ARrrr =D

Brandon says

Thanks for such an awesome show and for being so gracious with your signatures and post show time. I can't wait for you to return to the area as I will be sure to be there.

Thanks again.

CharlesP says

It was a great show JC. I felt bloody old walking back into the Variety Playhouse. The first show I went to was there, back in 92 or 93. Last time it was The Urge opening for Radiohead, and now Radiohead is playing at the big amphitheater in ATL... it's amazing what can happen in 15 years.

I also realized when I bought the tickets that the last show I'd been to was about 10 years ago (that one was Less Than Jake at The Point... which is now a clothing store just up the street from VP). 10 years ago was when my wife was out of town with my, then less than a year old, son. They did ruin my music consuming experience... but in the nicest way. I'm not sure what it says about your audience in Atlanta though when half of your commenters were on "date nights" with their wives (that includes me).

The energy may have been "off" to you, but it didn't make the show any less fun.

I've got to thank the TWiT guys for reminding me to check your tour schedule or I'd have missed the show.

Thanks for playing pantlanta. Hope to see you next time.

Adam says

JoCo, thank you so much for coming to the southeast. My friend and I told ourselves that if you came anywhere in a 5 hour driving distance from Birmingham, we would make the trip. And we are better for having been there!

I'm not sure where you're getting that the energy was "off", it felt amazing from where I was sitting. Audience participation like I've rarely seen outside of a Rocky Horror Picture Show showing! Only with more panties.

Thanks again for being really cool about talking with your fans afterwards, and for not looking at me so harshly when I stepped on your foot. I hope you come back anywhere in the southeast again in the near future!

Felicia says

I completely loved it- your live voice was SPECTACULAR. Actually, have you ever considered recording a few a capella tracks?

Christopher says

Great show, come back soon or come to Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, GA!!!

Mary says

If THAT was an off-kilter show, then shit, remind me to always go to shows in which you are likely to be jet-lagged!

And thanks for signing my t-shirt on my back for lack of anything else to use.

Colleenky says

@Felicia: Obviously, you haven't heard When You Go. Enjoy! :-)

M_pony says

Yeah am I the only one who absolutely -=loves=- 'When You Go' or what? Sometimes I feel like a very lonely pony in that regard.

Susie the Southern Geek says

JoCo, you rocked the house! I couldn't talk all day Sunday from all the singing and yelling I did at the concert! Now you have me calling this place "Pantlanta!" I laughed so hard I was sore the next day, and still have "RE:Your Brains" stuck in my head! If this is what you are like jetlagged, I can only imagine what you are like well-rested!

Thanks so much for coming down, and please come again soon! We love you!

masonReloaded says

Jonathan - Atlanta show was great, dragged along my less than nerdy wife, who I was hoping would have a good time but wasnt 100% confident she would "get" it. Luckily she did and had a great time- especially got a kick out of "Shop Vac" as we have indeed moved to the suburbs recently... although I dont have a shop vac yet... But great show, and cant wait for you to come back!

habitrailgirl says

I blamed us for the slightly off-kilter energy, actually. It's those theaters with seats -- audiences get lazy when you let them sit down. Next time you gotta scream at us from the stage, "On your feet, pirates! I mean, maggots!"

Matt says

I brought along a couple of friends to the show who hadn't heard you before, and both were immensely amused. Great show, hope to see you back in Atlanta soon. (Dragon Con '08?)

spambrian says

Hi, I'm Mr. Pong T-Shirt Guy In The Audience ... also known as Brian from Dragon*ConTV. I loved the show, had a blast and don't think the show suffered from any ill effects due to jet lag. You had fun and adapted when the show went in directions you didn't expect. We went along for the same ride and had a great time.

I know you can't make Dragon*Con 2008 due to a schedule conflict, but I hope you make it back to Atlanta soon. Thanks again for a great show.

Bill says

I caught the first show with friends and this one was an early birthday present from my wife (notsomuch a geek). It was great fun and am glad you're finding a home in the south.

Jeremy says

I loved the show! It was my first JoCo concert, and I really hope it won't be my last. Come back to Atlanta soon! You were awesome, even jet-lagged and feeling slightly dispirited.

Sujin says

I brought my roommate to the show (figures she needs to hear one of the people I've been telling her so much about!), and she loved it. And so did friends of friends who came to the show. The energy didn't feel at all off-kilter, even from the front--if anything, you should perform jet-lagged more often.

Can't wait for you to come back to Pantlanta!

-Code Monkey girl (we've met only twice, really)

Demetrius says

"M_pony Says:"

No. You're not the only one. "When You Go" may be my favorite JoCo song. It's like Paul Simon's "Cecilia", except with a very soulful sound and a pod-wise sensibility.

frost says

@M_pony: No, you are not.

Demetrius says

I thought JoCo had actually mentioned the similarity in theme between "When You Go" and "Cecilia" in the song description. But, I don't see it there. I can't be the only one who thinks the song speaks to the transient nature of musical fame in an age of downloadable music.

iddaa says

I can’t wait for you to return to the area as I will be sure to be there.

Bryan Clark says

UGH! I sat at home in Athens, GA doing nothing all weekend, and you were in Atlanta. I can't believe it! GRRRRRRR

Jamie says

The show was great and well worth the trek from Florida! It made my friends 35th birthday a very memorable one - hah, 'Depends' and all!

Thomas says

You're welcome.

And the show, as I've told others, was brilliant. The chemistry that you and Paul and Storm maintain on-stage is truly amazing, as evidenced by how beautifully you three sent "Soft Rocked" off onto its own AM Gold tangent.

And by the way, you're "Still Alive" just keeps getting better. Yes, I know you wrote it, but the song was written for Ellen McLain to sing, so the song suits her range easier than your own. And so, it's great to hear how you're singing "Still Alive" now, having tweaked it slightly to match your own voice.

So rest up. Tour elsewhere for a little while. But when you're ready, come back to Atlanta. I've a small horde of other friends who are begging to come along when next you play.

Wyatt says

Thanks so much for coming to Atlanta. Your show was the perfect end to a fantastic 35th birthday weekend.

Roman V. says

@Felicia, yeah, there's "When You Go" which is a capella as Colleenky stated, but also, my biography senses tell me that JoCo is a former member of an a capella group at Yale.

What's moar, Paul and Storm used to be part of the a capella group Da Vinci's Notebook.

So it's a big ex-a capella group apparently.

NickH says

I think that was the best version of Soft Rocked By Me that I have ever heard(and the original is one of my favorites)!!! You should think about recording it with Paul and Storm. "....something that rhymes with dime, On Blue Bayou!!!"

-Captain of the Zombie Pirates!

P.S. Come back to Pantlanta soon!

Different Matt from the first one says

The show was fantastic! I've been a fan for a long time, but had never gotten a chance to see you, or Paul and Storm, in concert. I had a great time, and second (third, pi, whatever) the motion that you should come back to Atlanta soon, or even come up to scenic Chattanooga, TN for a show!

Arya says

I had a lot of fun. I figured you were beat from the UK trip ( I didn't know how recent that was ) but you still put on a great show for us. I think I maybe like your guitar-only arrangements even better than the originals.

P.S. Yeah I make up a different email address for everyone, it all gets delivered to the same place though. It looks fake, but this way if Paul and Storm sell my address to baddies I know who to shun :)

Tiffany says

It seriously was, like, the best show ever. Please. please. please come back.
I wore my companion cube shirt and everything.
And "Hey Jude" should somehow get appended to every song ever.

Steve Eley says

Great, great show. Thank you.

And someday I will stop hating you for getting "Sweet Caroline" stuck in my head permanently.

Frederick Heath-Renn says

Hey. You've seen haven't you?

Josh says

We had tons of fun, next time I'll drag a few more of my friends to the show. Was sad to miss out on Fancy Pants but glad to hear First of May in the lineup.

Come back soon!

Gin says

We would have come to your show, but we didn't hear about it until the day before! We signed up on Eventful and that's how we heard about, and came to, your last show. Alas, no reminder email this time. We won't let it happen again.

Jack F says

OFF TOPIC ALERT: Which Crichton book are you complaining about?

Brian D says

I hope you come back, as your show was right at the tail end of Georgia Tech's spring break, eliminating a large nerd demographic.

Tim says

Awesome review of the JoCo show with Paul & Storm in Atlanta can be found here:

Jonathan says

Ah jesus, JoCo comes to Atlanta and I freaking missed it >_> Damn you, ticketmaster for not sending me a reminder!!!!!

moda says

Great, great show. Thank you.