Two Great Shows

By JoCo March 9, 2008

I’ve been doing little but traveling since Friday night so I haven’t had a chance to post, but thanks to everyone who came out to the Birchmere and Cactus Cafe shows – both sold out! Some flight delay excitement yesterday, but now I’m here in Austin, getting ready to go pick up my SXSW badge. Tonight I’m playing at the PopSci party after the Web Awards, and tomorrow night I’ll be a guest on The Heather Gold Show.

In case you were not at the Birchmere, and in case you didn’t get a chance to jam a camera in your pocket, then go up on stage and steal focus from Paul and Storm during their song “Nugget Man,” here is what that’s like:


Ich bin Schnappi says

If only someone had managed to snag a picture of the "military face-left salute" from the audience's perspective [insert hopeful glance around here]. 'Tis a shame that it only occurred to me afterwards.

Marcy says

Hey Jonathan! Best of luck tonight. Don't forget the premier of Nerdcore Rising--I think it's at 10 or 10:30?? Enjoy SXSW!!! Sorry I can't be there....

shmoo says

The show at the Birchmere was wonderful and my party had a great time! Thank you again for the "1337'st" time evah! U R teh Roxxors!

Though I'm still fairly sure that should be a Z.


Urban Garlic says

Awesome show at the Birchmere, and thanks so much for doing "Sweet Caroline" again, it was a nice bit for those of us who saw you at the Birchmere last fall.

The word is spreading, last fall we were a group of four, last Friday we were a group of ten. Come on back, and we'll get even more, I'm sure of it.

Good luck at SXSW, and I hope the London thing works, too!

Gina says

So cute! Hey - you can see a vague form that is me waving at the beginning. Hi!

I had so. much. fun.

Whaaaaaat? says

We're doing our best to get the word out, but we could use your help!

Thank you for the show and the inspiration,
The not professional comedian

JoAnn in VA says

*Grin* Paul wore my pirate panties on his head, you signed my t-shirt and I got to add 3 more names to my list of famous people I fed cookies too- add in the fact that my family was there and had a great time too, and all I can say is- it just doesn't get better than this for me! Thanks!

Jack F says

We're working on getting a sellout at World Cafe Live in Philly on 4/2. Tell your Philly area friends to buy tickets now!

hellziggy says

Hmmm. Real Jonathan Coulton doesn't seem to steal the show quite as much as Telephone Jonathan Coulton did when Paul & Storm were in Minneapolis for MarsCon...


Lesley says

Whaaaaaat? beat me. Pewp.

Sara A. says

Heyya, saw you in Austin, you put on a great show. Come back and play a bigger venue next time :)

Amanda says

Beautiful harmonies, funny stuff. Can't wait to see them in Atlanta.

And wow, the embedded channel thing is neat! Must View Source . . .

junkdraws says

HA! I love the bit of laughter alone backstage at the end of the video. Despite being away from home so much, you must be having such fun. Kudos on realizing a dream (your talent, ingenuity and hard work certainly came in handy in that regard :)).

Athene says

Hey, it was awesome to see you at the Cactus Cafe last night. Too bad you could't make it to the party. It was pretty much winding down by the time we got there anyway.

So, guess what? We were running out of tape/battery by the second set so we didn't get any of Chiron Beta Prime. (I'm still mad at my husband for this one)

Kelly says

Another vote for a bigger venue next time you're in Austin, although I really did enjoy the sound at the Cactus.

Just so you know, we went to see Styx last Thursday and your show was better. Their's was sort of like listening to album at high volume and staring at a moving poster. I think they played maybe 8 songs. I left having enjoyed the show more than I expected, but without any greater appreciation than I had before.

Your show was more like you were playing for friends and telling stories about your songs. I like that a whole lot more and left a bigger fan than when I walked in (if that was possible).

So there you have it. Jon Coulton is better than Styx!

blackcatbonifide says

That was awesome. I'm so glad you posted this clip so quickly after the show. I can actually see a highly pixellated form of myself and sporksmith in the audience:) (we're at one of the first rows of tables in front of the stage)

awesome show, definately worth the drive from pittsburgh:) Also you guys rawk with your harmonies

Stephanie says

Thanks for coming out to Austin! It was a great show and I was really happy to get a chance to see you in person. Even managed to drag two of my friends along and now they're big fans! Hope you manage to come back our way some time.

Hook 'em!

mandalariangirl says

We managed to get tickets even though the show was sold out. We saw you for the first time in St. Louis and I got to help out with Chiron Beta Prime. A highlight of my life. I was thrilled that when I moved to the DC area you came to play and I got to see you again so soon. Both were great shows!
I'm looking forward to seeing the picture of the plush angel.

Sarah says

Is that Heather Gold '90? Between Sam Power and Austan Goolsbee in the news all the time, this is really old home week!

Meanwhile: I'm glad the rest of the country is getting to see you live. Now come back to NY where you belong and give your hometown fans some satisfaction!

Jack F says

Speaking of PopSci, will we ever hear anything more from the moonbase?

Kristian Erik Hermansen says

I was the last person let into the packed Cactus Cafe show to see Honathna Coulton. I had no idea what I was in for, and just showed up off the street because Yelp pointed me here! I liked the atmosphere and small, connection-oriented feel you have with the performer on stage. It was like a TCP show, rather than those large stadium UDP shows where you think that dot on the stage is the guy who is singing. Ummm, I don't know how to work in ICMP here...

Anyway, I actually showed up because I was in from out of town and looking to find some female companionship for my lonely hotel room in Austin :-( Fortunately, the girl at the register let me buy in, even though I didn't have a ticket. The bouncer guy told her I would be the last admitted. Maybe destiny brought me here, because I am totally a comp sci dude. A kid in high school warned me that the eccentric performance might throw me off a little bit and seem random, but his worries melted away when I told him I had just written a stenography tool in python to leak data covertly via various text-based formats :-)

So, I didn't make it back to my hotel room with a lovely lady, but I did buy Coulton's 4CD box set for $50 at the show on my way out and even listened to the whole thing on my drive up to Dallas. Great stuff! Keep it up.

Oh, and don't forget little Michael's performance at Cactus Cafe. Definitely one of the most entertaining ad-hoc mishaps I have ever witnessed. Take care...

Anniebelle says

You were fabulous!!! First time caller, long time listener. I loved every minute of it. You are brilliant. I also really enjoyed meeting you and getting my picture taken with you. Aaahhh to touch greatness. Can't wait to see you again. (Paul and Storm too!!!)

Colleenky says

And now we know what it feels like, or at least looks like, to be an internet superstar. :-)

Kerrin says

Having been at the previous Birchmere concert, this is making me pine for a concert...I wish JoCo would hurry up and book a concert in the UK....oh, he has! :)

Encubed says

I wish he'd come to Toronto...we have just as many demands as the UK does!

Josh says

The show was awesome, can't wait 'til you're in or around DC again!

buschap says

Excellent show again! Thanks for another wonderful time!

And the string of interludes during "Soft Rocked" was great.

angie k says

Thanks for coming to Austin for another concert! This was the first time I've seen you in concert and it was AWESOME! I'll definitely be coming to every show you have in the Texas area from now on! Thanks for such a great time!

p.s. My fiance and I really *are* trying to decide between "I'm Your Moon" and "You Ruined Everything" to use somewhere in our wedding ceremony -- because we're nerds and those songs are really sweet. :) Cheers!

El Guapo says

Great, great show at the Birchmere! La guapa and I had a great time. Quick question- was the eagles/dan fogelberg/Beatles medley in the middle of Soft Rocked planned or spontaneous? My wife and I were trying to figure it out, and I have 5 bucks riding on the answer. Either way, it was a blast. Much bigger crowd than when we saw you at Jammin Java last year.

And a free suggestion worth every dime: Bumper stickers that say "This car climbed skullcrusher mountain" I'd buy two if it helps.

Just a thought.

Thanks for a great Friday night. (that sounds wrong in several ways, but you know what I mean)

robgonzo says

Thanks for a great show in Austin. It was so worth the ride down from Dallas. Looking foward to the next one!

Demetrius says

"El Guapo Says:
March 10th, 2008 at 9:02 am
And a free suggestion worth every dime: Bumper stickers that say “This car climbed skullcrusher mountain” I’d buy two if it helps."

Here you go, JC! It's all yours - formatted for CafePress' bumper stickers. I can send you a higher res version if you want it.

Lil Steff says

I cant believe I didnt take a shot of that but it was an awesome show!! Cant wait to come back and see you guys again!! Best of luck on your travels and shows!

Ich bin Schnappi says

Lil Steff: I don't know if you're actually going to come back and read this, but I think you were sitting in front of me.

Does "diligent cow" mean anything to you?

Amanda says

Last day of the Web 2.0 Plantation Owner's Annual Ball and Pig Roast t-shirt contest over at Pixish ... too late to submit, but still time to vote. Personally I couldn't get through all 117, but I contributed my Yeas and Nays on prob'ly at least 50.

Amanda says

Can I vote for a "Preview Comment" feature, too?

Qyandri says

I'm not very clever, and I am *terribly* shy, but I did want to extend a sincere thank you for signing my Thing-a-Week (well, again rather, since it was purchased already signed. ^_^) Of all the events connected to my birthday, seeing you at the Cactus Cafe was the absolute highlight - Because I was too shy to come up myself, I sent my husband for autographs, and you even drew a birthday cake ^_^! Wonderful surprise! I made a huge note there- Huge Success! (I know, not clever ^_^;) Although I do hope you'll enjoy England throughly, as it is a genuinely lovely country, do make sure you have a chance return to Austin again soon? Thanks! ^_^

Mark S says - P&S Captain Wife's Lament -Shop Vac -Soft Rocked by Me (Partial)

Great show. Worth the 5-6 hour drive and 5 hour wait in the rain. Would see again A++++

Matthew says

Jonathan, the show at the Birchmere was worth waking up early, driving six and a half hours in the rain, getting lost in Alexandria, and every single penny of the $70. Thank you so much for starting my spring break off so amazingly. I sang along with almost every song, and can only hope I can go to another one of your concerts in the future. I am saddened, however, that I was one of the only two people with lighters left for concert purposes.

Anyway, I love you music, and am saving up to buy some of your albums as soon as possible. Thank you so much!

JP says

Dude, you rocked the Birchmere and Paul and Storm were great.

It was great to see you in person. You look just like you do in pictures only you are like moving and singing.

It was a great show and can't wait for you to come back.

El Guapo says

Mark S.: So did you actually drive 7 hours, all day to see him?

And thanks for posting the vids. I think I won the bet with my wife with your help.

Everyone go watch those right now.

Alex P. says

Hey, I got to see you in Austin! I just became a fan and your live show is amazing. I had to leave early but I can't wait for you to come back. I will be there for sure.

SMurph says

Last show I took my boys to at the Cactus, my 7-year old made it through the opening act and passed out cold, and my 11-year old only made it to the halfway mark. JC kept them both up and singing along all the way through the show (though fortunately NOT singing along to the encore!). We all had a blast and they both loved getting their shirts signed by JoCo after the show!

Gina says

Mark S, you didn't happen to get a video of Chiron Beta Prime, did you?

Mark S says

El Guapo : Yep, from Virginia Tech. It was 5 1/2 to 6 hours total, then from 1PM to 5PM standing in the rain, I was the first one in line with my fiance.

Gina: Those were all the videos my fiance could record on her camera before the memory card filled up- all 2 gigs of it. I so wish I could have gotten the whole concert.

Gina says

Thanks anyway, Mark. It's probably better this way, I think I might die if I saw what I did up there.

Merbrat says

Great show in Austin!
Wil posted my Flickr link, since we were Wil's WWdN/JoCo Austin mini-MeetUp.
Your interview with Samantha was great! I just finished listening to the entire
playlist after it! (I hope to catch her show Wed)

Qyandri- I watched him draw the cake! Now, I wish I had taken a pic!

-Barb (Merbrat)

renee says

Wacky! Hard to see, but the camera's aimed pretty much directly at our table. You can see us all swaying during the last verse. (Yes, I was with Gina). :)

robgonzo says

Hey Merbrat, You were the folks sitting right behind me! Sweet!

Athene says

Austin show is now up on YouTube:

Merbrat says

Hee. robgonzo...I wonder if I edited your hair from my pix.
I had a couple shots that the flash picked it up.
Mostly the curly-haired guy on the center aisle who was doing
some serious head-banging to JoCo. (a'la Wayne'sWorld!)
um, wazzat you? ;o)
-Barb (Merbrat)

robgonzo says

@Merbrat No, that was the guy at the right end. I was on the left end. Story of my life.

Nim says

Anyone get footage from the Emo's show?

It was a great show, albeit too short (IMO). JoCo, I've flown down from MI to see you in Austin, and this time I didn't go to Cactus (suck it, waiting in line!) but dropped what I was doing Sunday night to show up 20 min into your show at Emo's. So worth it. As always.

Tan Sharpe 4 lyfe!

Dave says


Posting that was amazing. I owe you one million dollars.

He didn't do "You're My Moon" in the Schuba's, Chicago, summer 2007 show. I was sad. I am no longer sad.