London Calling

ByJoCo February 29, 2008

This is not a definite thing yet, but I see no harm in mentioning it now: it’s entirely possible, I’d even say likely, that I’m going to be playing a show in London on 3/20. (Or I guess if you’re in London, 20-3. I think. To be perfectly clear March 20th is the date. March 20th, which is about three weeks from now.)

There’s something else that needs to come together that will get me over the ocean on an airplane, and if that happens then the London show is a go. I hope to have ticket links and show time specifics in the next day or so, but the venue is going to be Dingwalls.

This is a real test of Eventful, and the power of the internet blah blah blah. There are 159 people demanding me in London, if most of them buy tickets we should be in pretty good shape. But the capacity at Dingwalls is 487, so there’s plenty of room for everyone, ha ha ha.

More soon! London! Holy crap!


Jimmy says

London's lucky. I'm envious.

They're gonna love ya there, John.

awryone says

Best post title, yet.
Joe Strummer is smiling in Heaven.

Mark Gordon says

One wonders whether "Over There" will be in the set list. Granted, the UK isn't Belgium or France. Still, pack extra soap and Twinkies, just in case! ;-)

Christophano says

Wow. I'm going to leave my first comment to say how pleased I am to hear this.

I don't live near London (far from it in fact) but I added London as my choice on Eventful as I figured it'd be the best chance to get you over here!

Freddy says

Ah, 10 days before my birthday. You've got a guaranteed ticket buyer here and whoever I can drag along with me.

Exciting stuff!

Roman V. says

@Mark - I bet "Sky Mall" may be in the set list, not sure why, but I have that hunch.

Have fun in England. What we have to do is get all of those 159 people to bring 2 or 3 friends each.

Oh and if you think London is far, the Eventful list 22 demands in Israel. That's like... a whole other side of the world.

Jessica R. says

I've already told JoCo about this, but Re: Your Brains was Played on Virgin Radio UK in London on Thursday!!

They deviated from their usual playlist for 1 show only & played whatever they wanted. Go to, then DJs/Shows, The Geoff Show, then "Listen Again" to here a downloadable Podcast of Thurs. show. About 1/3 of the way thru, the DJ talks about JoCo, his song topics & then plays the song (which is cut off in the podcast version, but hey he still got played!! ). I wonder what the Thursday mainstream listeners thought of it :-)

Lex says

Perfect timing, I just rediscovered this site and now a London show! Sign me up for a ticket.

Joe Cooper says

Please call me LONDON
Check out our site 4 stages of qualification to the top
The best of the best Indie Artist

Doug says

"Over There" IMO. That is all.

Stephen says


It's at times like this I really regret living up here in Scotland. And being a poor student.

Guess I'm gonna try and be really optimistic and hope I can find some way to go...

Paul says

Hey - great.. never heard of eventful, but sounds like a great idea.

I hope to be able to come, and I'm sure that you'll have fun JC.

I was only visiting this site to see if anyone has come across (www.)audiosurf(.com) which is a fun game that takes an audio track and turns it into a game.


Frederick Heath-Renn says


("Over There" would go down well. To my Europhilic chagrin, we don't seem to think of Britain as part of Europe.)

Jonathan D says

Damn damn damn - as an englishman living in Dublin, I never so much wished I *wasn't* living in Dublin and was back in the UK - no chance of a detour on the way home, eh JoCo? Seriously though, as a huge fan since T.A.W days - is there anything I can do to convince you to stop of in Ireland on the way home?

Colleenky says

So which US fans are devoted enough to hop the pond for a JoCo concert? (Alas, I don't have the means.)

Mark Gordon says

I might actually have an easier time making it to a Tel Aviv show.

Dobblesworth says

Holy crap! JoCo crossing the pond! Ok I think I can bear the murky world of London for a Coulton concert.

Great decision mate!

Tristan says

I seriously hope I can make it to this gig. It would be a triumph.

Amanda says

You won't cancel the show in Atlanta on 3/22, will you? I'm really dying to see you live.

Braden says

119 and counting demanding you in Vancouver! How 'boot it?

John S says


Hey... you should come down to Seattle and see him on April 26th. With our dollars being equal these days, you may actually end up paying less (minus the petrol/gas/whatever the Canucks call it). Seattle is a great place, we love JoCo, and it will be awesome.

Angelastic says

You can't come that far for just one show! I demand a Europe tour! Well, at least hop over to Paris and sing Re : Vos Cerveaux.

But seriously, I'll see if I can make it. It's only about six hours from here (Geneva) by train, I think. Should be no problem as long as I'm wearing comfortable enough clogs.

AverageJon says

Even though it's "Over there" a lot of people can still understand American.

You may need a phrase book if you want to get things like french fries though.

Jon Who says

I feel rather sad, months of anticipation and things go the way I expected. I wonder if I could miss school, get to London, see the show, get back, sleep and then leave again in the morning...

Rhydian says


Now I just have to hope that:
a) I can get the night off work,
b) My sister isn't working so that she can drive me 140 miles to London,
and c) The show goes ahead.

I will do everything I can to get to that show. And I'm not one of the people in the Eventful list.

Zutot says

Oh my gosh that would be so great! Keeping my fingers tightly crossed!

SevinPackage says

Fantastic! Now we can call you International Internet Superstar! Way to go!

Oh, and I'm SO there on April 26th. Wouldn't dream of missing it.

Wim says

That's during the one week that I'm in Austin. There's always next time, right? Right?
At least you'll come to PAX, right?

Tristan says

*cough*Australia next*cough*

Dustin says

Ahh darn it, why couldn't this happen before I move to the US? I'll have moved by then. I'd have made the trip to London for this. Oh well, at least they'll have fun, so will you hopefully.
I also have more chance of getting to see you in the US too, so it's all good.
I hope you enjoy London if you do go.

Braden says

John S.

If JoCo skips Van, then I'll be packing up a carload of people and heading down for that show. I'm just hoping I'll be able to avoid crossing the border. Those dudes are scary. :P

Sam says

Canada? Canada? It's only about 15 hours (driving) to Toronto from NYC. And about 10 hours to Montreal and/or Ottawa. :-D

Bill says

This is awesome ONLY if you're de-jet-lagged by Mar 22 for the Atlanta show! :)

Tristan says

Oh, and if you need a uke player ;)

Tristan (UK) says

It seems there are two Tristans! I'm from the UK, the other seems to be from Down Under.

Matt Walton says

If it wasn't a Saturday I'd already be booking the time off work I need to get down there in time for the gig to start and to recover afterwards. This is the best news ever!

Paul Cosgrove says


I will be there.

Alex says

If I can be there- I will.

Kerrin says

I am so happy, words can not explain!

Mattie says


This is awesome and has totally made my day (month!) (year!).

I'll be there. ^^

Joel says

Glad to hear that our pals across the pond will get to see you now. But I'm with Amanda on this, you better find yourself in Atlanta still on 3/22, so no hogging JoCo over there folks! ;)

manstraw says

take some extra blue jeans to sell on the black market. they go crazy for them there.

or wait. that's russia.

and 20 years ago.

Kaal says

Excellent! My lady and I shall be there. Cheered me right up seeing that. :)

AJS says

Comments from one who knows these things:

JC: The SEATED capacity of Dingwalls is much less than 487. Like barely 300.

Jonathan D: If you can't make it, Stephen Lynch, with whom JC shares a manager & agent, will be at Whelan's on May 31.

Amanda: JC will most definitely still be in Atlanta 3/22. His dedication knows no bounds.

Braden: Working on Vancouver around Seattle.

All the rest of you UK folks who aren't sure if you can make it: Spread the word!

Rob (Not the boring manager one) says

London?!?...moving from household name to worldwide name! Well played Mr. Coulton....well played!

hugh says

If you don't already have a valid passport, you need to apply for one immediately. State Dept

Mike Galvin says

Dude, I will be there...with a bunch of people and monkey/ponies.

Looking forward to it.

Pete says

I will be there, as long as you promise me that you won't wait until 10pm before starting. I'm going to need to leave by 10:45 to catch my last train.

Rich says

Will be there. No question about it :)

Tmoz says


Good choice of date too - with a public holiday the next day I'm sure there will be gallons of free beer being offered to you before, during and especially after the show (sorry Atlanta, but surely keeping him up all night will ultimately help with the jetlag??)

Pete says

Ignore my previous message. I can't make it. As Tmoz says, it's a public holiday the following day, and I've remembered that I'm going to be away with family.

Jim Wright says

Aaargh! I can't believe we finally get a show in London (I'm studying abroad here this year, and am one of the 159), and it ends up being the day I leave for Athens. All I can say is, you better be coming back to Johnny D's in Somerville, MA next year.

James says

Curses for not being 18 nor having a fake i.d

MakTheYak says

Gah! It's like the one night that's going to be difficult for me to make, as my other half gets back from a month-long work trip abroad earlier in the day. Still, she's a fan so I'll see if she's likely to want to go despite the fact it will be at like 2am her time. I'm sure I can convince her! Wish me luck... and make sure it's the first of many UK gigs!

Thomas Askew says

London, as you say, holy crap I never thought I would get to see you over here,
It’s a bit of a trek to London from the midlands, but count me in. I’m not even one of the 159; I had you “eventfilled” at Wolverhampton.
(I'm making my zombie costume as I write)

Thomas Askew says

and 15 days after my birthday

Art says

Seriously, you're going all that way and you're not even going to stop off and play a set in my basement? What's wrong with Germany?

Avedon says

London says yes.

Rob says

Dunno what the chances of this are, but I had London Calling playing as this post popped up in my RSS reader.

Jacob says

London Ontario, or London England?

Nick says

I'm going to London for spring break (3/14 - 2/23). As soon as you post the details I'm going to try to convince all my friends to come (should be about 7 of us). I think it's funny that I have to fly across the Atlantic to see a show of yours instead of just going across the city to Brooklyn.

shine says

Absolutely love to, providing I get enough notice to get cheap train tickets to London...


Theis says

London only? Nothing continental? A show in france and Germany might bring more scandinavians. And other brands of europeans. We shower too.

Or Copenhagen. Do Copenhagen. Come on. Please?

Adam says

Ah man, it had to be on a Thursday? My Dad'd go ballistic if I tried to go up on a school night...
But on the other hand, this may be the only chance! (before you headline Wembley, obviously... its gonna happen!)
Right, I need to find a way to con my Dad...

Bry says

Adam: Just try and convince your dad the next day's Good Friday. Promise he'll buy it.

(The part about Dingwalls apparently being 18-and-up only, however, may be harder to get around.)

Martin K says

This. Is excellent news. Now that you've got a foot in the door when it comes to entertaining members of the Commonwealth, it's only a skip and a jump to find yourself playing a set in (hint hint) sunny Australia.

We don't bite. However, we are about the only things that don't. We have spiders the size of dinner plates and dinner plates the size of cows, and cows the size of apartment buildings. A = B = C.

I kid. I applaud your cross-continental dedication.

Ruaidri says

ahhh England, the "Mother Country" pity about the terrible weather that they get there, if only they had awesome weather like we do down here in Australia *more subtle hinting from an Aussie*

Braden says

AJS: Thank you very much! Exciting news.

Amber says


You've got at least one more to add to that 159, because I have been intending to add my voice to Eventful for at least a week, but it's been a bit hectic.

(Does a little dance)

Steve Rydz says

I really hope I can make that one Jonathan! Mid-week gigs in London can be a pain from where I live but I'm gonna try! Looking forward to it.

Adam says

Alright, probably should have noticed what the 21st is, no problems there now!
Now its simply a case of aging two years in 18 days...

owl_waxer says

If it's possible, (which it probably won't be considering we'd have to get up there on a school night (we've got the next day off, but I doubt we can even travel there in time)) then me and every single person I've ever forced to love JoCo will be there... which is about 4 of us.

Don't suppose you'd tour the UK while you're here? Somewhere in the South-West maybe??? OK, maybe not.

Alex says

Wow! You do know that this year's Eastercon (the British National Science Fiction Convention) is at London Heathrow and opens on the 21st? Please tell me you don't have to fly back straight after the show...

Myself and lots of other fans will be there on Thursday for pre-con setup. I'll do my best to drag a group of them out in the evening to see you. :)

Liz Hamill says

Breaking through another barrier for independent artists...the power of the internet, the power of your showing us how it can be done...Liz

Mike says

Aww, man! I'll be in London THE NEXT DAY! So close....

Kilian says

I'm with James on the ID front.

Mazzix says

Hey why dont you make a euro tour ;)

Stormfilled says


I'll be there!

Must continue my plans to convert all of Hertfordshire to Coulton fans... We will bring the multitudes!

Sam says

yay! I am there!

Marc says

Damn, if it was a weekend, I'd go (and I live in south wales about 6 hours from london lol).

Frederick Heath-Renn says

...and I throw my hat in with the rest of the under-18 crowd. Ah well. It was fun while it lasted.

Incidentally, I note that The Now Show, Britain's premier satirical comedy radio revue, is recording on the 20th. Is that why you're coming over, to fill, for one night only, the shoes of Mitch Benn?

Marcus Rowland says

Interesting - there's an SF convention (Orbital 2008) in London starting the following day, so a fair number of fans may be at a loose end on the Thursday - I plan to come anyway, if you go ahead with it.

Danny says

Fantastic! I was expecting to have a much longer wait before you came here.

Jon says

My girlfriend and I live in wales but love your music. We will be making every effort to come down and see you in london! Its about time there was a show in europe!

Brian Heason says

Don`t know if I can make it, the wife has just given birth and JC is coming over, talk about bad timing.I thought you might give us a month or two for the young lad to settle, then I might be let out again!! I was hoping you`d try to come over and do a proper tour in August/ September, here`s hoping? Anyway I`ll try to get out ,but Nottingham to London is a pretty long journey these days.
Cheers Brian

Nat says

Have you considered making a call in at the Eastercon the next day - I'm sure you'd get a very warm welcome.

Jamie says

Awww PLEASE play on a weekend! I really couldn't make it on a weekday, and your one of my favourite musicians D: I really don't want to miss out on this

Contra says

Awesome stuff. but I'm in Glasgow... so I can't see you... but i'd love to have...

come up here.

Glasgows better anyway >_>

Jemimus says

WOAH! I was already planning to be in London over easter, how perfect is that!! Me and my gf will definitely be there!! :D

VonTurbo says


Dude, I will be there with bells on. I'll bring everyone I know.


Angelastic says

I hope you realise that you've got our hopes up now, so if you end up not doing this show, you're going to have to come over some other time and do a proper tour, or else we'll... or else we'll... complain on the internet. In capital letters. And you don't want that.

Dan Plus Add says

I'll make a date in my diary and drag my girlfriend along.

Do it Jonathan, do it!

Yaser Latef says

This is the best news I have had in a month, at least, and I've been having some good news! Incidently, I was thinking 'Over There' would be hilarious too, true we're not France or Belgium, but we -are- mentioned, tee hee.

Felix says

Hurrah! I second all that demanding!
I think you underestimate your English fanbase dude, Dingwalls may be in for a bit of a shock...

Kilian says

I still complain of the stupid sucky age limit, that just makes it even more annoying.

Mark says

HELL YES! I'm one of the listees on Eventful for London, and I will get getting tickets for multiple friends and family. Like, 3 or so. You better not sell out the show before I can, JoCo. I'm warning ya.

David says

Figures, the one time you decide to bless Britain with your awesomeness, I'll be recovering post-operation

You better come back to merry old England once again, or I may just cry.

Oh yeah, I went there.

Dan Coulter says

I just added an event at Upcoming, if anyone else uses that.

Jonty says


I have a gaggle of enthusiastic fanboys I can bring.

Adam says

Just out of interest, and in a totally legal way, anyone know how one can obtain a fake ID that says one is, I dont know, 18 for example?
Anyone been to this place before? How strict/gullible are they?

« Michael » says

Three Cheers for Clash references. =3

Angelastic says

Hey, you eventful listees, stop promising to bring friends, you're making me scared there won't be a place for me! ;-)

So I have checked that I can take the day off work, I'm ready to swoop on cheap train fares as soon as this is confirmed. Or blow myself up if it isn't confirmed.

Sam says

Superb! I was one of the 159 (well if I'm honest I'm 2 of them, but I'll bring a friend), but I wasn't too optimistic, so this is fantastic!

Frederick Heath-Renn says

Maybe all the under-18s could just stand outside and bring a stethoscope.

Angelastic says

Hey! There he is on the front page of the Dingwalls site! It must be true! :D

Angelastic says

And it says 14+ :D

Yaser says

OMG, first with Tickets! YAY!

Thomas Askew says

hang on, it says 14 plus on the page, but the disclaimer to get the tickets says "Please note this is a 18 & over performance.", what gives?

Jon Who says

That confused me, as far as I've gathered, you don't HAVE to be 18 to purchase tickets, but if you are under 18 and with tickets, you may get turned away without a refund.

But does the fact that it's a 14+ performance overrule that? Only time shall tell I guess...

Christophano says

Chillax Jon, it'll be fine!

Lex says

Woo, ordered my ticket! Now I just have to find someone wacky enough to want to go with. Don't want to be all on my own, but I live in the kind of area where there are hardly any geeks :(

Tom says

Two tickets: BOOKED.

Gingerlink says

2 tickets booked here too

Angelastic says

I was going to wait until I'd thought about this rationally, and made sure I could actually get to London, and made sure he wasn't about to announce a surprise Europe tour, but I couldn't sleep without knowing that ticket was safely booked. :D Now, if I could just arrange to get there by boat and plane and then go to Spain for the rest of the long weekend...

CALI says

Am I just loopy tonight or does anyone else fine these directions Dingwalls funny?

"Middle Yard is the first left turn off Camden Lock Place and Camden Lock Place is under the railway bridge at the junction of Castlehaven Road and Chalk Farm Road. The building is beside the canal and also has "Jongleurs Comedy Club" written on it. We are a five minute walk from Camden Town and Chalk Farm stations both on the Northern Line"

Please, don't even ask why I am looking at directions even though I will not be in London.
I do not know.

Jon Who says

Hence why I'm going to ask a more logical service for directions. Either a map, or if I want to pay a small fortune, a taxi.

BTW, how long are average performances? Although looking at trains now, it doesn't seem to make a difference...

Tom says

The last train north is at 11:30, so I'm hoping everything will wrap up by about 10:30 to be safe. A three hour gig - including "special guests" - sounds about right, surely?

Carter Stewart says

I am so pleased that you are going to be playing here in the Big Smoke! I have two mates in Portland who sent over this link just yesterday. They have been kind enough to send me your CD's when they attend you concerts in the States. I really get a laugh out of Eat Your Brains, and Skymall!

Looking forward to seeing you at Dingwells! Also- dont be put off by the directions. Camden Lock is a bit of a rabbit warren, but it quite easy. Depending on where you are staying the Camden Town (northern line) stop is best bet. Be sure to not miss Camden Market on the weekend- if you can stay. It is truly one of the best parts of London.

If you need any logisitical help, pre-arrival info, or anything my wife and I would also be happy to help you out. Just drop an e-mail.



MaW says

Is there any of Camden Market left standing after the fire the other week?

Carter Stewart says

Oh sure, MaW- the largest portion of the funky Camden Market was on the other side of the streen. The Hawley Arms and the surrounding area on the other side was the worst hit. While I did not frequent it- I undertand tht the Hawley Arms was recent favourite of some of our more colourful musical aritists.

Paul Cosgrove says

Booked tickets, just need to get plane and hotel sorted out now.

But next time, JoCo - a little more notice would be nice. :"P

Matt says

I am going to be there even if it kills me. Try and stop me

Marcus Rowland says


Yaser Latef says

Don't worry about it Lex, I'm sure it'll work out - I went to a Misfits gig in Cambridge a couple years back and bumped into some cool peeps. If you lack for people to hang out with, look for my friends and I, we're always up for a bigger group =)

...I'm sure I've made this clear already, but YAY!

Looptron says

I will most assuredly be there. Oh yes.

Alex Holden says

Ticket booked! I'll try to organise a group of us from Orbital.

Zutot says

Tickets booked! I can't wait!

Ben says

Oh yes !!!

Will be dragging a mini-posse down, listen to tunes with a few beers and try and explain the brilliance of the portal song on the way home (badly).

You really should play "over there" when your over here. We brits love songs that are mean to French people, and the saving your a** in WWII part is hilarious !

And if your feeling generous with name checks, please play Skullcrusher mountain for my sweetie, Mimi, who was the one who introduced me to your tunes so long ago and is certainly the chick I'd kidnap if I only had a secret lair to drag her too :)

Really looking forward to the gig,

Ben says

Only one ticket left, apparently... not that I want to start a stampede (as if the comments board hadn't already)

Looks like it's almost a sellout in 24 hours - check out the UK JoCo love !

Angelastic says

Where does it say there is only one ticket left?

Anyway I'm glad I didn't wait to think about this rationally. Any rationale which says not go to see Jonathan Coulton at what could be the only opportunity is not fit to be worn by primates (this holds for justifications and monkeys as well as liturgical vestments and bishops.)

« Michael » says

Lucky English folk. :3

I decided that, as much as I love your music, JoCo, that flying to London to see you would be highly impractical; so, I've decided to see you in Philly on April 2nd, instead.

Though, I would really love to be able to see both shows. =D

Lex says

If it really is a sellout in 24 hours...

"This is a real test of Eventful, and the power of the internet blah blah blah."
The internet passed.

Ben says

Ah - I probably had half of the spare tickets locked in the system by repeat refreshing of the checkout page !

Seems there are a few more than "just one" left... for now...

Brian Heason says

Just booked my ticket as well, I forgot it`s Good Friday the following day, so no workey pooh, hurrah.Now I`ve got to convince the wife that it all in a good cause to leave her and new born, for the night.

MaW says

Please please PLEASE play Skullcrusher Mountain!

Unless you don't want anybody in the audience to sing along, because I'll be unable to stop myself.

Nick says

I hope I can make it to this. I remeber commenting ages ago when you made a post about possibly coming, but I thought you'd forgotten all about that. I hope I can be there!

Paul says

Booked my ticket, so not sold out yet (I hope!), now to check what trains I will need.


Jesss says

I would be shocked if he didn't play Skullcrusher, MaW. I think he usually plays it toward the end of his set. At my show, there was a singalong on the chorus that was really beautiful. He might change out other songs, but I feel like that is a must play at every show.

Tiffany says

...please don't be horribly jetlagged on the 22nd.

Oliver says

Let the dragging of friends to the gig begin!

Martyn says

I just make the over-14 age limit. I just need my parents to buy the tickets. Since they don't know who JoCo is, this may be problematic.
The show may just be out of my reach, but for the love of God-someone record it and put it on Youtube and/or give it to JoCo for this website.

Kinky says

Damn! Just picked this up and the venue is now sold out. Good luck and sorry to miss you - maybe next time?

Tart says

It's 3:20am, just got back home after the gig and I'm still buzzing quite a bit, what a great show! Set list was: Over There, The Future Soon, Ikea, Shop Vac, I'm Your Moon, Baby Got Back, Still Alive, a Billy Bragg cover called The Saturday Boy, Someone is Crazy, I feel Fantastic.

Set two was Tom Cruise Crazy, Better, Skullcrusher Mountain, I Crush Everything, Code Monkey (with new toy backing up the guitar), Creepy Doll, Drinking With You, Do They Know It's Christmas (Feed the World), Chiron Beta Prime, Millionaire Girlfriend, Mandelbrot Set, You Ruined Everything, re: Your Brains and for the encore: First of May.

Such a tumultuous noise of adulation was produced by the attendees, and what a bolshy lot too - lots of heckling! New friends were made and the world seems such a better place. Right, best get me to bed!