Awesome, I Frakking Shot That

By JoCo February 15, 2008

I mentioned this way back when, but I’ll say it again now: we’re looking for folks who are willing to bring video cameras to the San Fran show and send us the footage for possible use on the DVD. Ideally this would be a DV camera of some sort, but HDV is probably OK too. If you’re interested and equipped (and already have tickets – I’m out of comps!), send me an email and I’ll put you in touch with the videographeristas for details. There are a couple of special things we want to set up ahead of time.


Mr.Nobody says

...I wish I had tickets...

SevinPackage says do I. It would've made for a great birthday trip. Hope it all goes smoothly!

Nice Beastie Boys reference, BTW.

Mazzix says

I have an awsome Beta cam buuuuuut well i' live in sweden.... if you would come here i would get some awsome shots

Tony Ton says

YOU NEED TO COME TO CANADA! Everything to do is excellent! I would LOVE to see a REVISIT to Chiron Beta Prime.. could you do it? The Song is the best songs I have ever heard.. come on man.. you can do it.. .. I BELIEVE.. I want to know what happens to the Andersons!!

I am your biggest fan in Canada..


Chuck says

HDV - yes (HDR-HC1 to be exact)

San Fran - no, sorry. Jersey City...

Edwin says

Wait a second! The title of this blog would lead me to believe that JoCo watches BSG! Can this man get any awesomer?

DanJ says

I wouldn't even try to step to Tony, so: second-biggest fan in Canada. :)

DanJ says

Update: according to, Winnipeg, Canada "is not a valid location". Oh, snap! Too bad for the 700000 people who live here, I guess. :P

James says

Good luck with the San Fran show. I hope to be purchasing a DVD soon!

manstraw says

at DanJ, try winnipeg, manitoba, canada

and anyone who wishes to challenge me for biggest Canadian fan is welcome. I warn you, I tip the scales at probably 350 lbs. :)

Jack F says

JoCo is reading these comments about video for the SanFran show, but he's still thinking about that awesome Toddler Pizza Party.

Qes says

As someone who lives south of the boarder of Winnipeg, I can vouch for it not being a valid location.


Roman V says

I have to took my own horn, Colbert style, but



So will this DVD (pronounced dividi, if you saw Fat Albert) also be under a creative commons license or what? I assume it will not be....

James H says

Any chance a loaner cam can be provided if we have tickets but no equpment?

JoCo says

@James - not by me unfortunately, but maybe someone else out there has one.

spambrian says

I shot some video for the Atlanta concert that ended up in Yahoo's video (see next article on this very website). From a fan standpoint, it's nice to contribute to a musician who keeps such close contact with the fanbase.

Note: if you have night vision on your camera, consider using it for some of the crowd shots. That's what we did for the Yahoo! video, and I like the way that turned out.