Happy Valentines Day

By JoCo February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day, originally uploaded by jcoulton.

My coffee shop/morning office seconds that emotion.


Bradley O'Farrell says

Happy V-Day JoCo.

Jon Who says

Oh yay....

Nice board though, :P

zaffer says

Wow. I should make a card out of that! My (ex) husband left on Valentine's Day 2 years ago.

Chuck says


Susan says

Ha - I love your coffee shop.

horza says

Happy V-D.

Luke M says

Looking at the board in the background --

"Ape Mug"? How appropriate, what with the monkeys and all

Mojo says

I sang your version of "Baby Got Back" at my college's Valentine's Day Karaoke. Thanks for making such awesome songs!

Ceridwyn says

Happy Valentines Day all :D

Natascha says

Gorilla rocks. They always have the best boards.

eliannrad says

Happy V-day, JoCo! Cyber-have a cyber-flower! Look up 'carnation' on Google Images and consider any of the pictures you like a Valentine's present from a crazed fan! (I have not checked to make sure you can actually USE any of the images, though)

Jimmy says

My V-Day was horrible.

But I felt much better when I started listening to JoCo again.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Gary says

Awesome. I had dark Ethiopian roast here. Damn good cup of coffee. And hot!

selene says

i hope u had a great valemtine's day!!!!!

Mr.Nobody says

Happy (Post-)Valentines Day.

Josh West says

Hooray! JoCo is coming to Atlanta again! Off to buy tickets and force my friends who missed it last time to come as well.