By JoCo March 11, 2008

Killing time in the green room at the Birchmere.


GenXer says

HAWESOME. Campy, hilarious, yet not too corny. Love it!

James Curry says

NICE. That really made my morning. xD

instantiator says

Did GladDOS whisper "still alive" at the end, or did I imagine it?

instantiator says

Nice! Is that GladDOS I hear at the end...? "I'm still alive!"

savagex says

Have fun here in DC!

Athene says

Hehe. That's great!

Len says

I got vertigo watching this. I'm suing Paul and Storm.

Luke M says

Good stuff -- that should be an Easter Egg on the DVD.

Colleenky says

Not GLaDOS at the end. One of the guys (can't tell who) whispers "It's still alive."

Pinky/sean says

Dude that was the most kick butt concert ever
dont for get to turn left at the nxt concert man

selene says

it took me at minute to conected with cloverfield, lol
that was preaty awesome

Pinky/sean says

at the Berchmeir thats what i meant to say. Good Luck at ur next concert

Gina says

You three make a great team. Hi-larious!

Mark S says

Wow. That makes me both want to see the concert again and cloverfield. Amazing tie-in!

Amanda says

Dude, I think they just stole your focus.

Natascha says

TOOOO funny!!!!!! I'm glad to see you're putting your down-time to good use.

Creature SH says

That was a pretty backwards backwards whisper, wasn't it ?

Roman V says

As I said on the YouTube comments, this is pretty ripe to be made into a video game... or maybe a rock opera....

Jacob says


JP says

LOL dude, I didn't know you were some kind of cloverfield blair witch big foot thing in your spare time.

You three do really great together. I hope you guys tour together often. :)

Mystral721 says

Can't wait for the Director's Cut - with commentary and a making-of short, or course! :D

Dan Plus Add says

Never seen Cloverfield but that was very cool and very scary.

D Wallz says

Really great love the site and all the tunes

Jonathon R says

Gave a whole new meaning to the term Killing Time.

Razz says

That was great! XD I always appreciate a good laugh, and this was certainly one such expression of mirth. Still laughing, actually. Thank you. :D

JvM says

Man, you guys didn't have anything to do :P

Funny video though

Radek says


Radien says

Bwahahaa!!! You got the Cloverfield monster shots and everything. XD This made me laugh so gleefully I kicked. I loved the "money shot" of JoCo at the end. (Not to be confused with a money shot *on* JoCo. Eww.)

instantiator's comment about "I'm Still Alive" made me laugh even further... even though that wasn't really what was in the video. I must say that I already made a "Still Alive" joke about Cloverfield, as I'm sure many a JoCo fan did.

Incidentally, if JoCo is the Coultonfield monster, what drops off of his back? Snails?... Monkeys?...

Mystral721 says

Sea Monkeys!

Jonnie Geetahr says

It wouldn't be as scary if he wasn't so hairy.

frank says

i am pro-"hairy JoCo," and i vote.

Mel says

Radien: in the last 5 seconds, someone did say "It's still alive" or something like that. :)