Did I Mention I Need Camera People?

ByJoCo February 19, 2008

Oh yeah, I did. I’ve gotten a few responses (thank you), but not the overwhelming chorus of thousands I was hoping for. So just a reminder, if you’re coming to the show and you are willing to bring a DV camera and shoot some footage for possible inclusion on the DVD, please send me an email right away. The DVD people have some secret plans and ideas they’d like to discuss with you. Thank you internet (again)!


Gle3nn says

I would love to be there. It was my intention to be there and also record but scheduling and lack of tickets killed that dream.
I was thinking it would be fun to interview the fans who have produced fan videos, stuffed Hapomomo's, art work, dances or uke covers. And it would have been nice to finally meet the amazing Spiff.

Spiff says

I'm in for the fan filming of footage thing (sheesh, next thing you know, he'll be asking for people to sing his songs on stage for him too).

Colleenky says

@Spiff: If only! ;-)

JoCo says

Yeah, don't tempt me...

e.deavila says

I can do a mean bebop!

lajeune1969 says

I could probably borrow one if you still need people. I'm no Scorsese but I can hold my own.


Luke M says

Sorry, don't have the equipment.

You should get some coverage of the line outside before the show, that's always fun in concert vids.

oddrat says

If I bring a camera, can I take some cameraless yokel's ticket?

Gene says

If you play in the L.A. area - I can record something in HD...

Kerrin says

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm getting excited about the 'DVD concert' and I'm not even going!

James says


Are you doing voice-overs for commercials? I saw an Embrel commercial that sounded eerily like the voice in Sibling Rivalry which I'm assuming is yours. I was reading when the commercial came on and it brought me back from a reading stupor. Just wondering....Carry-on.

Marcy says

I sent a post last night and it didn't show up.....I said that if you come to North Texas, I can guarantee some video being shot!!

Martyn says

I would be there to film...if only you were anywhere near England.
Still, it will have to stay a long distance listen.

Zack says

Let me know if you ever make it to the East Coast.

Mark Gordon says

@James: "The vocal track is from some voice over work a friend of mine did for a TV show, cut up and arranged in Ableton Live." Perhaps this same friend has been doing Embrel commercials.

will anderson says

Spiff: Don't they call that karaoke? He sells that already.

Josh says

I'll be at the Atlanta show but I just don't own a camcorder. I can bring my regular camera and take some shots, but thats the best I can do.

Roman V says

@Spiff: I have seen videos on the You Tubes where he has had people come up to do the "Message redacted" from Chiron Beta Prime and I have seen him ask if the person on stage wants to help sing the chorus. It is for this reason I have been practicing, in the event that he comes back to Cleveland sometime in the near future........

Kroze says

I sent you an email about bringing me a camera which shoots in 24p (I love my HVX-200) so keep an eye out for that!

Mr.Nobody says

Too far a drive from Texas. Also, I'm too cheap to buy tickets. I've failed you, master Joco! :(

whall says

I've got Austin covered... next time you're down here...

No Spoon says

I'm signed up for it
looking forward to seeing you there!

Marcy says

Hey whall---he's gonna be in Austin on March 8!!

Rock says

I am kinda stunned, with the internet phenomenon that is The Jonathan Coulton Experience™, that no HD camera maker hasn't volunteered a one-night-only loan service of several dozen cameras for the first X number of attendees to use during the show.

Seriously, manufacturers, you'd be doing an awesome favor and earning some great geek-street cred, while also showing off your hardware. How can you not see this as an opportunity?

Bob says

I would have volunteered if you were doing this in NYC. And my friend has some excellent digital video equipment that could have been used.

keebs says

Sign me up for Portland if you end up adding it to the itin (which I understand is a possibility?) Also if you find yourself in Seattle without any camera-wielding acolytes for some reason, sign me up for that too. I'll put on my camera-wielding acolyte suit and drive up...

Andrew says

I'm actually in the student newspaper at Georgia Tech and I'm definitely going to attend the show in Atlanta, but I have access to at least one or more HD camcorders (and plenty of normal ones) and people who'll help set them up.

Tmoz says

Well I'd love to, but unfortunately I'm in London and you're not. When are you coming to the UK anyway? I'm sure there are at least twelve of us on that Demand website thingo.

Becca says

If you do a show in LA, we can provide pro digital footage and still via our top o the line Canon outfits, plus we'd just love to see you out here. And, per your Yahoo video, you'd also have a semi-tall (5'7") blonde in the front row finally (that would be me).