Worst Gig Ever

ByJoCo March 10, 2008

Worst Gig Ever, originally uploaded by jcoulton.

Someone entertaining all the wifi leeches at the Dell Lounge. Egads. Still haven’t attended a single panel here at SXSW, which makes me either very smart or very stupid. I’ll let you know as soon as I figure it out..


Kelly says

The Google/Postini Austin office is friendlier and just down the road. We have a pretty good sized conference room with Rock Band set up. What more do you need?


Demetrius says

No... The Worst Gig Ever would be playing on the *other* side of that wall! :)

Sobachatina says

It's killing me that you are here in Austin somewhere and I both didn't know you would be here or where you will be playing.

M_pony says

Oh man.. that would suck.

Stefan Hayden says

you're not missing anything by not going to the panels

Ich bin Schnappi says

I find that picture vastly depressing.

Jack F says

Your photo instantly reminded me of the Beatles album cover for Please Please Me*, even though that shot looks up instead of down.

*Feel free to substitute "The Beatles Red Album" in my comment if you bought American versions of their albums in the 70s.

*Also, feel free to refer to "The Beatles Red Album" as "The Beatles/1962-1966" if you are really anal about that kind of thing.

Tim says

Your title for your well-composed photo is perfect -- I am cringing. *Please* tell me that isn't you performing in this cattle pen. I take that back -- cattle are treated better than this. What are the Dell people thinking?

I keep hearing that SXSW is done, and no longer worth attending. This picture sums up the reasons pretty well.

Marcy says

From MC Frontalot's web site (SXSW update):

So far, Front has seen Second Skin, which was fantastic, a Random concert, which was awesome, a Jonathan Coulton concert, which ruled, and Woodpecker, which was superb. There's plenty more on his to-do list. And the music week hasn't even officially started. Wish him luck!

Jeremy says

I haven't been able to catch any of Jonathan's shows at SXSW, but he did walk by our booth today and I got to say HI.

-- Jeremy

Tindomiel says

Owww. I feel for that guy.

CarrieP says

I once saw a four piece Jazz band crammed into the front display window of a men's clothing store, in a mall.

I'm fair sure that they were high school or college kids looking for any gig they could find. Nevertheless, I felt for them.

« Michael » says

Aww, c'mon, man. Buck up, it *can't* be the worst.

Imagine you're being forced to play hanging upside-down above a giant food processor with the rope tied at your ankles. Not so bad in comparison to that, right?

Joseph Devon says

I once spent a summer welding. In Newark.


Robot Cartoons says

What's stuffed in that corner you're playing in front of. Was it bombs?

Come on up to Buffalo NY, we'll show you how to have the worst gig evar!

Demetrius says

"« Michael » Says: "

It's not the hanging upside-down that's the worst part. It's just that the sharks with the frikkin' *lasers* on their heads are such a tough crowd!

eliannrad says

Imagine playing on a mountain covered with wolves. Hear them howling, the hungry children of your host, who is a bit pissed off that you don't love them!

That's got to be a little bit worse!

Griffin says

It may have been bad, but my housemate just said he heard you on BBC RADIO 5 LIVE last night on a pace about the SXSW conference, so something good came out of it.

JoCo says

No, that's not a picture of me thank goodness. I had a blast at SXSW, not to mention stuff like that BBC interview. Glad to hear it's airing already!

Drew says

Caught your appearance at Emo's by complete chance. Fan for life. I'd never heard of the Lemurs either. Great night.

STILL says

I find that pic horribly familiar AND depressing AND truthful....where's the razor blade...

Common Sense says

Dear JC,

Still Alive is the best song evar. Please draw Trogdor and sing something.

Common Sense (this comment has none [except for the Still Alive part])

Rob says

Oh boy! When I first saw that picture I thought it was picture taken of those "The Cubes - Cubicle Playsets" toys. Once I realized it was real I laughed ... then cried.

Gordon Elgart says

One of the people who played in there was Billy Bob Thornton! I did use a Dell laptop to look up the location of some party, so I guess that makes me a WiFi leech. I never stuck around for any performances, though.

Brian DeWitt says

Hey Jo,

That same lounge a few days later had Billy Bob Thorton stop by and play piano at it. Not sure what that says about both the place and him. But I know it says _something_ :)