Dilbert Like Fritos

By JoCo March 4, 2008

I have no idea if this is a reference to my song, or merely a use of the pre-existing term Code Monkey, but it is exciting nonetheless. Thanks to the many people who passed this link along…


Angelastic says

And here I was thinking the next post would be to confirm that the London show is going ahead. It is, right? Or is Dingwalls just taking money off unsuspecting people for no reason?

Alex says

Oh man, I saw that this morning. It was awesome. My mom didn't believe me.

Jeremy Williams says

Being referenced on Dilbert would be like...
+Eleventy Million Ego Cool points.

Brenda says

As an information architect, I resemble that remark.

Jacob says

My favourite fluff-title is still "Persuassion Architect". Horrible horrible buzz word.

Dan Beeston says

e-mail him.

Scott Adams is great at answering fan e-mail.

Braden says

I saw it, and like to think it was a nod to you

D1 says

I'd see it as a joco reference if it said something like "Code Monkey like ... "

negative man says

Honestly it's such a cliched term I think it'd be kind of arrogant to assume it's a reference