Right Then, Bye

By JoCo March 21, 2008

What an amazing crowd and fun show it was last night – thank you London and other parts of Europe and the UK. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more excited crowd. Turns out there are plenty of geeks over here too, and to them I say “cheers” and “jolly good” and whatever it is you say over here when things are awesome.

I’m at Gatwick right now eating sausage and preparing to return to my homeland, the United States of America. See you tomorrow Atlanta – bring your A game…


Tom says

We say awesome too!

And it was! Cheers for the fantastic gig. Come back soon!

Paul says

Thank You Jonathan,

A great evening - very entertaining, thanks for the 'pink' t-shirt - it fits my daughter very well (though she is 15, your US 9-11 year olds must be larger than our 15 years olds :-) ) and she loves it.

Please come back soon.


Eddie says

Thanks for coming, Jonathan, I had a wicked time at Virgin Radio.

It was fantastic to meet you!

Liz Upton says

Thank you so much Jonathan - a brilliant evening, and totally worth the not-getting-home-until-3 thing. And thank you for rotating the stool!

Kerrin says

Atlanta has a lot to live up to, London rocked big time. We all want him to come back again, and offten, so we threw our selves in to the concert completely.

Brian Heason says

Hey Jonathan,
Just got back from the awesome show last night at Dingwalls, well I got back at 3.30am this morning but it was worth the trip.Now I got to make it a special day for my wife and 3 week old son, I didn`t see them for a whole day yesterday.
If there`s plans for a return visit count me in on the tour, I`ll get you on a stage in Nottingham, no probs.
Thanks for coming and hopefully see you next time.

BenS says

We all know we would have thrown ourselves into just as much regardless of whether it would affect if he came back or not. I'm thinking maybe following the tour he was talking about in the hopefully near future. Amazing night, shame i had to run off at the end.

Felix says

Hurrah! We had an awesome time too dude. Make sure you come back!

David says

Thank you Jonathan, it was a great gig and I had an awesome time. I brought my girlfriend along, who had barely even heard any of your stuff, but she loved it and was laughing and enjoying the music even though it was her first time - well done! I had a total blast and can't wait til next time - I'm glad you seemed to have a great time too! Have a safe trip home.

MarkHB says

Jonathan, it was a triumph. I'm making a ... no, sorry, that's cheesy. Anyway, I brought my girl along as well, having deliberately not exposed her to your work before. She was in stitches, as was I. Great stuff.

Come back soon, or we'll catch you in the US sometime.

Thanks a million!

(That big beardy bloke to grabbed you for a hug. Possibly only one of the big beardy blokes who grabbed you for a hug. Damfino).

Jen says

So, did you put "Over There" in the set list?

reb says

Loved the show - and so did my bloke who hadn't bothered to listen to any of your songs beforehand. Needless to say he is now a convert!

Come back soon, and bring more pink t-shirts!

reb says

I got grabbed by a big beardy bloke for a hug too! Was that you, MarkHB?

Meg says

Fantastic show last night, thank you! I may have to avoid my co-worker for a couple days though as she didn't hear about it until it was too late and was thus gutted.

Please come back soon! :)

Jenny says

Such a good show - I don't know if you could tell (what with the audience being so quiet and refined), but we were quite pleased to have you there. I really hope you come back soon (and play more nights! Only one is just mean.)

Frederick Heath-Renn says

Thanks JoCo! That was a fantastic show - very enthusiastic, weren't we? (You probably could have left the second half up to the audience.) Come back soon.

Yrs, the one with the hastily drawn map of Europe and microphone.

Martha says

Seriously awesome. The atmosphere was amazing and you definitely lived up to the hype. :) It's good to know there are so many lovely fellow geeks here in the UK.

And I have to say: props to Thomas and his brilliant lab coat.

Over There was, of course, the first song.

Alan says

Hey JoCo

Great gig, cheers you were jolly good. (OK, awesome). I brought my friend along who hadn't heard any of your music before and is only a minor league geek (owns laptop!) and he loved it.

If you thought the accents in Laaandaan were tough how did you cope ijn Scotland?

We eagerly await your return and bring that flashing beeping thing back too, it was quite cool.

Christophano says

What a show!

Don't leave it too long til your next UK show, please!

phyphor says

It was an amazing show, real good fun.
Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did, and you'll come back and visit us again.

instantiator says

Come again soon!

Stuntmutt says

Great show.
Sensational audience participation on Skullcrusher Mountain. And many, many thanks for playing I Crush Everything.

Tyler says

Jen: yes, he did perform "Over There", as his first number. He said he was very uncertain as to whether to sing it. Lots of amusement, and loud booing during the "saved their asses in WWII" bit. ;)

Thanks for coming, Jonathan!

Thomas says

Oh, we're bringing our "A" game, sir.

And this time, you're in the Variety Playhouse, a venue about three times the size of your last Atlanta show. Ought to make for an incredible show.

Joann says

As an American living Over Here, I'd like to thank JoCo for doing "Over There" and thereby taking the sting out of the "saved their asses in WWII" for me - no, really, I do still know Americans who talk like that...

I'd only heard two songs before I went to the gig, and I'm just so blown away that everything he does is all *that* *good*! I'm off to buy all the CDs now - not enough cash with me last night! :(

See you next time you're over here, and don't waste a second worrying about not understanding the shouting - I've lived here five years and couldn't understand most of it either...

Michael Brunton-Spall says

We had a fantastic night. We were lucky enough to be nearly last in the line and yet get a table right at the front sitting with a bunch of the UK Forum guys, (Yes those ones, including Thomas in his Lab Coat).

Me and my wife hadn't heard all the songs,just mostly thing a week ones, and were blown away by some of the excellent songs we hadn't heard. Creepy Doll was especially good as far as I was concerned.

A really good performance, and I have to say as a struggling guitarist trying to learn all of the crazy chords you use in your songs I was glad to see even you fluf them on occasion, so thanks for er, fluffing them on purpose to make me feel good :)

Alex says

I have to concur, an amazing show. :D
Also worth getting home at 3am for (even with missing the very end to make the last train of the night). It was awesome how you played Feed the World after your Christmas song run-up. And thanks for trying to fit 'zed' into Mandlebrot set.
Definitely come back again to do another concert, for you- good sir; do indeed rock. :D

Lex says

What can I say that hasn't already been said, it was a great night out! Sorry that the twinkie was unrecognisable, it had had a rough day.

Thanks for sticking around long enough so we could get the forum group photo. I'll be sure to upload mine if they've come out okay.

Jen says

Wow, JC opened with "Over There"? You Brits truly are a very polite people. If some Brit came over here and starting poking fun at American society, we'd run them out of town on a rail.

Unless they were Richard Thompson. Or Billy Bragg. Or the Clash. Or...oh, never mind.

Let's all just mock the French and call it a day.

Mark Gordon says

Generous Brits could give him the benefit of the doubt and assume the song is targeted at the Continent.

Harley says

That and he played some Billy Bragg later in the set. It was so awesome I nearly weed myself.



MakTheYak says

Wow I'm still dazed about how awesome the gig was last night. I just loved it and was completely gutted I couldn't hand around at the end to say 'Hi' (had to catch a train).

I brought my fiancée along who had only heard the stapels (Code Monkey, Re. Your Brains etc) and she was in fits of giggles all the way through so thank you! My newly purchased Thing A Week tin will no doubt be finding its way shortly onto her iPod :)

Please come back again soon, we'll be there for sure!

Martha says

"Over There" is a truly British song. If there's one thing we know well, it's how to take the piss out of ourselves. As one person from the crowd put it, when it comes to being insulted "we love it". ^^

I really hope JoCo enjoyed himself as much as he seemed to on stage.

johnarne says

In other news: JoCo suggests getting your baby high for amusement! Or not.

johnarne, the (only?) one who cheered when JoCo suggested that next time he might go to other countries as well. See you again on JoCo Scandinavian Tour '08.

shine says

Thank you very much for the amazing gig last night, It was supermegaawesome and was totally worth braving horrible London for. Please come back soon!

Mike Galvin says

Thanks so much for a brilliant gig last night. It was truly awesome!

Come back anytime!

eliannrad says

JoCo, did you get to find out what's happening/happened in the Season Four of Doctor Who???

Marcus Rowland says

It was great to finally see you on stage - the only regret I have is that I was coming down with a cold and shouting "All we want to do is eat your brains" hasn't done my throat much good. Worth it though!

Hope you'll come again soon.

Marcus Rowland says

Who Season 4 doesn't start for a couple of weeks.

Angelastic says

It was a jolly good show. (I also cheered at that point, johnarne. Hopefully JoCo gets Switzerland and Sweden confused, as many people do, and will accidentally schedule shows in both countries.)

And yes, it was a triumph, I'm making a note here, huge success. (It's hard to be amused by that reaction. But I don't mind if it sounds cheesy because you know there's too much cheese over here.) I feel fantastic and I've seen you live.

By the way, JoCo, you can use that opium-flavoured soap I gave you to wash the baby. ;^)

Capuchin says

JoCo, Thank you so much for the gig last night, I travelled a decent way to see it and it was worth every ounce of hassle.
I didn't realise that the Tenori-on wasn't released in the US, so thank you for that treat and i'm sure your US audiences will love it as much as we did!
Thanks for the manhug and please don't forget your fancypants-enabling machine (and adapters :|) next time! I hope you know that you'll always be welcomed back here.

Amanda says

Atlanta waits for you.

CALI says

Here is a link to his Geoff Show gig


Jake says

I live a town away from gatwick, If I had any money for a train I would go get your autograph or something lol

TomH says

Thanks for a brilliant gig, JoCo - we all loved you and I think every one of us can't wait for you to come back over here :-)

Roman v. says

You said this would be the ultimate test of Eventful. Would it be safe to say that Eveful passed? As a side note, I am currently viewing your website in Lynx, the popular text-based browser and I'm happy to say it looks terrificly not messed up.

Leeky says

Had a really great night, and was fantastic to listen to you perform in the company of many other enthusiastic geeks! Hope you make it over to the UK again very soon!

Alex Holden says

What a fantastic gig! I particularly enjoyed the Billy Bragg song, the ad-libbed cover of Feed the World, and the banter between songs. I think about twenty fellow Eastercon members turned up in the end. Looking forward to that return tour you mentioned...

Jonathan Strickland says

I spoke with the rest of Atlanta, and they assured me that we shall indeed bring IT. I'm not sure what you want with several hundred copies of a Stephen King book, but no matter.

Susie the Southern Geek says

Which game would you like us to bring? You said "A GAME," so did you mean like Monopoply or Risk, or something edgier like Arkham Horror or Settlers of Cataan (LOL - I called Settlers "edgy!")

So you are heading to Altanta after being in Great Britain all week? Talk about culture shock! The accents alone will have your head reeling!

We look forward to shouting at the top of our lungs here too!

JvM says

Tickets to england where to damn expensive otherwise me and a friend would have come over from the netherlands :S

Next time in holland JoCo ;)

Alaka says

SUCH a brilliant show last night, thanks so much again, and I was so excited when First of May was your encore! I will treasure my diary now forevermore. Hehehe. 10am, it's practically an order. Come back soon!

Michael says

Thursday was a brilliant gig, thanks for coming!

Sofaboy says

Awesome, just back in bonnie Scotland after a couple of days abroad in the heathen south. Great trip, incredible gig, great audience. (Although if you were at the table with Thomas and the DS crowd...remember .... there's a fine line between fandom and stalking.... ;oD)

Luke M says

More concert video please!

Jonathan -- dude, you're huge!

Luke M says

... as in hugely world-dominating, I mean.

Dan Plus Add says

Thanks for the show, JoCo! I have written a review: http://www.last.fm/user/fragsta/journal/2008/03/21/679879/

In short: awesome.

Jen says

Speaking of the illustrious Mr. Bragg, he's just penned an excellent editorial piece in today's New York Times:


Which song did JC cover? I'm going to take a wild guess that it was "New England," since that's where Jonathan hails from, and it's just an awesome song.

MarkHB says


Could'a been, I'm a big teddy bear. :)

johnarne says

Jen: He did The Saturday Boy. With a Dylanesque harmonica solo. "There are some songs you wish you've wrote. This is one of them. Actually, I think I wrote this song. After Billy Bragg did it." Hmm, a song about a geeky boy's unrequited love, that does sound familiar :-)

And also, since no one else seems to have mentioned it: He introduced a song as "This one is a Christmas song," to great cheering from the crowd expecting CBP, and then went into a cover of Do They Know It's Christmas...

Paul Cosgrove says

Awesome gig, JoCo - thanks a million times over for coming all this way, and for the fantastic new version of Code Monkey.

Piers Beckley says

Awesome gig. More! More!

Zutot says

A belated thank you for a terrific show! It was totally surreal and fantastic to have you play for us. I was devastated to have to leave during your encore so that I'd catch the last train home, but rest assured next time you come to play I'll organise accommodation in London. Thanks again - you made my year!