London Tickets On Sale

By JoCo March 4, 2008

UPDATE: I and others have confirmed that it’s a 14+ show, and there will be no opening band. Which means I will be able to rock (oh so softly) for 12 or 15 hours.

The show at Dingwalls has been confirmed and tickets are now being sold right here. At this point I’m just waiting to find out if this other secret thing is going to pay for my flight or not – I sure hope it is, otherwise I’m buying a last minute transatlantic ticket.

I don’t know if it’s 14+ or 18+, there seems to be some confusion. Also not sure who “special guests” are or if there are any. I’ll see what I can find out and let you know. Either way, Bob’s your uncle! Apples and pears! Am I right?


Jeremy says

Splendid. See you in Camden on the 20th.

Jon Who says

It seems like it's 14+ now, over everything. I'll definitely be there now, ain't nothing that's gonna stop me.

Marcus Rowland says

Be seeing you...

Christophano says

I had confirmation by email from the promoter that they have a 14+ license and will be happy to allow them in.

Danny says


I got my ticket! Now to see how many people I can get to come.

Jon Who says

Looks like it ought to be a fairly well sold night.

Chris Radcliff says

£15.00 per ticket? That's like... *does conversion*... $700 each! You'll make out like a bandit! Just don't spend it all in gastropubs.

~chris, hoping Eventful passes the test. go Internets!

Mirjam Hengeveld says

I'm going to come all the way from Arnhem, the Netherlands just to see this. Who knows when the next chance is...

Mike Galvin says

See you all then! Sooo looking forward to JoCo Lo Sho....

Got my ticket and my mates!

Amber says

Ticket Purchased! Now for Train and Lodging!

Paul says

Booked and looking forward to the 'JoCo Lo Sho'. :-)

Thanks for coming over JC - hopefully it won't be a once and only occasion.


Alex says

I also got confirmation from the telephone number listed on their site that it's 14+, so it seems like it's all good for now. I shall be buying my ticket sometime over the weekend.

Frederick Heath-Renn says

It's 14+ now? Really?

Hell yes. Tickets por moi. (Or ticket, you know, I'm easy.)

Jon Who says

It's nice to see everyone's happy about the age change, :P. I'd personally rather not bother with accomadation problems, go to station, and wait till morning, then move on...

Tristan says

Like I said, if you need a uke player I'll be there ;)

Angelastic says

Woohoo, it's real! :D Now if only the train booking site would stop having 'technical difficulties' :(

Griffin says

"Train and Lodging" Ditto :D
dam work :P slack off

MaW says

I can't wait, but I'm surprised they list special guests when you don't know anything about special guests.

I hope that's just a mistake, we don't want some two-bit support act turning up (a thirty-two bit support act would be cool though, can you get Paul and Storm to come?)

James says

14+ So booked, also now time for travel and lodgings

JJ says


Hopefully it won't be 'a concert too far' for you.

(With all due respect to the British 1st Airborne Division)

Angelastic says

I've been trying to book a train ticket online for about three hours now, but the site keeps tripping up at the last step. :( I guess I'll just start walking Londonward now.

Thomas Askew says

woo, ticket and train booked, I’m there, (I’m thinking of getting a lab coat and going as a mad scientist à la skullcrusher mountain/the future soon)

Lex says

For those worrying about a hotel - it's in Camden, I'm sure we can find somewhere to spend the night clubbing away, then get the first train home in the morning. That's my provisional plan, if the show ends too late (my last train is far too early).

juco says

You're following us to London! Or maybe it's the other way around. :) Anyway, we'll totally see you there. Hopefully we can bring some folks from MOO along with us.

Tmoz says

If I had a place anywhere near Camden I'd definitely open my doors and floors to fellow JoCo fans. Unfortunately I've just moved down south and will be looking for a sofa (or all night pub/club) myself that night. So excited!!

CALI says

Hopefully there will be some of you willing to tape and share some of the overseas crowd on youtube. OR even the show?????? Anyone???

Eric Ginsberg says

You're right.

Roman V says

@ chris - actually 15 british pounds is about 30 dollars US.

Also, i think the age all depends on whether he plays First of May or not :P

Have fun in England. I really hope you are doing a few shows in a few places, just so it's not like you know you travel and such, do a show, then leave. While there, at least hang out, or do moar shows?

Roman V says

Also, for everyone going to show, you better grab like 2-5 people (not literally) and bring them with you. Show Coulton that shlepping across the ocean was worth it. Liek seriously.

Roman V says

schlepping* , according to

Dan Plus Add says

Wootage! I think "special guests" implies that they expect you to have a support act. You know, unless you want to just perform longer than the average musician... which would be cool!

Paul Cosgrove says

It's entirely possible that the venue will drag in some local teenage dirge to perform in front of JoCo and that's the "Special Guests" - I went to see Bad Religion in Dublin twice, and both times the support act were (relatively) unknown groups who couldn't possibly have been known by the headline band.

Jon Who says

If they had a support group that really sucked, then we'd think JoCo was MUCH better than he might have been had he just performed by himself. And that would make someone's head explode, I'm sure...

Laura says

Oh, be still my beating heart, hooray!!

MarkHB says

Ticket Get! Huzzah!

Now to spaff the news to all my chums - having successfully secured my own tickets first. Bwahhahahaa...

Bob says

JoCo, you should consider coming up to Manchester whilst you are in the UK. Come see some of the real country instead of all that Metro bollocks.

Angelastic says

YES! After one website and two travel agencies had the same technical problem reserving my train tickets, I finally managed to reserve some! It's hard to overstate my satisfaction.

See you on the 20th!

And believe me I will see you live. I feel fantastic and I'll see you live. And when you're dead I will have seen you live. Seen you live!

Gingerlink says

I could be a special geust!

I wait, scratch that. Booked tickets though :D

I know, maybe JoCo could ask people to bring guitars and while he's having his break, have other people attempt to play his songs, adding a bit of comic amusement into the break.

Jon Who says

That's a tiny bit creepy, but well thought out Angelastic.

Jon Who says

12 hour soft rocking would take us through the evening which we are all dreading. Whilst I get the sneaking suspicion it was a joke, it is still a good idea...

MaW says

Only if I can sing along!

Angelastic says

Gingerlink, don't suggest such things... He's already saying, 'You guys will all be able to replace me in no time.' Next thing you know we'll be paying for concerts where he won't even show up. BYOJoCo.

It would still be cool though. :D Hey, if he's not going to do a European tour, let's do one for him. There could be many different real and fake JoCos (let's call them 'tribute bands', it sounds better) giving concerts in parallel. We could lock the real one in a cubicle and get him to write a song a day.

Jon Who says

That's a little more demanding than a song a week, though much more impressive if he succeeded (only if they were good songs on average). And I thought the whole point of him being an internet superstar was that he didn't have to work in a cubicle any more...

Frederick Heath-Renn says

Good idea Angelastic! We could be called the FauxJoCos.

(Now, let me think of something appropriate to get signed. I suppose a half-monkey-half-pony monster would be a good start.)

Jon Who says

I'll be unimaginative, and take someone's idea to sign my copy of "The Orange Box", or a PG Tips monkey...

Sam Dalton says

Ticket Purchased! See you on the 20th!

Lia says

Ticket Purchased, Brother just introduced to JC and is coming along, Bf flight tickets purchased, all in all its promising to look like a wonderful night. See you all on the 20th

Griffin says

Yay have tickets and hotel (theres one just up the road if anyones stuck)

Angelastic says

Ooh, what's the name of the one just up the road? I haven't looked for a hotel yet, this would save me some time.

Iain says

Hooray! JoCo in London! Just got my tickets for me and my wife - who I've converted to Coulton! (Does that make her a Coulvert?)

Despite subscribing to JoCo's RSS feed and putting my name down on Eventful, the way I actually found out about the London gig was on the blog for the London Eastercon Sci-Fi event happening that weekend - so we're going to see JoCo, Neil Gaiman, Cory Doctorow and Charles Stross in one weekend - OMG I'm geeking out...

Griffin says

ts the Camden Inn, I am personally astounded that how cheep youth hostels are. I Think that i should travel more.

Seils says

I currently have no money, and I dont start my new job until a week after the gig...but I'm currently working on a plan to beg, borrow and steal my way down to Camden from Glasgow. Can't let this slip past.

AJS says


We can promise you that JoCo will return to the UK, probably by the end of the year. A Glasgow date would be in order. This show in London has already sold 180 tickets, and is looking like a sell-out. We're only slightly shocked!

Seils says

Yeah, I dont doubt he'd be back. But I'm still going to try and make it down.

Tristan says

I've got my ticket now! Also got at least one friend to buy a ticket - Hoping to get a fair sized Bristol contingent along!

JRO says

Excellent - Got my tickets :-D

Angelastic says

Hey, you know what? This means *we* are the special guests.

Paul says

do we get paid? I would hate to do a show in front of us and not get paid .. by ourselves ...

I have a headache now :-(


Martyn says

Yes! Yes! Thank god!

JoCos in England!

See you there hopefully!

reb says

Wow - I can't believe it!!! I never thought you'd make it over here!
Just bought my tickets - can't wait!

El Tart says

After a bit of quick evangelism I've ordered a few tickets and will be there with some new converts from the Midlands! I'm geeking out tremendously. :)

johnarne says

Is it to much to travel from Oslo to London just for a concert? Of course not, not when it's JC! If you think me wrong, you can tell it to my face at Dingwalls ;-)

Joe Schmetzer says

Nice one! I'll booked tickets for a friend and I, and I'm spreading the word:

Ben says

I am so there, best thing is night before bank holiday so no need to get up next morning so i am all for an all night mind blowing experience. Now all i need is a friend or two i can drag along with me then i am set.

AJS says

Believe it or not, in the short 8 or 9 days this has been on sale, we expect it to sell out very soon. If you haven't got your tickets, do it now. Next time; Shepherd's Bush here we come!

Freddy says

Got my tickets as well as my friends.

Bob says

*sigh* I don't suppose a Scottish show is on the table at all?

Jake says

Tried to get tickets yesterday, sold out. :'(

Kerry says

Me too! Sigh. Please come back soon. I'm seriously disappointed here!

instantiator says

Sold out. :(

Shurely once you're in England you can stay for another gig... maybe a tour...

Kitty says

I'm so sad I didn't even hear about it til now! Oh well. Please return soon!

Ben says

From the Dingwalls website

"This show is sold out. There are 30 standing tickets available on the door on the night."

So the rabid ticketless fans out there have still got a final chance... or there might be touts on the night (yuck) of course.