A Little Behind

By JoCo March 18, 2008

It’s what I have and it’s what I am. The tshirt contest is over but I haven’t even looked yet to see who the winner is. I also have huge (virtual) piles of email and important links to things whose relevance is waning by the minute. But, you know, I have to go to Scotland right now to be on TV (the show is Video Gaiden, BBC Scotland) and then London and then Atlanta. I’ll get to everything soon I promise.

I can tell you now though that the London show has somehow, impossibly, sold out. There will be some small number of standing room tickets at the door, but if you don’t make to this one I’ll be back soon. Apparently there’s an audience over there. Who knew?

Thanks for you patience. More soon.


Pyromanic says

Of course theres an audience! ^^;

Shame your not doing a concert in scotland though. that may not be sold out but you'd have plenty of devoted fans. will try and make it next time!

Marcy says

Travel safe and have a wonderful time!!!!

Nils says

And I still don't understand, why he doesn't take a tour through the rest of europe? Germany e.g.? :-) It's only a little step over the English Channel!

Daveybot says

"Apparently there’s an audience over there. Who knew?"

We knew! We voted for it!

But yeah, those southern trouser-wearin' pansies in London are all very well, but please come up to Scotland next time you're on this side of the pond! You could always play Edinburgh and get a largely English audience if you fear heather and/or whisky and/or haggis too much...!

Joe says

If you sing "Over There" over there, does that mean you'll be singing about over here?


Paul Cosgrove says

I have to go to Scotland right now to be on TV

Awesome - what TV show are you going to be on?

spanky says

We knew! You never asked! :D

Dan says

Have a great time in the big smoke. I've got my fingers crossed for a gig in Manchester at some point!

All The Best

Tom says

Yeah it sold out! I had to get restricted view, whatever that means! Can't wait, it's going to be awesome!!

will anderson says

Abandon the seats! I know its soft rock but venue capacities and audience participation (and fire hazards) are much greater when not seated!

Justin Chase says

You need a PR person to start answering your emails ;)

Fuzz says

There is indeed an audience!
The london show sold out before i could get a ticket (sigh)
Come back soon!

Michael Brunton-Spall says

I got two tickets for me and wife, and we're looking very forward to it.

Tell us what TV show are you going to be on?

Ben says

I am also one of the less lucky, but still lucky to get restricted view tickets. Do come back soon, i will be sure to get proper tickets next time.

Amanda says

@Nils -- He can't tour Europe because he has to come to Atlanta on the 22nd! Has to has to has to!!

It would be foolish to say I can't wait, because I have to wait. And, actually, I'm enjoying the anticipation. But I would be annoyed if he didn't come on Saturday. And when I am annoyed, sensible people go out to the back shed and descend the hidden staircase into their lead-lined nuclear bomb shelter.

Jamie says

You're coming to Scotland? I live in Scotland! Details please!

sam says

yup, sold out well before I could get a ticket - any chance of a Wales gig?

Luke M says

So is this Scottish TV appearance the "secret thing" that was going to pay for your airline tickets? Are they flying you to Scotland to be on telly? If so, that's awesome but very strange ;)

Congrats on the sold-out gig!

Stephen says

+2 on the Scotland details!

Sheesh, this side of the border and not doing any gigs? That's cruelty, dude! :p

Jim says

Congrats on all of this, man. I've just started writing songs again after a long hiatus, and after performing a few originals live got a good response from a crowd. Made me start working on a new song every week, you have.
Thanks again for inspiring.

Gingerlink says

+3 on Scotland details, seeing you on TV in the UK would be awesome as well!

I don't see why people missed out on the tickets, how long were you waiting for? More shows over here would be good though :D

Jon Who says

I so want to know what you're doing in Scotland, especially if they have really heavy accents. It'll be hilarious. Someone'd better YouTube it...

Kaal says

Good news on the UK TV slot *thinks: now have to find a TV I can watch*.

My wonderful lady got a pair of tickets as soon as they came out! I assume she's taking me... ;) Sold out? Not surprised. Next time a larger venue... O2? :D

heather (errantdreams) says

Grats on all the overseas interest!

Looking forward to hearing the contest results!

owl_waxer says

Yeah, I found out it sold out soon after I managed to clear my schedule... darn it.

Please come back soon!

Alaka says

Aye, an audience and a half and I'll be in it! Coming down from Manchester especially, I'm VERY excited. Eeh!

Racheth says

I wasn't able to get a ticket in time, but me and my friends have already decided we're getting tickets asap for the next one! Come somewhere nearer and where it looks nice too (I suggest Oxford/Bath, Carling Academy is great in Oxford). But make sure you come back to the UK soon!

Jim Wright says

I would have bought tickets, but I'm going to Athens on Thursday, so no dice. But if you make it back to London some time before June (*cough*mybirthdayismay6th*cough*), I'll be there, hopefully with friends so they can see a JoCoShow for the first time. Either that, or you can come back to the Greater Boston Area anytime you feel so inclined.

Mark Gordon says

I'm trying to picture JoCo in Scotland: "All we want to do is eat your heart, lungs, and liver, chopped up, mixed with filler, and cooked in your stomach. We're not unreasonable; I mean, no one's gonna eat your eyes."

Kidding! Kidding!

Kenny Park says

+4 on the Scotland details. Many free drinks could be yours, Mr. Coulton!

whitmer08 says

hey does only the winners of the T-shirt contest know they won or how does that work??

Frederick Heath-Renn says

Kaal says:
Next time a larger venue… O2? :D

Why the jokey smiley? I see no joke here. Please explain.

Sofaboy says

+5 on the Scotland details. Flying to London with one of the sons on Thurs for the Dingwalls gig. A-buzz with excitement! What's the TV gig in my homeland though? (clue...I live in Scotland).

Sam says

Not surprised it's sold out.

Who's the special guests it mentions on the order confirmation?

swalker says

I've just come off of a flight from Heathrow and Jonathon was on it with his guitar! As I walked out a guy from BBC Scotland was waiting for him. Don't know any more about the show but hey, it's a start...

Lex says

/me hopefully stops the italics :D

I'll be there at London, hopefully with some of the other forumites. And TV details++; plz.

Sam - the guests are a lie.

swalker - jealous!

Mr.Nobody says

Here's a virtual face.
Have fun.


Tindomiel says

Virtual piles sounds like a bad sort of thing for your computer to have.

Gingerlink says

@Swalker, BBC scotland, ok, that's a start. :D

Did you say hi to him on the plane?

JP says

Dude... You are an international super star. :)

JoCo says

The show is Video Gaiden and it's on BBC 2. I don't know when it's going to air but I'm going into the studio today.

And yes, yes, someday I will play every city in Europe on a giant 4-month tour, but this time around I have to get back to Atlanta. So use Eventful - it works, it's the only reason I was able to set up this London show with any degree of confidence. And if you missed this show, maybe you should take this opportunity to sign up for the mailing list (ya dummy!).

Stephen says

Video Gaiden? Honestly?

That is the most awesome thing I have heard all day.

Felix says

Damn right there's an audience here! What do you think we've been saying! Play Manchester next.

See ya thursday...

Roman V. says

I found JoCo's interview on the Tubes, it's at http://downloads.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/fivelive/pods/pods_20080315-1742.mp3 , and Coulton is on right after the cheezburger guy....

Gingerlink says

I thought Video Gaiden only aired in Scotland, I remember reading something about this a while ago...


Jamie says

w00t! smugly holding tickets, see you tomorrow, can't wait!

Dale says

We're hoping for Toronto, my wife and I got all our geek type friends to vote on eventful. It's amazing how many geeks know the songs but not who sings them, but we educated them :)

It may not be Europe, but we have Tim Horton's :)

Dave says

"Little behind?" I thought big butts were preferred.

Martha Rose says

Of course it's sold out!

I'm really looking forward to finally getting to see JoCo live. :)

Kenny Park says

We (thecage.tv) shot a short film with Rab from Video Gaiden just the other week. It was the one with Limmy (limmy.com) if he doesn't remember, filmed in a pub called Gazelle. Give him my best!

Amber says

None of us here in England thought it at all impossible for the show to sell out.

You've got a small army traveling down from Sheffield (a 2 1/2 hour train ride each way. I know some people are traveling by coach at 5 hours a direction, for economy. -- We love you JoCo!) I know of at least 6 people in my immediate friends and friends of friends circles who are coming from Sheffield. -- Manchester would be a welcome next venue. Or even Sheffield or Leeds!

dalager says

You should do Copenhagen next. Denmark is not a big monkey/pony nation. But we do have lots of bikes and we are more likely to put on pointy ears than most others.

John Coxon says

We knew! :D

James Swallow says

Hey Jonathan,
Thanks for coming out to see us here in the UK; great gig. But please don't get your babies high.

Ben Sorrie says

Jonathan Coulton played a gig in the uk and no one told me?! Curses!!!!

For anyone who missed the Gaiden appearance (so pretty much everyone who isn't a Scotts insomniac) I just watched the full episode on the website www.bbc.co.uk/videogaiden