Nice Work SF

By JoCo February 24, 2008

I’m sitting in my kitchen at home surrounded by coffee and pastries and children, which is a lovely way to come back to earth.

But I must tell you all, it was a fantastic show on Friday night. Many thanks to everyone who made it happen: Adam and Jeremiah from Lucas Blank, the awesome crowd, the dedicated crew, the fan cameras, the tireless PAs, the fantastic Great American Music Hall folks, the cake bearers, the Paul and Storm, the Kristen Shirts, Leo, Merlin and Veronica, my new friends at Harmonix (big, mad, ridiculous props to you), etc. I’m not always comfortable asking for help, and I had to do an awful lot of it for this thing – you all came through and made it a really great night.

Hopefully I’ll get to watch some of this footage this week and we’ll have an idea what we’ve got to work with. Don’t know how long it’s going to be before I have something to show you, but it’s likely a final product won’t be ready for months. I’ll certainly post progress updates here. I can’t wait either!

Thank you one and all.


Colleenky says

I don't know what I can say that won't just sound like fangirl gushing. The show was heaps of fun and amazing. A full account can be found on my blog.

Also, is it too late to send in footage?

Colleenky says

I forgot to add, thank you, Dr. Coulton. :-)

That Guy With the Scetch Book says

The cake was not a lie!
And it was truly delicious and moist!
Thank you for fulfilling you un-promised promises!

That Guy With the Scketch Book says

thank you!
Giant Squid!

Gina says

Nice story Colleenky! Wish I'd been there. Any pics of the cakes anywhere, anybody?

Kevin Clark says

It was just amazing. It really made my month. Great show man.

Dinah Sanders says

Here's a shot I found from the balcony showing the cakebearers:
Also gives a nice view of the simply gorgeous set.

Here's some cake serving

Tag your Flickr photos
for easy findability. :)

When searching change order to Most Recent to bring this show up ahead of the September show.

Jason C. Brand says

Thank YOU, man. It really was a great show. I've told some friends that if I have to I will buy their tickets for them so they can attend the next time you're in town.

- the guy in the Zombie Spider-Man t-shirt (hey, WonderCon was this weekend... the shirt worked for both events!)

ryan nelson says

I took some video with my digital camera, and it turned out pretty good... even the sound!

I just uploaded the first of a few to YouTube (Jonathan, lemme know if you or the venue don't want this uploaded)


i've got pictures of my piece of cake, too, and some other stuff. I'll comment here again when that's uploaded.

Andy Bates says

Jonathan, thank you for letting me realize my geek fantasy of singing backup vocals (and robot vocals) on Chiron Beta Prime! And to everyone else in the crowd, thank you for making me feel so adored! It truly was a fantastic moment, and I will remember it forever.

Jacob Davies says

Really a fun show, and a much better venue than the first SF show at Cafe du Nord. Seemed like you were having a good time too, no doubt all that was going on made it a little higher-stress than a typical show.

I'm sure there are a million photos, but I took a few from the balcony that I think turned out okay (all CC-BY). My favourites:

Len says

Man, I totally wish I was there. I just saw the video of you, Leo, Merlin and Veronica playing "Still Alive". That looked like so much fun!

99% FTW!

ryan nelson says

one more good one (the rest are partials, I'll upload 'em later):

full version of "re: your brains", featuring audience participation

SaintPeter says

Thank YOU for an awesome show and a great first JoCo concert experience!

I've recorded my impressions on my blog:

Luke M says

That was a really, really fun show. I've never heard Jonathan in better voice -- he was workin those pipes. And the audience was rowdy, witty and game. Paul and Storm played a great opener -- the Nun Wrestling song was hilarious -- and provided their usual excellent backing vocals. Kristen PWN3D on ukulele and took the greatest one-note solo I've ever heard. The whole thing was utterly film-worthy and should make a great vid.


Roman V. says

Cake = Lie.

Roman V. says

Oh yes, and I forgot to ask, what is the licensing situation on the DVD going to be?

Mark Gordon says

No, the cake was indeed delicious and moist.

Grant H says

Yeah San Francisco is a great town. You know you should come back and do it again some time. I was visiting San Fancisco while you were playing, but the tickets were sold out. It was torture knowing you were in the same town playing live and I had to sit and play DS. Come back soon you know you'll sell out ticketmaster that's for sure.

Eric says

A truly incredible show! I hoped we proved that SF is the epicenter of JoCo fandom. Thanks!

zie says

Welcome, bienvenue, willkommen(?)...
Typefaced envied, but sincere.
Come back sooner than later,
soon, very soon.
Merci & quite welcome via SF.

Pyoro says

saw the video at joystiq, that was the greatest thing ever to happen in GDC period.

TheRidGE says

Seriously, if you have a show on the east coast anytime soon, and want to play the Rock Band version of Still Alive, I'd love to play Expert guitar/bass or medium (possibly hard) drums. It doesn't make you look good when your bandmates are failing out.

And you can be sure that I'm buying that song. Then nailing simultaneous guitar/vocals (X/H) and sending it to youtube.

And when can I preorder this DVD? I needs me my JoCo!

Muzzy says

I cant believe I missed this....I live 20 minutes away!!! Now I know why you quit your job to become a rock star...SCREW WORK!!!

After watching those videos, it pains me to see that I wasnt there to experience such awesomeness!


come back soo!!!

Audrey says

Thank you for coming to SF! Thank you for cake! Thank you for being awesome!

I hope that some of our balcony footage from the show is useful. Or maybe the KneeCam coming in over the bridge -- unfortunately the light was really crappy - so probably not.

roscivs says

It was awesome and totally worth the flight from Seattle! The upstairs balcony seats were rather crappy, though. I can't believe getting there an hour before the show started meant being one of the last people in the theater. JoCo fans are even more dedicated than I thought!

p.s. I already have my tickets for the Seattle show. If it sells out and you play a second night, I'm buying tickets for that show too.

Googs says

Joystiq link, in context (same video content as Len's link).

Eric, that epicenter title is still up for grabs until he plays Silicon Valley itself!

Jeff Little says

Not only a great musical experience, but video games, cake, actual physical CDs, zombies, dolls (creepy), half-pony/half-monkey monsters, Andy Bates, Paul and Storm, and most importantly, Jonathan Coulton!

It was worth every minute of the drive to and from Southern California to be a part of this night. Especially since it will likely be one of the last opportunities we get before our first baby arrives. - P.S. I think we've found our baby dedication song. Thanks, JC.

Martha says

Actually, the brown cake was moist, but not delicious or nondelicious or anything. It was very strange: it had no flavor at all. It looked like it could be chocolate or maybe spice cake, but tasted like neither.

But then I had a piece of the white cake with the lemon-custard filling, and it was indeed delicious. Or the lemon-custard filling was so delicious and moist it made the whole thing so.

That is all.

will anderson says

can you blog from your kitchen? awesome

will anderson says

where are the "recipes à la coulton"? we needs a cookbook!

Oded Sharon says

I've had THE BEST time!

I have just returned back to Israel and will be posting my videos and photos soon. First of which, Still alive on Rock Band:

Virginia says

Hey, I just wanted to say a belated thank-you for a fabulous show and apologize for leaving early. My husband and I slunk down the back stairs just after "Mr. Fancy Pants" because, sadly, we had to get back to our shop vac. No, seriously, our babysitter rows crew and she had to get up for practice at 5 a.m. Saturday, and we had an hour drive home to the depths of the suburbs. I was extremely disappointed to miss the end of the show, which I now see involved not only brains but also cake. Damn. Now I have to wait for the DVD.

The good news is that my husband and the two friends who came with us are now all total converts, so I won't have to argue about whether it's worth trying to find parking the next time you're in the Bay Area.

Anyway, thanks! It was a fantastic show, and I can't wait for the next one.

Ryan Nelson says

thought people who were at the show might enjoy this -- I stitched together the photos I took of the amazing theater together into a panoramic picture... can you find yourself?

Colleenky says

@Ryan: Yes! And thanks for the pic. :-)