Me on TWiT

By JoCo February 25, 2008

Back before G4 ate TechTV I used to watch Leo Laporte all the time on Screensavers, so it is with great pride that I tell you I was a guest on This Week in Tech yesterday. It was extra special because we also got the band back together (Leo, Merlin Mann, Veronica Belmont) to discuss our triumph/epic fail in Rock Band at the San Fran show Friday night. Tom Merritt of CNET and Ryan Block of Engadget were on the line too, because that is how I roll now.

Fair warning, it’s essentially an hour of talking about me (and niche broadcasting), which I always enjoy, but which you may have had enough of by now. Thanks Leo!


Thomas says

I can't wait to get out of class...

Janet says

Best JoCo interview EVER.

Joel says

That's awesome! At a NOC I worked at in Irvine CA we had an autographed photo of Leo on the wall. "Keep the pipes open" is what he signed lol.

CALI says


Colleenky says

Merlin Mann called us [the audience] "intoxicating." :-D

Keith says

Hi Jonathan, have just finished listening to TWiT and I have to say that was was of my favourite episodes. I'm going to check out more of your stuff now and stand by for any UK shows. You're definitly an inspiration for anyone to just go out and do what you love and not to get too sucked into stupid details getting in the way of your dream. On Sunday evening I was looking ahead to a potentially crappy week but I have now found new motivation and am now thinking that things aren't so bad. Thanks, and brilliant work.

David Smith says

Awesome episode of TWiT.

I never knew it was you who wrote and performed Code Monkey and I'm Still Alive.

Now I do :)

Gratz btw



Dale says

Loved the interview on twit enough that I came home and immediately bought the 70$ set!



Amanda says

Keith, actually I'd say JoCo is a really good example of someone who makes a dream come true by paying very very careful attention to stupid details. Examples: the very low zombie voice on the chorus of "Re: Your Brains"; the addition of Karaoke tracks to the site; the orange border around the navbars on this site; the glowing red eyes of the giant metal Santa Claus; his ability to punctuate.

Amanda says

Other stupid details to which he pays attention: fans. (Not callin you stupid, Keith--just sayin that detail = life & vice versa.)

Janet says

@Keith -- if you or anybody else in Europe wants a JoCo concert in their city, you need to go to the Eventful website and register a demand in the place you live. He has said he wants to play in Europe, but is waiting for the demand to rise to a decent level.

KK aka Tina says

I must have been leaving under a rock these past couple of years but I just stumbled upon the Yahoo front page featuring a you. My husband and I had "crash course" from YouTube on Jonathan Coulton. It's the first time we spent 30+ minutes watching YouTube clips. Just totally awesome and kept us laughing which is a good thing.

I won't be surprised if I see you singing on a Mac commercial soon. Keep singing and writing!

Russell says

Sweet magilla-gorilla! Two of my favorite things now better that they're together? It's like the great peanut-butter/chocolate conjugation of '28 all over again!

Gunnar says

My first introduction to your music happened on TWIT today. Going to for downloads right now.

Bryan says

Good hearing you on a podcast again! I have to agree two of my favorite things coming together is always good. While the TWIT panel was completely bowing to your greatness there is a very good reason. You are one of the best niche performers out there. Now you just need to get back to the San Diego area again so I can attend another show or alternatively attend Dragon*Con as you would fit right in.

FriedGeek says

As an example of what someone said on TWiT along the lines of 'you have to be good a few times and people will find you' I have been a fan since I first heard "Still Alive" but until this TWiT hadn't made the connection. Connection made, new fan reporting for duty.

Andrew says

I was introduced to your music by twit and have really enjoyed it so far for the past few hours. Thanks for all the great work and for providing it in this unique/non mainstream format.


dasomen says

OMG, I listened to Hodgman's book a while ago and I liked the guy singing... now thanks to TWiT I got to know who that guy was :D

Excellent music :D ! new fan here.

Cambiata says

Woot, JoCo and Twit, a combination made in heaven. I started listening to this before I went to work, had to leave half-way through, then spent the rest of the day looking forward to listening to the rest. Terrific stuff.

Also, I got to download The Areas of My Expertise for free from Talk about a triple threat!

Ruaidri says

i doubt this would get a response, but did you notice a significant jump in popularity after still alive?

Jack F says

I love TWiT! JoCo on TWiT was the ultimate geek convergence. Well, almost. What I really want to see is Jonathan sitting on the sofa with Alex and Kevin doing Diggnation.

Janet says

@ Ruaidri: Take a look here -- Still Alive hit a few days after the Orange Box appeared, in mid-October.

Tommy says

I wanna play rockband with leo :(

Bryan says

"Fair warning, it’s essentially an hour of talking about me (and niche broadcasting), which I always enjoy, but which you may have had enough of by now. Thanks Leo!"

Yeah it was a pretty boring episode of TWIT, not much technology discussion.

Derek UG says

It was an awesome TWiT episode, don't let anybody tell you any different.

Patrik says

Hey, it was a great episode, one of the best episodes, actually. Your music is great and listening to geeks talk about it was great =)

Keep up the good work and I hope you can keep doing what you do for a long time.

Scott says

Awesome TWiT. Though there wasn't a lot of tech discussion, the geek-factor was very high, which offset nicely. I MUST buy music now. :)

Andy Bates says

Yes, that was a great episode of TWiT! Being the narcissist I am, I had to make a few clarifications:

1. I was not wearing a bow tie.

2. I did not stand on my chair. (Apparently I’m just ten feet tall.)

3. The group we were with was not one guy who had a bunch of extra tickets; it was a bunch of people who each bought single tickets, so Rex posted on the forums about all going together (as seen here: There were a few people who had an extra ticket (like John), so they ended up helping out other people (like me). I think we had 14 people altogether. It was quite a fun group!

manstraw says

I watched the twit live on ustream while it was being recorded. awesome. hung in the twit chatroom with other leo/joco fanatics. we spoke in robot/monkey/doll speak, and the leo only people looked at us weird. until they were turned to the light! I think a few more joco fans were made that day.

Clearly, the panel were fans. It was a non typical twit, but a great one!

JoCo and his fans are the same person. That's the secret to niche. Can leo fake nascar? I don't think so.

Roman V. says

Hey your site is back. Excellent. Let me just say, congratulations.. The WinRAR is you.

Now that you are big, rich, and famous please remember to use your power for good... mostly... I mean if you want to create a warrior robot race or something go ahead....

Point is, try to remain the same person you were when you first started out - with the fan interaction, the blogging, and the free things. It's what made all of us fall in love with your music and style, come to concerts, make YouTubes, drawings, and half-pony-half-monkey monster dolls, and spread your music to all of our real and imaginary friends all over the Intertubes.

Not that anyone is really worried. Still, does this mean you are now officially rich and famous?

Gina says

"Fair warning, it’s essentially an hour of talking about me (and niche broadcasting), which I always enjoy, but which you may have had enough of by now."

Nope, sorry - can't seem to get enough. That was a very fun interview! I liked that it was long.

spnd says

Man, I just read about you on Yahoo News. You inspire me. I'll tell about you to my friends and make you a star.

Colleenky says

@Andy Bates: Thanks for clearing that up. I noticed those things too. BTW, intertubes, Andy is a cool guy, and I'm happy he got chosen to do CBP. (Even if he was sitting right in front of me, completely obscuring my puny raised hand.) Kidding! ;-)

Long live the Single Concert-goers Alone Together!

Cameron says

As an avid TwiT fan I have been looking forward to when they get you on the show. And you know when you anticipate something and its going to be so good, but when you get it you are like "uh this isn't at all what I wanted." Well I was not disappointed at all. Excellent job, I'm going to go buy more music now.

Micah says

Dude I love Leo. I loved when they had TMBG on because I love TMBG too.

I no longer watch G4. Because they ate TechTV. It was a sad day. You rock!

LoonieBin says

As great as Still Alive is, it really leaves something to be desired Rockband-wise.

Rock says

I really enjoyed the TWiT because I have wanted a really in-depth conversation into the burgeoning meritocracy of the internet. I thought it was a fascinating detail exploration with someone at the center of it all, and the only thing it really "lacked" (and I use that term VERY lightly... it was strong overall) was a counterpoint exploration of how in the hell some god-awful BAD stuff on the internet can be just as profitable, if not moreso.

Not that it counts now, but my two cents on that particular matter is that popular low-brow stuff hits fast, but burns out too quickly. But the high-brow and/or high-quality stuff has staying power thanks to the loyalty of the tuned-in fan base. Just my thoughts on it, anyway.

MattjDrake says

I was introduced to your music through Portal, but the TWIT episode sealed the deal. New fan. I want through and listened today, great stuff. Songs about zombies == great stuff! And a Leanard Cohen cover.... nice.

Molly says

If I might humbly request -

Can you avoid scheduling your show in LA on April 18th?
The 19th? Awesome. The 17th? Totally. But please, not the 18th.

selene says

that was awesome!!! i never heard of TWIT but now i like it, it was a very interisting show.
now i'm just waiting for your dvd to come out.

Viking67 says

Man, I am the only one who feels stupid watching something called "Twit TV"?

JM says

I´ve never heard of you before, but learned about you on the TWIT show. I´ve got to say its been a great discovery.
So now i can say you have a new fan in Mexico City.

Good luck and keep up the great work!


GnipGnop says

Just listened to your interview on TWiT, which inspired me to both check out your music AND finish playing Portal. AWESOME on both counts! Rest assured the $70 full album will be at the top of my birthday wish list this year.

BTW as a musician myself, I'd be interested in learning more about the technology you use in creating your music. I saw a little bit in your FAQ, but would love to see more on your site about what you use and how you use it.

Keep it up!

Ben says

As someone in the business of making money online from our own creative efforts, this show was incredibly insightful - even though we are in some ways at a similar stage to you in our business efforts - it's always great how much more you can learn from what others are doing. Great work!

Kristen says

HA, I'm a little sorry I caused someone to draw a comparison between you and Stephin Merritt, so soon after our conversation about him. . .

Tallgrrl says

Great appearance on TWIT! I'm sorry I don't come by here often, but will definitely be dropping by more often.

Jason H says

This was my first episode of TWiT and my first introduction to you and your music. I was in the dentist's chair listening to the podcast while getting my teeth cleaned. I hopped on an unsecured access point using my new iPod Touch and purchased Code Monkey, Baby Got Back and Skullcrusher Mountain from the dentists chair!

I read an excellent article later in the same day on Wired entitled: "Free! Why $0.00 Is the Future of Business". I think you would find it very interesting:

Don W says

I guess the fact I couldn't even get this site to come up on Monday meant the TWIT show was a success. I've been trying to get smarter, tech-wise, by listening to Leo from waaay back in those TechTV days. It hasn't worked, but I am still an avid TWIT listener. I'd say the occasional departures from the standard form are usually some of my favorites, and last week's was one of them.
I thought there was a lot of good stuff in there about the nuts and bolts of an actual, working, new music/media model. It's a subject discussed nearly every other week on TWIT and Cranky Geeks, but on a theoretical level by tech-journo talking heads without a dog in the fight. I enjoy those, but loved this, finding it much more clear and informational. What I probably *should* say is "inspirational".

One bone to pick with you: though I loved Still Alive, I had never heard "Brains"

How the hell so I get that song out of my head?!! I'm driving my girlfriend out the door!
Thanks for the music, from over here in Fort Greene.

Nate B. says

Interview was quite good. Also I'm a new listener to your music and swear your music is so darn catchy. I frequently get Code Monkey stuck in my head along with ReYour Brains and Tom Cruise Crazy. Thanks for making wonderful music, keep it up!

TechChic says

I too, came home after listening to a burned-copy of the interview and bought the CD set! Love it!!! Thank you!! I first heard Code Monkeys from the TV show and when I heard you on TwiT I was SO excited, I am like 'he has MORE 'Things'?? hooray! I am hoping like heck to make the May 1st show here in Minnesota!! Need someone to sell stuff??? Thanks again, good work!