Guitar Lessons

By JoCo March 5, 2008

Super Dave (whose real name is Dave) has started posting YouTube video guitar lessons for my songs. This is something that I’ve wanted to do myself for a while, but of course just haven’t had the time. Here is an example of just how powerful a tool procrastination can be, because Dave says he’s going to post a new lesson every week – I don’t have to do anything! You guys will all be able to replace me in no time. Here’s Skullcrusher Mountain:

Subcribe to Dave’s YouTube channel if you’d like to stay on top of things.


robgonzo says

Dude, you can franchise yourself out!

« Michael » says

Super sweet! I shall do my best to humbly emulate the Coulton-ness!

Lex says

Makes me think I should pick up my guitar and actually learn to play this time.

Kiki says

Well, this is definitely the swift kick I need to learn how to finally play that guitar I have sitting in my closet. I will definitely subscribe to that channel.

CALI says

Yay! Thanks Dave!

Super Dave says

Thanks everyone! I hope that I can show you all the inner most secrets of the guitar, or at least all the JoCo songs you want to know. I'll probably have a poll again on the forum for the song I'm going to do after Future Soon. Thanks again for the support and such. See you on the internet!

selene says

i just need a guitar and i'm all set

Alex says

Why if it isn't my hetero (?) lifemate, Dave!

Marcy says

You know, Jonathan, that if you can be replaced, I know a computer at Aperture Science who would love the job....
ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Emily says

Heeey, I know that guy!
Well, kinda. I met him once.
Aah, the network of JoCo fans is like one big happy family.

Plaguefox says

Hey, shoutout for Dave! Awesome stuff and keep it up. :)

Also awesome source material, naturally. Thanks for the music, Jonathan.

Ginny says

My half-pony half-monkey makes a cameo appearance! :O

Justin says

That's awesome, Dave. Thanks for putting it up.

Just a thought that floated through my brain while I was listening to Dave strum: there's this great community around making stuff with JoCo's songs. I'd love to see a bunch of single-instrument tracks that we could throw into GarageBand (etc.) and have a go at some renditions. We could bring in Dave's guitar, Molly or Kristen's uke, vocals and drums from others, and end up with a fan-based supergroup.

That's my attempt at creativity for the evening. It's all I've got for now.

Bry says

Justin: Did I hear "fan-based supergroup"?

Shaina says

I think Dave should have played the song and then played and sung so that we could hear how it sounds with the lyrics. Or, maybe I just want to hear him sing, because he's a good singer. As long as he doesn't lose his voice like ALWAYS.

Dan H. says

Holy crap. It's DDR Dave. You go man!

M_pony says

Oh if only I didn't resist that B7 chord (somehow my fingers just don't like it) I'd be playing this one more like you do.
DDR? wha? I used to play DDR... what does.. wha.. {brain meltdown}

Jeremy Williams says

You're my procrastination hero.

I may just have to go borrow one of my girlfriend's guitars and learn to play it now...

Frank says

Thanks for posting that info; I'd have probably never found it myself (or at least not this early)

Keep on rocking!


Mr.Nobody says

Pawn-shop-robbing time!

eliannrad says

I'm stealing my dad's guitar! (well, I don't know if he still has it... he doesn't play it anyways)

AverageJon says

That looks like a lot of work. Are there any vids showing us how to play JoCo songs on Guitar Hero?

Rich says

Dave, you totally soft rock!

Gingerlink says

Considering I've never actually learnt the chord shapes while playing guitar (I'm one of the people on the (rather smaller) side of learning finger plucking for about 10 years now) and anything I find on the internet never seems to sound the same (actually the E is ok, but then sounds completely different with the pinky on the third fret of the G string).

Actually testing that last point, the pinky on the second fret of the G sounds fine, I'll continue to bash through, see if I can get it to sound anything like. If worst comes to worst, I'll probabbly just get bored and start finger plucking the main melody...

Cheri says

You rock, Dave!