Dance with Emily

By JoCo March 4, 2008

You remember Emily of course, the person responsible for this excellent Code Monkey Dance (she continues to be proud to be awesome, as far as I know). I was asking her about maybe including her video on the DVD in some way, and she thought it would be fun to make a montage of lots of other people doing the dance. I agree completely. To that end, Emily and I encourage you to take video of you (or your baby, or your cat) doing the dance and submit it to the email address she’s set up for this: needamontage[at]gmail[dot]com. If you have questions about format and such, I’m sure she would be happy to answer them (I will stay out of it, so as not to complicate things). I should also make it clear that this may end up on the DVD and/or YouTube and/or who knows where, so please don’t submit anything you don’t want me to use that way – I will also ask you to sign a release at some point.

But for now: dance, monkey.


Super Dave says

I'll only feel comfortable doing the dance at IHOP, the only time I really ever talked to Emily. I think this is a great addition to the DVD as well. I'm already looking forward to the hordes of monkey dances.

eliannrad says

Dance, Code Monkey, dance
It's a cold DVD, nobody understands
The simianness you can't keep inside
Go, Code Monkey, go
All the DVD producers are watching you dance fast and slow
With the light of the truth you can't hide
That JoCo is Awesome and his magic goes on forever

Amy Sisson says

I hope the DVD will include both her original video and the montage. What fun! I was introduced to the video last fall sometime, and since then it's what I use whenever I have to test audio on the computers at work.

Tindómiel says

If only I hadn't had the misfortune to sit next to the cameras in SF instead of in front of them, someone would've at least already had footage of me doing the hand motions during the chorus...

Rich says

It's funny - "Dances with Emily" has long been my Indian name, but I never knew why...

Molly says

If only someone with CG skills could animate the Dancing Baby doing it.
(Does anyone remember the Dancing Baby?)

Mark Gordon says

@Molly: You're showing your age.

Jesss says

Molly! Showing her age? By the way, Molly, I sent your latest song to my mother and she LOVES you and has passed it to all her friends. So watch out for a horde of grandmotherly stalkers!

Ich bin Schnappi says

Das ist WONDERFUL. I must begin dancing at once.

Zac says

That's funny Rich, Dances with Emily is also the name of my emo band.

Roman V says

Well here's an FYI (no, you're not gonna dye screaming, yeesh people) if there is a problem with file formats you can use a website like to convert between formats. Also there is a (Windows-only) program called SUPER from eRghtSoft which does conversion if you want to look that up. It costs nothing, but does require Windows, like hardcore. Hope I helped.

Roman V says

Also, if you sent it as an attachment it may be like NO THIS IS TOO BIG and deny you, so upload it to a website like and then send that link if necessary. Hope that helped.

Lindsay says

Is there a deadline on this? It sounds awesome, but I'd like to get some friends together to do it, which might take a while.

Emily says

Hey Jonathan- I've posted a video on YouTube announcing this very thing:

Is "by the end of March" a suitable due date for sending the videos in?

JoCo says

@Emily - yep, that sounds fine.

Sonya Monkey says

Ohhh... Dance Monkey have idea...

Sonya Monkey says

Oh wait... You have to do *Emily's* dance! This monkey's dance won't work then... Never mind... :-(

Angelastic says

Sonya Monkey, do your dance too and put it on YouTube... who knows, it might be the subject of the next montage.

Nadine "CupcakeAndTea" O. says

woot woot this jst sounds awsome

Shane says

Emily you rock, and if you're a coder too, then I love you.

I like puppies too.