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By JoCo February 21, 2008

My friend Darin Strauss, who was in a band with me once, and who played the solo on “De-Evolving,” and who is now a famous author, has honored me by including my song in his list of what he’s listening to, posted this week on the NY Times books blog. As it turns out, he’s also a pretty good music writer (with excellent taste).

Not for nothing, but his new, fantastic book is called “More Than it Hurts You” and it comes out in June.


Rob (not the boring manager one) says

HOORAY!! One more giant leap toward making Jonathan Coulton a household name! Kudos!!!

selene says

woo-hoo!! i'm so happy for you!! you know " you ruined everything" is one of my favorites song even thou i'm not a parent, but if i ever have a baby i'm totally dedicating that song to my child.

eliannrad says

I can't believe he put you at number eight AND put the Beatles below you!
You should have been number 1! And the Beatles should have been number .1! (sorry, I was a Beatles fan before I found your music, I have to put them first)

selene says

p.s. darin strauss is gorgeous !!!!!

Brie says

Holy crap, Selene, you're right!

On topic: Yay! JoCo in the NY Times!

Hepcat says

I thought his name looked familiar--I read "Chang and Eng" a few years ago. I agree with Darin about JoCo's use of language and enjoyment of words. That's one of the first thing that drew me in to his music.

Al says

He is married; see Wikipedia.

Hepcat says

Rumor has it one can be gorgeous while married. :)

James says

The pre-release review of his book is outstanding!!

Chris says

Still Alive on Rock Band? Nice.

selene says

yeah i know he is married :(

Luke M says

That solo shreds.

Eric Ginsberg says

I've actually rewound that solo a few times over just to hear it again. Now I can put a name to the rock.