The Great Andy Bates

By JoCo February 28, 2008

Pictured here with John and Sean from Harmonix:
The Great Andy Bates et al

This will only make sense to you if you were at the San Francisco show (or if you have a time machine and have already watched the DVD).


Dorian says

hee, that finger looks broken or dead.

Colleenky says

An introduction to Andy Bates.

AverageJon says


I have a time machine. Unfortunately it's one of those time machines that can't take you back before it was created or after it was destroyed (next Sunday night--Dr. Pepper in the tachyon manifold).

Andy Bates says

For those of you who are wondering, that is a tattoo of a stained-glass window, depicting a samurai killing a unicorn. Possibly the greatest tattoo I have ever seen!

And see? No bow tie. Take that Leo!

Mark Gordon says

He has a "Go ahead and tease me; I'm having the best day of my life!" look on his face.

Luke M says

I'd be jealous, except I don't think I could have beatboxed the keyboard solo nearly as well.

Mark Gordon says

I get the feeling he'd been rehearsing it.

Kerrin says

Us people that read the forums know about him too you know!

Andy Bates has become a 'famous' name this week because he encapulates what is great about being a JoCo fan.

He got his ticket from posting on the forums before hand, and getting one someone no longer needed, met up with numerous other forum people going alone, they had a great time together, and then JoCo makes his night be inviting him on stage to assist. I understand he was good, but I have to wait to see it when the DVD comes out.

SaintPeter says

No need to wait for the DVD - Check out the above linked YouTube video.

There are also additional details in this forum thread:

and Andy's own account on his blog:

Steeljack says

Andy Bates's touch cures even advanced zombiedom.

Please let the rest of us know how Andy Bates has changed your life for the better.

Jena says

We loyal TWiT listeners know, too! Where's the bowtie, Andy? :)

Demetrius says

"Please let the rest of us know how Andy Bates has changed your life for the better."

Well... I know he's too humble to take credit for it. But, folks 'round here know Andy Bates has kept us free from alien abduction for nearly 10 years!

M_pony says

Andy Bates saved my bacon!

Last year on this one trip to the store I bought too many groceries: there was no room in my freezer or fridge for my spendthrifty purchases, and so Andy gave an extraneous package of bacon a much-needed home. When I went to retrieve my Andy-saved bacon, I was relieved and astonished to find out that not only had Andy saved my bacon, he had given it a name: "Sleeces!" (including the exclamation point). I, of course, was not one to break up such a happy home as was evidenced by the companionship that Sleeces! and Andy had built, and so I followed the old adage "if you love something set it free, if someone else loves something they can fry it up and enjoy it on toast with fresh garden vegetables." Humble appreciation to Andy and to the late great Sleeces! for their brief but fulfilling enrichment of my life.


Jon Who says

Stupid LHC not being turned on to make a time machine...

ultim-bass-drums-guitar says

GREAT but real GREAT music i am one of your biggest fans :-) it will be nice if you answear me ^^

ultim-bass-drums-guitar says

GREAT but real GREAT music i am one of your biggest fans it will be nice if you answear me

JP says

I already have the boot legged DVD, but it is in Mandarin Chinese.

See ya when you hit VA.

Jason C. Brand says

Andy Bates' tears cure cancer.

Too bad he has never cried.

HMXSean says

Andy bates is a traveler from the future, here to save the humpback whales for reasons far too complicated to discuss here.

Tindomiel says

Andy Bates does not sleep. He waits.

Keith says

Now, if he had suited up, Andy Bates might be the 8th wonder of the world.

(BTW: Did you add me on Xbox Live yet, Andy?)